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Everything posted by TripleB

  1. I heard Carroll's asst coach was awarded 2020's "Most Xtreme Coach"?!?!?!
  2. Food, food, my kids stuff he always loses, an empty bottle, food, Tape, food, Skoal, my phone, my keys, food, a charger, food, some darts in case @Mattyb wants to go, and food.
  3. Jake O'Brien and Nate Moore wrestled a couple of times, Nate was a defending state champ ranked #1 at 189 and O'Brien was a 2x state champ ranked #1 at 215. Moore won both matches. I also believe that Lee and Red were at two different weights and Lee bumped up for state series to wrestle him
  4. Trying to find how many girls have eclipsed the 100 win benchmark in Indiana HS wrestling?
  5. I got 3 different reports and all had Jakob Sheets w Plainfield. Sorry @Brandonm625!!
  6. Big shout out to @Bigtoe19, @navy80, @ontherise219, and all the people emailing me. The team, wrestlers, results, and schedule tabs are nice too.
  7. My rankings release dates - Friday the 20th, Jan 10, then sectional Friday.
  8. Mr. @davecloud and the 11 others that liked that post- plain and simple: it's offensive in any context. I'm not snowflaking, I'm not jumping on the latest easily offended trend. Sorry if I came off brash or offended anyone, now imagine how families and students feel when that word is used in any shape. I hope we call can do better, there are literally thousands of words we can use in the place of that word in the context in which it was used. Have a GREAT day.
  9. You wouldn't have broken my top 8 in SS!!!
  10. http://www.whyishedoingthat.com/blog/2015/12/29/the-r-word-in-reality A good article that goes in depth about what you all are referring too.
  11. It’s is derogatory in every context, like any other word used to demean a group of people.
  12. Thats ridiculous, that’s like saying it’s okay to use other derogatory words as long as it’s a different context.
  13. So you presented this in a national forum and used the word "retards"? As a life long special educator and a guy that works daily with students with moderate cognitive disabilities, I wished my elementary wrestlers listened and followed directions like "retards". Stay classy
  14. I used to refuse to rank Freshmen until they had quality in season wins. I don't remember when I shifted, might have been some Lee boys from Mater Dei or The Lee kid from Brownsburg.
  15. He’s a superfrosh, not knocking anybody but also got higher points bc his dad volunteered in the Madison Wrestling Beer tents and introduced me to Peanut Butter Cup Beer!! MD I can get you all volunteer info and I’m always open for Gerst Haus or Carson’s!
  16. I've heard some wild stories about Indiana High School basketball and recruiting players from overseas. It's almost like human trafficking, there are websites w/ profiles, etc.
  17. After spending the last 3 years touring Southern Indiana in my Optima as a Special Education Coordinator and keeping the family on lock down while Mrs 3B was deployed to Kuwait I’ve settled down w a nice job in MadTown. With the change in schedule I’m able to get back to my passion of supporting and bringing attention to The Dirty South and Indiana Wrestling!
  18. Union County Head Coach - AJ Bryson
  19. My deep sources tell me he's a proud card carrying member of the EVSS, the best SS in the land.
  20. @Fabio Jr. has been coming up short his whole life......
  21. With Littel and Lee gone.......my man (never met him) Dorian Keys grabs the #1 spot on Evansville's P4P... and hey @JMILL some Miller kid I guess will slide in, I know I'm getting desperate. If a skinny wants it go and win a state title chumps. I'm back and doing rankings again (it's like a bad addiction), line ups and mat cred to dubentz@gmail.com.
  22. Danny Struck, Robert Faulkens, Greg Ratliff, Tyson Skinner, and Jake O'Neill play drunken Risk with an Indiana map!!
  23. @JMILL has revoked my HashtagTheCounty membership!!!
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