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  1. I think I've gone every year for at least a day since this tournament started. It's crazy to look back at the kids who placed at it the first few years and see how many ended up at state or placing in the IHSAA finals. Haven't done the math, but it's a who's who of HS wrestling. A few thoughts overall: -Sheridan has a couple young big boys in Johnson and Cross that are going to make an already tough sectional even tougher at those upper weights. -Owen Valley really impressed me. I haven't seen too many OV singlets the past several years, but they not only came out in full
  2. Unsure why they're charging us (better than at Indy Nats, where they charged us for both the Coaches lanyard ($20) AND for admission ($10), then didn't even bother to enforce having a lanyard for those in the corner...but I'm not bitter) BUT I can say that Mark told me we didn't need to purchase an afternoon session ticket for Saturday, just one to get in Saturday and one for Sunday. Still, $20 to coach them this weekend and $30 last weekend, plus having to have a USAW card and such.....adds up quickly. I for sure don't think that venues and administrators should be gouging coaches who are jus
  3. I think the part you seem to be grossly missing is that it's not about next year. Or the year after that. Wrestling, as a funded High School sport, won't die in the next 2-5 years. It's in the next 10+ that it may be in trouble. I think all class wrestling supporters would concede that you're correct, not too many non-wrestlers will suddenly decide to come out just because the tournament is classed and then place that year (though there would probably be a handful). HOWEVER, now we have a situation where success breeds desire to be a part of something. Let's play a hy
  4. That's probably true as well. Mats getting cleansed between rounds probably helped with this as well.
  5. Way less. And we couldn't even make them shower after practice at the facility because of distancing. I wonder if all the hand washing and hand sanitizing helped eliminate a lot of it.
  6. Ha! His dad runs the Krav Maga studio here in Indy and one of our assistants is an Instructor in Krav as well. A couple of our JV kids do it too. Definitely not something I’ve ever been around before but am better for having learned some of it for sure!
  7. HSE 106- Wrestling, Rugby 113- Wrestling 120- wrestling, Track 126- Wrestling 132- Wrestling, Krav Maga 138- Wrestling, baseball 145- Wrestling, Lacrosse 152- Wrestling 160- Football, wrestling, baseball 170- Wrestling 182- Wrestling 195- Wrestling, Rugby 220- Football, Wrestling 285- Football, Wrestling, rugby as you can see, even big schools have kids split time, but we have far more just wrestling than I ever had at previous schools
  8. Logan. Wagner. Kid is non-stop and ALWAYS trying to score! His matches are always crazy fun to watch.
  9. Perry regional also sent 3 at 106 all 4 Frankfort 106 pounders won over Richmond in rd 1, and all Perry 106s beat the Pendleton regional opponent with the exception of Dickey. Then Dickey and the Perry 106s all won. And all but Dray of Warren return next year. Will be interesting to see how much they all grow if they can spread out
  10. Hoosier crossroads has Brownsburg and Avon at Evansville while Fishers, HSE, Noblesville, Zionsville, Franklin Central, and Westfield are at New Castle. I know the north central conference has teams in 3 semi-states with Richmond, Arsenal Tech and Anderson at New castle, the Lafayette schools, Logansport at East Chicago and Marion, Muncie Central at least at Ft Wayne as well. I know I missed some schools in that conference.
  11. Jake also had split matches with 3rd placer Giovanni Diaz that year at IHPO. Basically only lost to numbers 1 and 2 then didn’t qualify because of our system.
  12. Maybe I’m wrong, but pretty sure I’ve never started the work week without knowing who we had the next weekend. Really no reason to hide it after all the regionals are finalized
  13. Does anyone know the reason they do this every year? It seems they always unlock it early, like Monday it seems, but just curious what the reasoning is.
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