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  1. Purdy will be in the mix, and will make his own luck!!
  2. Steenbeke is my pick @ 160 That kid can pin ya from across the gym, returning state qualifier and he’s been in the big tooth chipper brackets nationally. Hated to see him and Cruz on the same side of the bracket though. That should be the finals IMO
  3. I watched A Farmer wrestle at Sectionals. The young man is peaking at the right time. Both Farmer boys wrestled lights out!!!!
  4. Two tickets for parents!!!! 2 tickets per wrestler should be up to par for County guidelines. Big thanks to the IHSAA/ Coaches & AD’s who have fought for not taking sports away from our kids. Some kids, sports is all they have!!
  5. Open Ford Center & Bankers up...concessions for everyone!! FORD CENTER STIMULUS CASH CONCESSION/BAR What’s that sir?!? You want a Corona?? $12.50 please Lets get on with it!! UNMASK AMERICA 2021
  6. ^^^WHAT THIS GUY SAID!!! 1,000% Hat’s off to IHSAA and all the coaches/AD’s for a job well done!!! Crazy year....but let’s get on with it!!
  7. Purdy is not a “Boonville product” don’t flatter yourself!!! Bottom line is when most kids are laying up in the summer, these guys are wrestling!!! There’s the “difference”, there is no “product”!!! When you get on here bud speak “FACTS” not BS -Thanks, Everyone
  8. I call it how I see it, I’m sorry if that “offends” you! I don’t have a dog in the fight, Burrell had him stuck, and that’s what I saw. Period!!! Burrell is not my kid, and no I don’t live in Newburgh!!! Bunch of Computer tough guys on here. Ha If you can read the 2nd post on this thread you will see my original post!!! Not too far off!!! This is HS wrestling, no one is signing a LOI today....calm down!! Side note: I won’t be needing Jesus’ help in this deal, I assure you of that!! Have a good day fellas, learn the sport for us all please!!!
  9. Slow down and pump the brakes, Jesus!!!
  10. And I’m positive they have a few optometrists in Santa Claus Sleigh Christmas town, take advantage. Cool down bud. If you were sitting on the South side, rather than the North side of the gym (prob eating leftover Christmas cookies and singing carols) you would’ve seen it. When you’re writing out that Christmas list later this year up there in “Tinsel Town“, ask for some glasses. Calm down, deep breath!!
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