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  1. tis da seathon fellas...jus got done w/ my expedishun bout w/ roy..figured i'd make it back to tha forum... man we all kno a tiger is way more ferothis dan a panthur
  2. im tho glad to hear you doin good General...ath far ath dis scrap goes i'd love to see dith thing somewhere..ive got thum experience reffin too
  3. i'm all for clath sythem in regards to da team serieth...no more den 2 if we talking individualth. I don't no much about scolarships as sumone mentioned above, but dat souns like a great ting for kids
  4. 126, 160, 170, n 182 are a nathty combo for 1s n 2s..n i no a ting or 2 about combos
  5. Get well thoon Gen...Mike's pwayin 4 ya! !!! I tink your banter on IndianaMat ith amazin
  6. im no englith major, but is dis like the ting you kick up in air wif your feet, or like a sac like...a potato sac..or sumthin elth?
  7. @TeamGarcia yea my club was sposed to be not for whoosiers..if theeth men square up like they say den i predict some seriouth injuries...like when i broke my back...it was thpinal or sumthin...but theeth guys never been in there wif a guy like me..they never been in there wif a grappler like me...they're styles are primitive....im the most viciouth and ruthleth there's ever been..i don't know mann..my stylez... im sorry i sorry i've changed i'm not like dat anymore man..
  8. Evander's ear tastes like thalty ...seriuthly tho i just want to conquer people and their souls...n i ain't the same guy as the one who bit that guys ear off..i'm not mother theretha, but im not charles manson either...people get so senthivitve on here
  9. I'd mst say that thith maketh me thoooper uncomfortable...be nithe fellas
  10. thath eathily the mos ludicrith thing i've evur herd
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