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  1. We are still in need of at least 1 dual, hoping for 2. We are available the first 2 weeks of the season, the week of Christmas and the week of New Years and finally the week right before Sectionals. Can make home or away work for these. Reach out to me here or via email at nbrobst@hse.k12.in.us
  2. Due to Covid, our schedule is changing and we need a dual, possibly two! We prefer the Indy area or Just North but all would be considered. Willing to host or travel. best weeks would be First week of season, Late December (week of Christmas or New Years) or last week before sectionals but there are other dates that may work too. reach out to Coach Brobst at nbrobst@hse.k12.in.us if interested.
  3. Hamilton Southeastern HS locates in Fishers, IN with a pool of 3800 students and growing youth club is looking to expand their coaching staff. We have at least one paid position available for the right candidate and a strong Couple of seniors and Junior class and loads of talent in the Freshman and Sophomore classes. If interested, either contact me directly on here or via email at nbrobst@hse.k12.in.us
  4. These two were filled, We always have opportunities, yes. We’ll likely have an opening on HS staff and definitely have one with club. Shoot me an email if you’re interested: nbrobst@hse.k12.in.us or send a personal message on here!
  5. At HSE I’d say the line-up would look like this: 106- Jacob Simone- 2018, 8th at 113 in 2019, but was a stud at 106 as a Sophomore and go pinned by eventual 4th placer David Pierson when leading 4-1 and in on another deep single when headlocked in the ticket round. Another option would be Klayton Anderson who qualified in 2015 as just a freshman, then moved to Missouri. 113- Austin Holmes, 2 time 4th placer at 113 and qualified as a Senior at 126. One of our all-time best! 120- Edreece Stansberry. Qualifier in 2014. 126- Thomas Pompei. 6th place
  6. Andrew Irick will be filling the second 285 pound slot. Don't know about the 220.
  7. On track you have to decide beforehand. There are set-ups for these tourneys on there, you just have to pick the bracket-type you want. If you did it manually, I suppose you could definitely score it however you want. But even the pools were scored for bonus points, just no advancement points until the bracket, and then your placement points, of course. Perhaps an admin could change the scoring wrestler mid-tourney, I'm not sure. Someone like @redcobraor @trackgopher could probably tell you better than I.
  8. Three options for this: You can set it up under Trackwrestling as 2 separate teams: for instance Alex-A and Alex-B and force coaches to choose who their "varsity" guy is to try to win the tournament but both teams score, just separately. Second way is to choose the "scoring" athlete prior to the tournament. This is what they do at the John Hurrle. You only score if you're the designated scoring wrestler for your team. The problem with this is of course, with random seeding (unless you do the tourney late in the year), sometimes your JV kid gets a better draw and actually outplaces
  9. I like the idea. Not committing to coming or anything but it's a good idea. Zionsville hosts a tourney in December that does 2 pools and crosses over so you get lots of matches and at least a few at your level. The John Hurrle at Tech the first weekend is pretty much like that. A couple teams enter multiple athletes per weight, some don't and you have kids that are very talented and kids that are extremely new to the sport all in the same bracket, but by the end of the day, they've found their level. I will tell you, it takes a LONG time to run these tourneys because nobody is eve
  10. That would help and Scholars idea of giving a chance to win titles might incentive some for sure. But I can tell you as one of those small town boys that is now coaching at a large school that making a living is priority number one for most of us (Coaching is my passion, but doesn't pay the bills) and if you're a teacher there is a GREAT disparity between what I would make at a school such as my hometown school compared to here at HSE. A quick google search for what teacher contracts are at some smaller schools compared to pay scales at larger schools will show you why many leave. Obviously, i
  11. You'll get no argument from me that it is a locality issue more than a school size issue, but there are still sheer numbers, attraction of staff, and budgets on the side of the larger school. Unfortunately, classing based off of your "opportunity" is not really an option. And just like you are not as against classing as your posts may seem, I like one class just fine, but I still see the disadvantages of the small school and what they have to overcome to be as good. I appreciate hearing the other side as well and the sentiment you have brought forth is the common one here
  12. Absolutely not stating that all small schools have poor coaching, don't get it twisted here. What I'm saying is that on average, the coaching received at a larger school is more solid and there's several reasons for this, namely the difference in pay between the large schools and small schools. I can tell you there are several coaches that have left smaller schools for larger because of opportunity to put kids into the state finals on a more regular basis (an issue that would be resolved with class wrestling), just as another reason. Put up a poll and see why coaches move from smaller schools
  13. Do we feel as though the training offered (partners, coaching, weightlifting and nutrition etc;) at all the smaller schools is equal to the training that larger schools can offer? I think the Crux of the argument relies on whether everyone is on a level playing field or not and I think anyone whose ever been to both can answer this pretty quickly. Interested in the Thoughts here.
  14. At the risk of opening a whole different can of worms, the two schools you guys are griping about him "skewing the data with" are both private schools that don't really have the same issues as public schools. I think everyone knows that there's more to the data than this, you're simply trying to use the data to fit your narrative, much like Joe is. Tradition means something, but tradition without land borders means unlimited potential. People from all over the state flock to those two programs because they can accept them without it being an IHSAA violation. Please note, I'm not sa
  15. I coach at a top 10 attendance wise school but went to a school with less than 400 kids in it. I have coached at Indy Howe, 1A, and Mooresville, 3A, and feel I’ve had about all the different experiences in the INDIANA Wrestling world from size and socioeconomic status, type of school, etc; and I can say WITHOUT A DOUBT that if big schools were allowed to enter multiple athletes per weight, there would be more kids from big schools make it through. In many weights at our Sectional, I know both the Carmel and HSE JV kids could have finished 3rd and 4th, bumping out smaller school Var
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