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  1. This sucks to hear... A kid gone too soon. Heck of a competitor too, didn't know him, but had to coach against him. Prayers to his family and those close to him from the Cascade Wrestling family!
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  4. Looking to Revamp our 6 way on December 4th at Cascade HS in Clayton IN. If you are interested please reach out looking make a competitive day of wrestling for all schools! Coach Harris
  5. Thank you! Very excited for the opportunity to continue building upon an already growing program!
  6. I have been thinking this as well East stays at New Castle or another host south would make sense in Bloomington so everyone has an equal drive, west you could do in Terre Haute possibly, North you could have in Fort Wayne for change to another location that keeps the travel time down. For the east and west it would come down to how far north and south do you go to collect the teams that will be in that region could be from Lafayette to Vincennes in reality which is a big distance. I think the biggest piece to the puzzle is finding centrally located semi state hosts, and by centrally located I mean within that semi state region not central Indiana
  7. Yeah that sectional is ROUGH as well. I just think they talk so much about how the semi states need to have the same amount of large schools, and I would respond that they need the sectionals and regionals to be that way to some extent too. I get its extremely hard to separate Avon and Brownsburg, or HSE and Fishers, but there has to be some logical way from keeping a sectional from being 4 6A schools 3 4/3A schools and 4 1A schools. (I'm not sure my numbers are correct but I am referring to the Avon sectional)
  8. Ben Davis, Pike, and Decatur Central were all New Castle semi state until 2013 when they were moved into the Avon and Mooresville sectionals. I just believe that having 4 6A schools in a sectional is INSANE does any other sectional in the state have 4 schools that size then 3 Putnam County schools that are small have to compete with that at their first stage of the tournament, and if you are good enough to get through next week you'll add another 6A school in Center Grove and some other bigger schools in Whiteland, and Franklin Comm.
  9. Agree this is one of our biggest issues Jasper proved to be a solid host this year that isnt so far south. Not sure who up north would have the facilities to host I know Merriville was the host in years past.
  10. The Ft. Wayne area unfortunately is at a disadvantage because they do not have middle school organized wrestling in the area, and there aren't the options to go get outside training like there is in the Indianapolis area. I think that as coaches we need to attempt to help that area rather than just tell them that their semi state is weaker than the rest. My only problem with some of the sectionals and regionals is I don't believe some schools are able to live up to their potential when their sectional has 4 or more ranked wrestlers because there are 4 6A schools in the sectional. I just believe there has to be a better way to allow for some of the sectionals and regionals to be a bit more spread out rather than having the gauntlets that some of these sectionals and regionals are every year. As for Faulkens I think he is right our state champ every year is the right kid who had the best 4 week run, but I think there are lots of kids who don't get to see the floor of Bankers Life that absolutely deserve to be there. I understand that nothing is perfect, but I must believe that we can do something better to benefit these athletes to have the opportunity to show their potential.
  11. Definitely helps to balance not sure how realistic some of the changes are but it takes out how strong the Mooresville regional is by splitting it up. The river area going up to New Castle would be a huge change. I think the logical change is the Hamilton County area to head north to Ft. Wayne and help strengthen that Semi State. All in all those are all some great ideas to consider still think it is crazy the distance some schools have to drive for a semi state would relocating the hosts of semi state help us do a remap?? Have a host in the North, South, East, and West could do Ft Wayne, Terre Haute, Evansville, Newcastle.
  12. Are they no longer planning to restructure sectionals?
  13. We also have Stevan Micic representing Serbia at the Olympics in Tokyo. Lots of Indiana representatives I cant wait to watched these men and women represent Indiana!
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