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  1. Coach Brobst


    Yes, Andrew and Carson I believe. 113 and 120. Maybe twins as well? They're both listed as Freshman at least. @rhayescould tell us.
  2. Coach Brobst

    Evansville Semi- State

    Great pick here. Breken was in the MS program when I was coaching at Mooresville and in the off-season at club practices kid would scrap with Seniors like it was nothing. Tons of heart, some good technique too. Gotta root for this kid. He has another teammate that was literally 4th string JV 220 as a Freshman, a backup last year and now is in Semi-State (and is a cadet state champ this past season) in Robbie Gentry at 285. Great attitude, fun kid. Two athletes I’ll definitely be pulling for while coaching in New Castle.
  3. Coach Brobst

    New Castle Semi-State Top 4 (No order)

    This is one ticket round match that I think will be really interesting. Carrender when good is great. Anthony is more consistent and way more battle tested at this point in the tournament (wrestled Chundi twice and Crousore). Will be a fun match if they can both get past their first round opponents. Good luck to both!
  4. Coach Brobst

    State Final Rankings

    Did Heavyweight even get touched? Sounds self serving (because it is one of my athletes), but Kunkleman from HSE beat both Dorien Keys of Brownsburg and Alexander of FC at Conference last weekend and the top 13 remained unchanged with Kunkleman, whose losses were all months ago when he was in Football shape and two of the 5 are to #1 Watts, who outweighs him by 60 pounds, remains at #17.
  5. Coach Brobst

    Hamilton Southeastern vs. Greenfield-Central

    Hamilton Southeastern
  6. Coach Brobst

    Westfield vs. Hamilton Southeastern

  7. Coach Brobst

    Hamilton Southeastern vs. North Central

    Hamilton Southeastern
  8. Coach Brobst

    Hamilton Southeastern vs. Lawrence Central

    Hamilton Southeastern
  9. Coach Brobst

    Hamilton Southeastern vs. Fishers

    Hamilton Southeastern
  10. Coach Brobst


    Crae Kunkleman
  11. Coach Brobst


    Crae Kunkleman
  12. Coach Brobst

    Undefeated Wrestlers Left

    Andrew Irick-HSE is 25-0.
  13. Coach Brobst


    Jamichael Watts
  14. Coach Brobst

    Holiday Weekend Upsets

    Irick beats Cornwell again at North Mont in a semi-Finals, 6-3 and beats Webster of North Mont in final. Simone over Perry 3-2 in Championship at North Mont at 113 after beating Teusch of Huntington 4-1 in the semis.
  15. Coach Brobst


    Jamichael Watts

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