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  1. They usually catch those pretty easily, Ragle also defeated #8 NC SS @182.
  2. Typically, if you both finished 5-0 on the day and obviously didn’t wrestle head-to-head, they will add up all of your team points and the one with the most is declared the winner.
  3. With the retirement of long time HOF Coach Rex Peckinpaugh, Gary Black II has been named head coach at New Castle High School.
  4. Black lost to Colorado wrestler but suffered a minor head issue and I held him out the second day.
  5. Agree with DeSanto being a punk at the end of the match! Totally uncalled for.
  6. Prayers for the Combs family and the entire Garrett community from the Blacks.
  7. Reece should have been down a weight class but not sure he could have beaten his teammate that was state champ that year, I believe. I think his name was Hartman?
  8. Agree as he had nothing to gain by wrestling in the event. Already signed with Iowa and # 1 pound for pound ranking. Though this in no way tarnishes his career. 2 studs that will battle in the NCAA's in years to come.
  9. I didn't realize that Lee hadn't practiced much in the last month, in my opinion, from watching the match, Lee did seem a little out of shape. Either way it was a great match none the less.
  10. The kid that beat him is also ranked # 4 nationally so it's not like he lost to a nobody. I did think Desanto had a better gas tank and pushed the pace in this match.
  11. Shenandoah has open room on Tuesday nights 6-7:30 starting next week. USA card only requirement.
  12. You don't agree with Y2 so you aren't allowed to do that without getting jabbed back. All these statistics mean nothing, the bantering=nothing. At the end of the day those in favor of one class will most likely stay in favor and those against will stay against.
  13. Mostly because you have just worn them down!!
  14. This is like arguing politics! Like a conservative versus a liberal, and neither is gonna change the other's view.
  15. This is like arguing politics! Like a conservative versus a liberal, and neither is gonna change the other's view.
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