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  1. https://www.carmelusawrestling.org/dan-nelson


    Numbers are starting to come in for our folkstyle tourney this Sunday!  We enjoy the block weights system to make sure the most guys get matches!  Here is the information and registration is on Trackwrestling: http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/opentournaments/MainFrame.jsp?newSession=true&loadBalanced=true&sport=wrestling&TIM=1515094146755&pageName=&ie=false&frameSize=893

  2. The Delta teams in the 80's were crazy good.  The 03 Mater Dei team was the best I've seen.   Here's their seniors results that year:


    Craig Macke (41-1) Evansville Mater Dei (12)

    Finished 3rd after losing to Escebedo in the semis


    Aaron Scott (31-7) Evansville Mater Dei (12)

    Finished 3rd losing to Tsirtsis in the semis


    Craig Weinzapfel (38-0) Evansville Mater Dei (12)



    Dustin Nosko (20-2) Evansville Mater Dei (12)



    Sam Wildeman (34-1) Evansville Mater Dei (12)



    We lost a close dual meet to Griffith that year in the team Semi State.  After a couple of days of being pissed off about it, we realized that the Mater Dei team had a legit chance to shut us out at team state if we would have won.  


    Macke is on my list of 'best guys to never win'.  He was special.

  3. 16 hours ago, maligned said:

    Man, I loved lots of sports and I'm trying to expose my two girls to lots of different things at their young age--but the evidence for eventually making a choice if you have next-level goals is just so hard to ignore. The age of specialization and year-round competition from an early age didn't exist before the 1990s. It picked up steam and reached a tipping point in the late 1990s that gave birth in the early 2000s to an ongoing golden age of individual wrestling in Indiana.

    Number of 4-time state champs from 1953-2003: 1

    Number of 4-timers from 2004-2017: 5

    3 or 4-timers by decade: 1960s--2, 1970s--2, 1980s--2, 1990s--2,  2000s--7, 2010s not including '18 & '19 grads--5

    If you want to do something special in a skill, there's simply no substitute for time invested in that specific skill. All the research points to it--from music to sports to computer programming. This is just to say, I get your dilemma as a father. You want your son to do the things he enjoys and have diverse experiences, but it's hard to ignore the potential at his disposal and the limited time he has to maximize it.

    While we can't deny the numbers here point to the fact that specialization of sports leads to more success by your math here, but I do not agree with the methodology to this thought process.  I'm not a fan of folding a sliver of fact around an opinion.

    Using your same numbers, I can also say that the reason there's more 4-timers since 2004 is because they had iphones.  The numbers clearly state that since the invention of iphones we have had more 4 time state champions.  

    There are many factors involved in winning 4 IHSAA state titles.  We could also use your math to say that it's clearly easier to win a state title since the age of specialization and year-round competition from an early age.  Is it possible that Angel Escobedo would not have won a state title as a freshman if some butt kicker cross country kid quit wrestling as a 10 yr old to just train cross country?

    12 hours ago, Mattyb said:

    Let’s factor in college dollars also... We have kids here in our town who are solid football players getting full rides. NCAA FBS schools get 85 full rides per team. While wrestling gets 9.9. I know of state champs (best of our best) that are getting 15% to start their college careers. 

    With this said... I would love to say if your son has D1 talent in both sports... then wrestling is the best! You should just do that! But... that is simply not true. 

    Saying  this on a wrestling forum is tough for me. But... if your boy has D1 football talent / size and likes football... then he should keep that option open. He would most likely get way more money to play football. 

    Ugh. It's been my opinion for a long time that if you play a sport with the aspirations of money you're doing it for the wrong reasons.  Play a sport because you like it.  Workout because you like working out.  If you workout because your going to get a scholarship, then what happens after you get a scholarship?  It's over.  But if you workout because you like working out, you have long term life habit that will be with you forever.

    Tom Cameron was my high school coach and the biggest mentor in my life.  When I got my first coaching position he gave me a book called Winning is Everything, and Other American Myths.  I highly recommend it to coaches and parents.





  4. On 9/9/2017 at 11:50 PM, davecloud said:


    Yes. Greg does these shows pretty regularly for school groups and their testimonial letters talked about how it was appropriate material for younger audience. Hope to see you and the Carmel guys there! If we don't get a big audience I may have to come be an volunteer assistant at Carmel!



    Coach Cloud, you say that, I'm going to encourage people not to go so we can get you in our room! ha!  

  5. I agree this is an important time for the ISWA and this could also be a great opportunity for our organization.  I'm hoping that this election becomes a positive thing for us all.  

    I've have personally spoken to Davison and Rossbottom about the election.  I've talked to many coaches on the Davison side and the Rossbottom side of the equation.  

    The big concern from the folks on the Rossbottom side of the equation, is keep bringing up the "time commitment''.  I'm struggling to understand that part of the equation.  Do we just assume that Davison won't spend the time needed to commit to the job?  Has that been an issue in the past with Davison?  The time commitment piece of this puzzle doesn't fit.  Even if there is currently a larger time commitment than Davison can commit, s there a chance that the organization could be run more efficiently and there isn't as big of a 'time commitment'?

    The idea of a coach leading our organization is attractive.  I believe my first time on the ISWA Board of Directors was in 1996.   I've been pretty outspoken about our association having wrestling on the back burner as we were more concerned about running tournaments.

    I think the bigger issue here is that can we stay together as an organization.  


    Coach Miller, I'll call you around 4:00.  Let me know if there's a better time.





  6. Back in the Blue Room tonight!  Music selection is Reggae rap! (The Chad's video game music was outvoted two weeks ago!)

    We had over 30 guys last week!

    6:45-6:55 warmup

    6:55-7:15 drill

    7:15-8:15 live 3 min gos with 4 min break.  


    Room is open to any and all!   

  7. Had over 30 guys in the room last night including guys from Purdue, IU, Manchester, Wabash!  


    We're going to keep going through September on Wednesday nights from 6:45-8:15.  Come wrestle some live with us!

  8. I know it's very early in the process, but we've gotten much more feedback that we thought we would in August.


    I'm going to keep a list here of openings for each division on each day

     Nov 19th: elementary 3 spots left  Middle school: 2 spots left

    Dec 10: elementary 2 spots left Middle school 3 spots left

    Dec 17th: elementary 3 spots left, Middle school 3 spots

  9. Coach,


    I emailed you the flyer.  Let me know if you have any questions.  


    We enjoy our dual stuff early in the season.  It's a chance for our guys to compete as a team, get some matches, and out the door.  It's also great for our newer parents (OK, great for me as a parent too!) to say we compete from 9-noon.  


    If anyone knows the answer to, "what time will the tourney end", please let me know!  I've struggled answering that one for 23 years now!

  10. CUSAWC is hosting Elementary and Middle School Duals tournaments on Nov 19th, Dec 10, and Dec 17th.  Elementary duals will start at 9:00am and Middle School duals will start at 2:00.

    Our goals for these tournament is to help provide a place for guys to get quality matches in a dual meet setting before the start of individual tournaments in Jan.  We have run these in the past and have had great success getting 4-5 duals (and plenty of exhibition matches!) in around 4 hours.  

    Elementary weights are:

    40, 44, 48, 52, 56, 60, 64, 68, 72, 76, 80, 85, 95, 105, 105+

    CUSAWC Elementary Duals 1116.docx (1).docx

    Middle School weights are:

    80, 90, 97, 104, 111, 118, 125, 135, 145, 155, 170, 190, 190+


    We are looking for 3-5 teams for each age division for each of the dates.  Please contact Coach Pendoski if you are interested in bringing a team, or if you have any questions.



    CUSAWC MS Duals 1116.docx (1).docx

  11. Working with Geter this past season I have learned to not acknowledge questions like that!


    Back in the Blue Room tonight.  Rumor mill is saying that Pretty Josh Farrell is going to be in the room and he can take both Welchs down within the first min.  Eiteljorge is pretty excited to film it.  

  12. Back in the Blue Room again tonight!  6:45-8:15 for lots of live wrestling!


    ....and the last I heard, Geter was in Australia working with an Aborigines tribe teaching them now to eat people without killing them.  He is expected to be back in time for the start of football season where I believe he intends to implement the 2-7 defense.  I'd expect Greyhound Nation to go un-scored on this season if they do.

  13. It's not talked about here often on this discussion board as others, but Darren Elkins has had quite the UFC career.  If you get a chance to watch Darren's last fight, you might be able to understand how tough of a guy Darren really is.  I watched the fight from my sofa with my wife, and to be honest.  I was hoping the ref would stop it because I can't see a situation where Darren would quit and I was worried for his safety........and 5 min later he knocks the guys out to get what some have called one of the best comebacks in the history of UFC.


    Darren has his biggest fight of his career this Saturday on Fox if you get a chance to watch a fellow Hoosier as Co-Main event for UFC Fight Night.  

  14. It's not talked about here often on this discussion board as others, but Darren Elkins has had quite the UFC career.  If you get a chance to watch Darren's last fight, you might be able to understand how tough of a guy Darren really is.  I watched the fight from my sofa with my wife, and to be honest.  I was hoping the ref would stop it because I can't see a situation where Darren would quit and I was worried for his safety........and 5 min later he knocks the guys out to get what some have called one of the best comebacks in the history of UFC.


    Darren has his biggest fight of his career this Saturday on Fox if you get a chance to watch a fellow Hoosier as Co-Main event for UFC Fight Night.  

  15. (just opinion here).  I'm not sure it's always been a problem with the duals teams.  The Cadet/Junior duals teams were pretty darn competitive in the late 90s.  But since then, there have been many different choices for top talent in America and our best kids are doing different things.  I would guess that it's because it's not a quality experience if they don't all go and make the gold/silver placement rounds.

    I'm also under the impression that they duals team now is selected by a group of guys picking who goes and what weight.


    I've talked to a couple guys about setting a plan and introducing it at an ISWA board meeting, with the goal being similar to getting the alphas interested in competing in our duals teams.  We'll see if this can get any traction.


    (ok, here I go being devil's advocate here).  Also, is it really that big of a deal that our cadet/junior/schoolboy duals team doesn't have the most competitive team?  The VA Beach team that Mrs. Cash put together was competitive and got IN some quality recognition and great matches for those guys.  Carmel had two guys on the Cadet duals team and it was a great experience for them.  Neither of them were in our varsity lineup last year.  If 'the alphas' of IN were on the cadet team, they wouldn't have the opportunities they did and because they were in the Purple placement pool they had matches that fit their needs at this point in their careers.  Why shouldn't we be thanking the ISWA for putting this opportunity?  I know Carmel does. 


    I think it would be great if every state had every great kid from their state on their team and they all came to schoolboy/cadet/junior duals (which I believe is pretty close to happened in the 90's because there wasn't much else).  I also want to watch Burroughs vs Dake every Friday after the Patriots vs Seahawks game and before the Michigan vs tOSU football game, but truth is, Michigan has to play IU every once in a while.


    Is it really a problem if "the alphas" of IN go somewhere else and get matches that fit them, and the development guys get their matches with schoolboy/cadet/junior duals.  I think we'd be naïve if we wanted 'the alphas' to compete in every tourney their level every weekend.  My thoughts are if you know what your getting into, then you cannot be upset with the results.  Just be real about what's being promoted that your getting into.

  16. Here is the way I remember the evolution of our duals teams (sprinkled with my opinions of why/why not some things changed).

    The coaches of the duals teams were frustrated on how Indiana teams were made.  Up until around 2010 schoolboys/cadets/junior duals teams were made just by placement at ISWA state.  I remember giving the example of Andrew Howe, Cooper Samuel, Kyle Ulrey (all IHSAA State champions that year) all showing up at freestyle state in the same weight classes.  Because of the way ISWA selected duals teams at that time, only 1 of them could be on the junior duals team.

    (Here's my opinion)...In the late 90's and early 2000's all of Indiana's duals teams were competitive and all of the hammers wanted to be on the team.  But that started to change.  In the late 90's NHSCA became a huge tourney.  Then add Super 32, FloNationals, USA Folkstyle nationals, MYWAY stuff, Dixie Nationals, Tulsa, etc.  This made tournament competition different for USA Wrestling/ISWA. 

    I was involved in schoolboys duals at that time.  I asked most of the teams in schoolboy duals how they selected their teams.  There were pretty wide examples of how others made their team.  I remember Oklahoma's was almost funny.  Their state association would select their coaching staff and they would announce the three different tourneys they would attend.  If you wanted to be on Oklahoma's SBD team, you'd have to go to that tourney.  The coaches would 'select' the kids they saw at that tourney and then tell them what weight they'd need to make!  If Billy Badboy was at 100, they would say to him that he would need to make 91 of he wanted to go.

    I asked the OK coach, "how many parents did you piss off doing it that way"....he replied, "all of them, but we want to be competitive".  ha!

    Back in ISWA board meetings we started the discussion.  I remember asking, "does Indiana want the fairest way to make a team, or do we want to make the best team".  I said I believed that it is impossible to do both. 

    (back to my opinion)...If we made the dual team only by placement at ISWA state, then we have the fairest way to make our team.  No one can complain because they either won or lost to the guy that is on the team.  If we have a coaching staff make the team, then we can have a lot of frustrated folks because they could say politics picks our team.  I can see the dilemma that the organization had at the time....throw in the concern that HYWAY was going to take over at that time too! 

    A group of coaches got together, came up with the plan to use ISWA state similar as US Open.  If you won ISWA state, the spot on the duals team was your's, but you could lose that spot if someone beat you 2 out of 3 at camp.  It kept validity to the ISWA state and gave us the option to have flexibility to make a competitive team.  The first year we presented it, it was voted down.  The next year it passed, but then got voted down a month later.  The following year it passed.

    (back to my opinion) With the competition of tourneys growing at that time (Flo, NHSCA added all HS grades, Disney duals, etc) the "alphas" of Indiana could go to Cadet/Junior duals on a team that was not the best team Indiana had and wrestle in the Purple pool for placement.  I understand that we can tell parents, "Come to Cadet/Junior duals and you will get over 10 matches against some of the best competition in the country".  I believe that is true.....if we took our best team.  We can all check trackwrestling and see the competition that IN teams had these past two months.  I agree that PA, OK, MN, IL, OH, etc had amazing teams and it would have been great for Paris, Lee, Lee, Lee, and crew to have duals against those teams.  But our team consistently makes the red/blue placement pools and wrestles Utah and Georgia.  The alpha parents know that they will get one match against a Gold/Silver pool team and then go wrestle the developmental teams in purple division.