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  1. I knew Neil and John both through wrestling, and professionally. They were both great guys, and will be sorely missed by those whose lives they touched. I can only offer my thoughts and prayers to all the families impacted by this.
  2. Cannot say that I am glad about this, I was very happy to see Jim at Warren. I wish him well in his new position, it works well for him, his wife with her total involvement in ISWA, and at least one of his assistant coaches. Warren needs to find a tough no frills coach to come in take over where Jim left off and build the club and high school team to even higher heights. I would recommend 2 people that I think would be a good fit, but they are already with other schools, so I will refrain from naming names.
  3. That locks it up, congrats to the Irish.
  4. Coach Dave Cloud from Pendleton, you are exactly what I have always thought you were, a class act, and a true gentleman. You are one of the really good guys in this sport.
  5. I said nothing until the other coach asked the mat officials, and they discussed it, and then they came to me for my opinion. I try very hard not to become part of the show,. Nobody is there to see the scoring official.
  6. I appreciate your opinion, and Coach Cloud is way to classy to ever say anything, and I am sure next weekend when we meet it will be as if nothing happened. That is exactly what I expect and know he will be like. I will tell you that I did not listen for the sound, but rather the man operating the visible score and clock was counting down from 5 because we knew it was going to be close. I looked instead for the official to start the signal for a fall. I did not see it, but I also realize that if you asked 100 people that call may be a 50/50 split.
  7. I also want to point out that not a single thing was ever said by the Pendleton coaches, we each spoke after this on other topics. I want to express how much of a class program they have.
  8. I hate being involved like that. I realize that it is part of the job, and I will never shy away from making what I think is the right call. That being said, it is always nice to find out what others thought, and I have thick skin, I will take whatever they have to say.
  9. As the clock official that worked this match, I would be curious what your opinion was. I know it was close, but in my mind it was called after the buzzer. I felt horrible for the kid, but I felt I made the right call. I will take whatever comments come as a result of this.
  10. that was ugly, we can only hope that he is able to go next week.
  11. i will say this, i was standing behind the scorers table when this happened. all the officials that were there agreed with the call. i am not now, nor have i ever been an official, but i know many of them, and have very candid conversations with them.all of them said it was a good call, but a tough one to make. the kid handled it wish class and dignity, and deserves huge respect for that.
  12. no, he doesn't have to leave the building, he just cannot go onto the floor the rest of the tourney. i saw him back in the hallways, and told him that was a great call for a coach to get tossed out for. I cannot imagine another coach not losing his mind. in my opinion the right call would have been stalemate and go back to the center. that being said, bad calls are part of the sport, as with any other sport.
  13. Coach McCormik, you are indeed correct, there are two sides to every story, and I have known you for a very long time, and known you to always be willing to do what you could to help a wrestler when they needed the help. I would like to ask you directly what is the schools side of the story on this situation. I am never sure how the IHSAA works, and with the new open school rules in place for non-student athletes it only muddies the issue even more.
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