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  1. Purdy is not a “Boonville product” don’t flatter yourself!!! Bottom line is when most kids are laying up in the summer, these guys are wrestling!!! There’s the “difference”, there is no “product”!!! When you get on here bud speak “FACTS” not BS -Thanks, Everyone
  2. I call it how I see it, I’m sorry if that “offends” you! I don’t have a dog in the fight, Burrell had him stuck, and that’s what I saw. Period!!! Burrell is not my kid, and no I don’t live in Newburgh!!! Bunch of Computer tough guys on here. Ha If you can read the 2nd post on this thread you will see my original post!!! Not too far off!!! This is HS wrestling, no one is signing a LOI today....calm down!! Side note: I won’t be needing Jesus’ help in this deal, I assure you of that!! Have a good day fellas, learn the sport for us all please!!!
  3. Slow down and pump the brakes, Jesus!!!
  4. And I’m positive they have a few optometrists in Santa Claus Sleigh Christmas town, take advantage. Cool down bud. If you were sitting on the South side, rather than the North side of the gym (prob eating leftover Christmas cookies and singing carols) you would’ve seen it. When you’re writing out that Christmas list later this year up there in “Tinsel Town“, ask for some glasses. Calm down, deep breath!!
  5. The team race was tight. All in all 5 Champs for Castle!! Schwindel- like I said you can’t count him out. He pins in the finals!! Ramsey never got a chance to see Dollison!! Burrell had Rodgers pinned for a good while...FLAT with no call. (A lot of those today sadly) Nobody scored on W. Stewart today, not even in the finals!! Reff with an 8-2 lead, pins B. Moore in the 2nd!! Harrison’s Garrett...kid isn’t your normal heavyweight!!! I figured the team score would be a 20+ point gap It was 11.5 Every team wrestled well.
  6. Nope!! My man said “confidence and technique” that’s all. Just those 2 things!!! All these years I’ve been told wrong.
  7. The team score will not be close this time. 132 Heeke & Baughn 145 You can’t count Schwindel out. 152 Ramsey has beat Dollison 2x 195 Rodgers and Burrel 220 Stewart will coast through even with Palmarchuk and Farmer wrestling well. It won’t be close for whoever is in the finals w Stewart. If he puts on together a good weekend at the Bank he’ll be a 220 State placer!! 285 Garrett and Combs will go again this weekend. Garrett is athletic for a big kid, and strong as a bull. Records don’t mean a thing starting Saturday...what does matter is strength of
  8. 28-1 Loss was to Dickens by pin. Also I’d say look at the scores on Deters’ matches last year to this year...I’d say he (Deters) has a great partner in Purdy!! 23 of those wins are falls as well. Just my 2 cents
  9. Yeah, Logan has transferred to Castle!! I’m thinking everyone is sleeping on this kid. He’s been knocking on the door the last 3y w Boonville. Wish he would’ve been at Castle since a Freshman. If anyone is sleeping on this kid...don’t!!! He’s a gamer, and is quick as a hiccup!!
  10. Assistant coach / MS coaching job @ Castle High School in Newburgh, IN Lots of talent coming through there in the next few years!!!!
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