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  1. Misunderstanding, wasn’t directed towards you but just classed sports in general. Just want the opportunity to compete against the best and by not having class wrestling that guarantees it.
  2. One of Andrew Blacks runner up finishes was at Shenandoah.
  3. I put words in your mouth? I never once said that an athlete in a classed sports system wouldn’t learn the lessons taught by youth sports! I just stated that youth sports were to teach life lessons. Even if I am awarded scholarships without my hard work it will end up fruitless. Chances are there are going to be more elite athletes at bigger schools that doesn’t mean you can’t defy the odds, I like being considered the underdog because when I win I get that extra satisfaction of defying the odds. Taxes are based after the fact of getting a career and I don’t agree with our tax system but that’
  4. There was criteria used, I lost a sectional championship match based on giving up the first takedown in the first period of regulation time. It’s basically like when a dual is tied and they go thru the criteria to determine the winner.
  5. I did answer, for a smart guy you sure like to play coy. We’ve been around this a time or three so I believe you know how I feel about classed wrestling as an individual sport. I like classed as a team because I do believe a smaller school has difficulties finding 14 athletes comparable to a larger school. That’s not to say that as individuals smaller schools can’t compete at a high level.
  6. As always you take everything out of context, twist it around to fit your narrative. I never said that and you know it! You are the one that is saying small schools can’t compete. So I guess a really smart kid at a small school isn’t as smart as a smart kid at a really big school. Is that what you are saying Joe?
  7. Well it’s not about giving as many athletes a trophy as possible. Youth sports is really about teaching life skills. Hard work, dedication, responsibility and dependability. Why is it sports we are concerned about being classed. In real world you have to compete against everyone for academic scholarships and jobs.
  8. Two things: one this wasn’t supposed to be about class wrestling(failed); two, has anyone ever taken the time to actually poll the kids? I doubt it. I’m a competitor so I want the chance to compete against everyone, I also have seen what class basketball has done to that sport. If that happens to wrestling, I want no part of it! Just my two cents for what it’s worth.
  9. I can attest to the fact that Shenandoah had a special group but it wasn’t without hard work, dedication and buy in. My son was the varsity coach, and although he had had success in small doses, he didn’t have solid coaches at the junior high level so the deck was stacked twice against him. Coach Slivka and I stepped in as junior high coaches. The boys were given a vision and we convinced them they could compete and compete at a high level. To re-enforce that we went and wrestled against teams from Warren, Center Grove, Yorktown and the likes and it confirmed what we were “selling”. We focused
  10. Hard to win any duels that way. Keep at it and hopefully you can grow that number.
  11. Middle school weight classes should be every 5 pounds up until about 150-155 so it maximizes the number of kids actually wrestling. We have trouble filling the extra weight class up top not the lower to middle weights.
  12. Either way it’s a school that has a whole lot more leeway on drawing kids in than a public school.
  13. They did, he just goes to a parochial school now.
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