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  1. I do really well with stats. Thermostats, but still....
  2. That would have been a huge hit on here had they managed to wrestle under the lights this year. Can you imagine the discussion that match would have generated? As far as reaching his potential, he AA'd 3 times on the mat and was granted a 4th according to the NCAA. I am thrilled to call both him and his father as friends that I have made through wrestling.
  3. Anderson has fallen behind in this. I do not know why, but as mentioned, PHS has a club, as does Yorktown depending on what side of town you are on. Yorktown is not what it was, but it is still going to tournaments and working on your craft. I hope that you will stay in the AHS school system, we need someone to help build that up again.
  4. Had the pleasure of watching this kid this past weekend, He is a freak of nature. My son wrestled at WC with a kid Machael Johnson Jones, who was without question the most physical wrestler I had seen in person. This kid reminded me of him a lot. Quick, strong, and he has better technical skills.
  5. I do not know if ISWA has a historian, but that would be my first look, to see what they might have available. I know the kids in the 2000's used to jump at seeing the new years ISWA book that showed the top 6 for FS and GR.
  6. I figured there was a reason for that. In hvac, the air is moving at around 600-700 feet per minute, so the particle does not stay around very long. Thank you for the answer.
  7. you be sure to let me know when the IHSAA makes a logical decision.
  8. my question is how long does UVc need to be in contact t kill the bacteria and viruses? In the HVAC world, the contact time is measured in minutes, is this any different?
  9. the 300 mile rule needs to go away. It is time to allow the best of Indiana to compete against the best from across the country. I do not know why it was put into place, but it needs to go away, in all sports.
  10. I asked this question this weekend to a few people and got mixed results, mostly negative. I have been married for 35 years, so asking questions and getting negative results is not anything new to me. What is they placed 6 mats on the floor at Gainbridge, and ran the boys and girls individual state at the same time? I realize that we had 2 girls this weekend and that would most likely not happen if they ran them at the same time. but would this help or hurt the girls tournament?
  11. can I enter now? Bet I place near the top.
  12. if the CYO is as strong down there as it is in Indy, I still see EMD getting several kids to state and quite a few placers. That is what tradition does for you, kids step up because it is expected of them.
  13. wow, twice in 1997. thats pretty cool. Thanks for the info.
  14. Has one SS ever had all four kids in a single weight in the top 4 places at state? I know that there have been several times that a SS has had all 4 place.
  15. I am hoping to see that head lock up close and personal on friday.
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