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  1. Breaking News: With the announcement of Escobedo becoming the new head coach at IU, Brayton Lee and Mason Parris have decommitted from Minnesota and Michigan and have signed with Indiana University. Micic and both Lee’s will be coming home as well!
  2. Nooo....it was so close. Hopefully us Indiana fans will get it eventually
  3. I hate to see them both in consolation bracket, but we may finally get our rematch! Who are you taking?
  4. I don't think a soph Lee is beating Reece as a Senior. I don't think soph Lee is beating soph Tshirts. Lee is a great wrestler, but when everyone was talking about him beating Micic, Micic put it on him. Then everyone talked about him beating Red and that one didn't happen either. I think the confident upper classman wins it here.
  5. Can you imagine Cayden Rooks and Deondre Wilson in a match together? It would be a four point stance showdown and probably the most boring first period ever lol
  6. When we are talking about state titles, in Hughes' defense, if it weren't for a nasty spladle he would have won his sophmore year as well. I watched him beat up on Tommy Cash in the finals of Al Smith and probably would have pinned him except for Tommy being extremely flexible and screaming out right before he turned so the ref kept stopping it.
  7. I don’t have the privilege of knowing some of these guys, but I can tell you Chico was very athletic for a big guy. Bernard was strong and very hard to move.
  8. As much of a Parris fan as I am, I am not sure he's beating some of these guys. The weight differential is huge. Look at Snyder/Coon.
  9. So you think that Drew could turn him? That's the hard part with this match up. Regardless if Drew gives up 1 takedown or 3, if he doesn't turn him, I don't think he's winning.
  10. His senior year I saw him taken down by a kid that was much less than 4 time state champ Maurer. I think Maurer beats him on his feat all day. Hughes was arguably one of the best ever on top, so the question for me is if he did choose top, could he turn a 4 timer?
  11. Hughes wasn't as strong on his feet. Maurer is getting a few takedowns and my guess is he will not chose down.
  12. That stinks, you would think they would want one more nationally ranked wrestler in the lineup that they could promote.
  13. No Joe Lee? Would love to see him come back for this.
  14. I'd like to see some video of them wrestling at that age!
  15. I don't remember his record, but Deandre Hill from North Central wrestled Pat Cassidy in the finals of state didn't start that season until sectionals.
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