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  1. Are these legit match ups or are you just assuming these death draws?
  2. You were really close. The tournament ended at 5:46pm
  3. It was the headlock heard around Da Region from the "Show Stopper"
  4. Can we start placing bets on when we believe the sectional tournament will be over? Closest to the time without going over wins 8:45 PM
  5. I just heard that the Griffith Admins are only allowing 2 mats for the sectional. Going to be a long day of wrestling.
  6. Do they get 3lbs or 2lbs for the weight allowance?
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qv78Z5kaA0Q Here is a link to a move that Jordan Oliver has made famous. I have seen this move done and some officials see it has a takedown and a tilt, while I have also seen multiple officials just stare and say nothing is happening. When I explain the move, I get responses like "that is spaghetti wrestling" or "this isn't college".
  8. I see positives and negatives for this in wrestling today. I am a big fan of the high school wrestlers integrating college style wrestling into their everyday wrestling. I believe that this makes the kids better at wrestling. The downside is that the officials are not up to date on the evolution of new moves and therefore are not rewarding points to kids because they do not understand what is going on in the match. It will just take a little while for change to become effective.
  9. Going back to the slam. From where I was sitting on the floor it looked like a few slams. The last "slam" did not look hard at all and looked perfectly fine to me. Saying that, Bautista did have the arm trapped and returned him on the side DeMien was unable to protect himself. I do recall 4 years ago that Gaige Torres was given a DQ for doing the same exact return on a SB Clay kid. Bautista did return DeMien the same way three times after he was already called for 2 slams. Bautista should have looked for a different way to return and secure his two points to move the match to overtime
  10. A lot of missed/bad calls altogether at the EC semistate. Stall calls, fleeing, takedown, and backs. Quite a few rookie mistakes for this level of competition.
  11. I believe DLP will beat Cummings in the Semi-final match at 126
  12. Everyone is talking about an alleged bite, but what about the push into the table after the whistle that even knocked down the ref?
  13. I would have to say Fred Joseph and Adam Alaniz. They even have a duo name Fradam
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