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  1. horseofadifferentcolor

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    The Brebeuf opening has been filled by Cory Watkins.
  2. horseofadifferentcolor

    2018 Head Coaching Changes

    Brebeuf Jesuit (Indpls) Coach Mic Roessler has stepped away.
  3. horseofadifferentcolor


    Indianapolis Cathedral
  4. horseofadifferentcolor


    Indianapolis Cathedral
  5. horseofadifferentcolor


    Warren Central
  6. horseofadifferentcolor


    Warren Central
  7. horseofadifferentcolor


    Warren Central
  8. horseofadifferentcolor


    Poke through here for New Castle SS photos: http://www.inhsphoto.com/ I know he was also shooting at the IU/Purdue dual Sunday too.
  9. horseofadifferentcolor

    Purdue vs Indiana w/ live blog

    Really enjoyed watching my first Big 10 dual in person (have watched the Big 10 network religiously since they started showing wrestling)...I echo the previous comments that I hope at least one of these two teams can arrange to schedule a dual meet each season in Indy. It would be nice to see Wisconsin or Ohio State here with their local/state flavor. Iowa sure would be nice too. I sat in the lower section and the only issues I saw with the IU asst coaches were their irritation with the clock in the second half of the meet. Seen much worse on Indiana HS sidelines (Marion County coaches/assistants...I'm looking at you!) My eight year old got a real kick out of the match, in fact expressed a real interest in getting involved for the very first time!
  10. horseofadifferentcolor

    Quick survey for all: Freshman weight, senior weight, grad year

    119 145 (weighed 154 naturally) 1988
  11. horseofadifferentcolor

    QUICK PINS for 2009-2010

    Crawfordsville 285 Dylan McBride had a :06 sec fall in sectional quarterfinal action vs. Turkey Run wrestler.
  12. horseofadifferentcolor

    Who watched high school wrestling on TV last night?

    I happened to be flipping through the channels at the right time and DVR'ed the last 90 minutes! Looking forward to watching!
  13. horseofadifferentcolor

    Deepest Overall Sectional Bracket

    I believe that is a result of his injury default in the second round of the Marion County tournament.
  14. horseofadifferentcolor

    Keiffer v. Wright

    The score of the match was 14-7. It appeared Keiffer was not accustomed to the new starting procedure as he gave up at least three points (five cautions) on starting infractions.
  15. horseofadifferentcolor

    Cathedral Super Six

    My understanding is that transportation costs played a role in at least two schools dropping the Cathedral event. Curious if other teams are facing similar pressures to find matches closer to home due to cutbacks in funding affecting transportation budgets?

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