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  1. I agree 100% and hope this holds though the winter..... But will the NCAA start kicking Big 10 (or any other D1 athletic department) if they just can't afford 16 sports? This could get tricky. Just using Iowa as an example and totally making up my own numbers here. Iowa needs $100 million to run the athletic department with 16 sports. They only have $60 million. NCAA says you must have 16 sports to stay D1. Again, just guessing that something has to give here. Either NCAA starts kicking schools out that can't afford 16 sports
  2. https://www.espn.com/college-sports/story/_/id/29711237/iowa-cuts-men-gymnastics-men-tennis-men-women-swimming-diving Is this the first domino to fall? I was told by a big ten coach that without football this season that it took $50 million out of their athletic budget. Big football schools like Michigan, that school in Ohio, and Penn St will be over $100 milliion in lost revenue this year. We. haven't even begun to think about what happens if NCAA Basketball isn't allowed to play this winter. Iowa drops mens and women's swimming, men's gymnastics and me
  3. Joe, I completely agree, but what you may not know in the Indiana General Assembly 2020, Senate bill 398 was passed which allows for US Title 36 youth serving organizations with patriotic intent, which covers organizations like Girl Scouts, in their ability to still access school meeting spaces. http://iga.in.gov/legislative/2020/bills/senate/398#document-cfbcd145 Maybe we need to link youth wrestling in title 36. Probably need to do a better job of being patriotic in our sport. My vote is we eliminate hand shaking and add saluting before we compete.
  4. I was talking about format of workouts now that we are starting to get back into wrestling rooms. An example is what we have implemented in our room now. When kids come to workouts we have them in groups of no larger than 6. No one is allowed to have contact with anyone in a different group and the groups will not change daily. If someone misses practice one day, they will have a group of 5 that day...instead of moving someone from a different group into their workout. Does anyone else have a 'practice format' that they are introducing to their room so
  5. This might be a good place to learn about what others are doing as we prepare to get back into our rooms now. Are most just going back to practice as normal or does anyone else have 'small groups' inside of practice?
  6. We need a better instragram coach for social media presence. Where is Clown Baby when we need him! ha! Greyhounds like the direction the program has been trending over the past 5 years.
  7. Couple year's ago I brought up the idea of combining the Sectional and Regional Tourney into one tournament. I don't have the numbers in front of me, so don't nail me to exact details..... We have one of the largest regionals (most number of teams) and I'm thinking it's like 24ish teams. You'd have to have a round of 32 in theory....most weights have more than 8 ffts if you combine sectionals. That would be a quick round. Seed top 12 Friday night: Rat tail matches (I believe the number was around 10 matches total). Then have the rou
  8. 113 at Frankfort has some depth. 1. Elijah Anthony 31-0 (Frankfort) State ranked 3rd 5. Dylan Driver 23-7 (Westfield) SS ranked 8 4. Griffen Ingalls 27-3 (Fishers) SS ranked 7 3. Brac Hooper 18-3 (Carmel) State ranked 13 2. Bryce Longnecker 30-3 (Rossville)
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