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  1. CN is looking to add one more dual to our schedule for this year. Would prefer Late November/Early Dec. Contact: coachmjoyce@gmail.com
  2. Columbus North is looking for a paid Varsity Assistant coach for this season. If interested, contact Matt Joyce coachmjoyce@gmail.com
  3. CN is looking for JV tournaments in 2019-2020. Contact: coachmjoyce@gmail.com
  4. CN is looking to add a home dual in November or December. We also have an opening in the North Invite (6-way) on Dec 14th. contact for more details: coachmjoyce@gmail.com
  5. Current openings in Elementary/High School PE, HS Spanish, MS Computer Science, Special Education, MS Math, and Elementary. Check bcsc.k12.in.us for most updated openings
  6. Columbus North is looking for a high school assistant coach. Ideal candidate is someone who is dedicated to improving Indiana wrestling and is interested in building a successful program at a large school. Many teaching and teaching assistant opportunities available at all levels within the school system. Great community and a school administration that is supportive of wrestling. If interested, email coachmjoyce@gmail.com
  7. It's my understanding that you only need WIFI when you are uploading video/stats to the cloud. As long as you ipad has space, I think things can be done offline and uploaded later. Someone correct me if this is wrong.
  8. Awesome, thanks for the info. @CoachGaff brings up a good point of multiple wrestlers going at the same time. Is there an opportunity to upload stats after a match? Is there the ability to use 2 ipads to capture multiple matches at the same time?
  9. Does anyone use the MatBoss app? If so, what has your experience been? Do you also still keep a paper score book? Wasn't sure about referee scorebook signatures or other requirements/rules that the app might not meet for the IHSAA. I have a demo set with them to learn more, but I thought I would get some real-world opinions here first.
  10. Congrats to Wes Mikesell on being named head coach at Western Boone. Also, Congratulations to Jacob King on taking over at Lebanon. Both of these guys are going to continue to do great things for Boone County wrestling!
  11. We have open spots at Columbus North. Shoot me an email coachmjoyce@gmail.com
  12. I've also noticed a lot of them have exposed draw-strings. I am interested in seeing pictures of what they had in mind when writing these new rules.
  13. I will be referring to these shorts only as "shorts designed for wrestling" in all of my interactions. "Hey man! Nice shorts-designed-for-wrestling you've got there!" I do look forward to not giving kids the excuse of "I don't want to wear a singlet" as a cop-out so to why they aren't wrestling.
  14. Matt Joyce has take the Western Boone job.
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