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  1. Our Varsity 2 team had an event fall through and we're actively looking to fill a date in January. We should be available 1/8 or 1/15 We could also do something in December on the 11th if anyone has any openings you feel we would be a good fit for. We have a full line-up and just went 4-1 against Varsity competition this past weekend. No world beaters but solid scrappy kids looking for high quality matches. Email Coach Brobst at nbrobst@hse.k12.in.us or AD in charge of wrestling Jim Self at jself@hse.k12.in.us
  2. Coach, I've had this a couple times in my career. Some officials would allow them to wear a beard cover, similar to a hair cover that attaches to the head gear. These particular athletes were always JV, so most officials understood they were just out trying to learn the sport and didn't care. I did have a few officials (not naming names) who were ADAMENTLY opposed to them using that claiming it to be illegal despite Robert having sent an email for us to print with his approval to utilize it. I always had a facemask on hand for these circumstances and gave the athlete the choice of wearing it or letting a teammate wrestle the match instead. They always chose to wear it. Frustrating situation for sure. I hope you get a little more clarification from IHSAA to help your athlete! Good luck this season.
  3. We had a scheduling mishap and are one dual short on the year. The easiest dates would be Tuesday the 11th, Wednesday the 12th, or Thursday the 13th. We are willing to travel. We can also look at other dates, including next week (I know it's early, but we're ready as we were scheduled to wrestle next Thursday). We will have full Varsity and JV teams and will be very competitive across the board this year. Please contact me at nbrobst@hse.k12.in.us or the AD in charge of wrestling, Jim Self at jself@hse.k12.in.us
  4. HSE is shockingly small for a 6A school. We have 2 full mats and a workout space on one end. 65 kids in HS, 150 in club but we split into 3 classes and seldom have more than 45 club kids at once. JH schools (there are 4) all have to use Aux gyms or cafeteria spaces for practice. whole wrestling area is on the master plan for a redo in 2026. Can’t come soon enough.
  5. 01/08/2022 09:00 AM
  6. 01/19/2022 09:00 AM
  7. We have now filled out our Varsity 2 schedule at this time! Thanks for the interest! We hope to expand that schedule in the coming years as long as our depth continues.
  8. I know Purdue had wrestle offs tonight and IU is tomorrow but wasn’t sure if there were some athletes not partaking. any ideas on what the line-ups will look like this season? my best guess based on tonight’s wrestle-offs for Purdue are 125- Schroeder 133- Ramos 141- Filius 149- Alec White 157- Coleman 165- it appeared Soehnlen is back at 165 and at 174 we have… 174- Nijenhuis (someone correct me if I misread the tweets as this is a flip of their weights from last season) 184- Lyon 197- Penola 285- looks to be Woulfe? Any guess at IU? Corrections to Purdue?
  9. If anyone is looking for opponents and think a second Varsity team would be a good fit, HSE is looking to get some Varsity Caliber matches in with our 2nd team. We will fill all 14 weights with athletes that are very talented, just stuck behind someone better. Right now we're looking to add 2 tourneys and are free November 20th, December 11th, January 8th, and January 15th. If you have interest, please email me at nbrobst@hse.k12.in.us or the AD in charge of wrestling Jim Self, jself@hse.k12.in.us Thanks!
  10. No worries, man! I thought maybe that’s what you meant but wanted to clarify! Like I said always trying to learn too from others! so much talent in our community, got to learn to be a life long student of the sport to help all these kids! in regards to Nate Smith, I think wrestling at 100 is a different animal than 106. Think about how big some of those boys must be compared to him if he’s able to make 100 multiple days in a row vs some of our 106 pounders that cut from 120 weekly. if anything, I think him finishing 7th at 106 giving up that much size is pretty damn impressive. Good for him. I know we don’t want any part of drawing into him at Semi-state!
  11. I read all of what you had to say but I’m stuck on just one point, mostly because I’m always trying to gain knowledge to help my athletes and bend and change as the sport does so don’t take what I’m saying as you being wrong: we all know there are so many different styles and paths to success, so consider this professional curiosity. In the above quoted paragraph you mention you try to break the habit of reaching with the trail hand. I preach close gap with head contact first and if you have to tie up high, use the trail hand so your attack hand stays free, plus if you reach with lead leg hand from space, you leave your lead leg defenseless to a wrestler who will shoot from space or likes low level attacks. Just curious as the the benefits of reaching with the lead arm in your opinion, I try not to force kids into a mold as styles vary so much, so wanted to see if there’s another thing I need to open my mind about. Always enjoy reading what you have to say!
  12. I saw in the minutes that essentially all 3 proposals were rejected. (Girls wrestling was told to go through an emerging sport process, the others failed 0-16). curious as to what feedback was given regarding the reasoning behind the rejections. Anyone who knows could respond.
  13. You also would have all 10 of them driving right past Zionsville, Lebanon, Frankfort, etc; who are still going to New Castle. Wouldn’t bother me any, but IHSAA usually tries not to do that with such large amounts of schools (there are a few weird examples of a school here or there driving right past others to get their regional or semi-state, but not a whole sectional)
  14. Bloomington or Seymour Semi-state has a nice ring to it. Would make things easier as far as travel even if we don’t change any of the teams headed to the Semi-states.
  15. I agree the geography should be a big factor. There are ways to use geography and still even out the semi-states. It'd upset the apple cart too much, I get it. I know it's not going to happen. Still think in a sport where we crown a TEAM champ based off of INDIVIDUAL results, we should want the top 8 guys in the state standing on the podium at the end of the year. In order to do that, we'd need to rebalance the semi-states, AND add wrestle backs at semi-state and state. This isn't track or swimming where a qualifying time better than another site's state champ means you get in. If you get a bad draw at a loaded semi-state, you're out. Useless to your team moving forward, unable to score points. OR--my favorite idea--have an actual all-in team state tournament again. OR--switch to class wrestling This is just one reason.
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