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  1. QuinnHarris


    Hayden Watson
  2. QuinnHarris


    Diesel Duncan
  3. UR Diesel Duncan 8-5 over Luke Goodwin #6 at 145
  4. QuinnHarris


    Diesel Duncan
  5. QuinnHarris


    Diesel Duncan
  6. QuinnHarris


    Kailan Keith
  7. Where are the best spots to eat or grab a drink going to need something after the Saturday session? Thanks in advance, can't wait to finally be back in a corner, watching some quality wrestling. WRESTLING IS BACK!
  8. If you are wanting pictures shoot me a text won’t let me upload to the site 3179109836!
  9. We have 2 old mats from our room we are looking to sell. These mats do have wear and tear but definitely can still be used. they are sitting in our storage waiting to be moved to a new home. 2 full mats, they are the old 3 section mats please contact me if you or anyone is interested!
  10. When I was looking for dates for this event I noticed it said all Indiana wrestlers must qualify for the event does anyone know what has to be done to qualify love taking a few kids to this tournament always a good weekend of wrestling.
  11. Glad to see these are back, ALWAYS a GREAT room full of hammers with a GREAT technician leading the practice.
  12. This was my first year in attendance I personally thought that the tournament was ran fairly well both days. I have been to many tournaments in my day and I know that this could've been 100x worse. Thought Southport were awesome hosts had no issues with table workers and had some good options at the concession stand. Would like to thank all who put together this tournament and created an opportunity for these underclassman to see what they have against each other, I wish this was a thing back when I was in HS guess I should've been born a few years later. All in all a fun competitive weekend o
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