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  1. SamDad

    Best looking coaching staff in the state

    No one can compare to this, you are all battling for second place
  2. SamDad

    Do your part to help save team state in Indiana

    How is a facebook group going to "save" team state? This looks like a 4th grader wrote it.
  3. Garrett 11 vs Yorktown 59 November 2010 119- Shuyler Phillips(Yor) pin Zach Helton 1:08 125- Chandler Carroll(Yor) pin August Novy :17 130- Dalton Baysinger(Yor) def Austun McCray 2-0 135- Brayden Moreau(Gar) def Rhett Hiestand 9-2 140- Devon Jackson(Yor) maj dec Kyle Lanning 12-2 145- Logan Lee(Gar) maj dec Jason Brown 10-0 152- Andrew Hiestand(Yor) maj dec Brett Schendel 10-2 160- Lee Hunt(Yor) pin Che Fuentes 3:44 171- Seth Edwards(Yor) pin Micheal Moore 1:52 189- Chase Edwards(Yor) def Forfeit 215- Scott Neff(Yor) pin Austin Gibson 3:13 285- Dylan Smith(Yor) pin Matt Shultz 3:11 103- Hayden Lee(Gar) maj Rudy Aquirre 14-0 112- Brock Evans(Yor) def Forfeit South Adams 45, Alexandria 30 Saturday January 16th 2010, Tri-High Super Duals 140: TJ Burnfield (SA) wbf. 145: Josh Ehr (SA) p. Marcus Carter (A) 1:01 152: Seth Edwards (A) p. Isaac Werst (SA) 3:23 160: Chase Edwards (A) p. Adam Hofstetter (SA) 5:22 171: Aaron Taylor (A) d. Nick Taylor (SA) 3-1 OT 189: Cody Conner (SA) p. Tyler Condon (A) 1:12 215: Drew Taylor (SA) p. Cameron Campbell (A) 1:16 285: Jim West (SA) p. Zac Rowland (A) :28 103: Nick Nasselrod (A) wbf. 112: Luke Blanton (A) p. LJ Moser (SA) 3:09 119: John Striker (SA) p. Levi Lanning (A) :56 125: Todd Batt (SA) p. Lincoln Kyle (A) 5:59 130: Gabe Sprunger (SA) d. Eli Walker (A) 8-7 135: Jon Blanton (A) d. Charlie Hirschy (SA) 9-7 Just looking over some results from this past weekend and a couple names jumped out to me. Could someone help me out here? Thanks a bunch.
  4. SamDad

    Another Transfer?

    I was looking at the IndianaMat.com tournament listing and it has Travis Barquillo of Prarie Heights listed as from Carroll. He would make for quite a three headed monster at Carroll with the Lafevers.
  5. SamDad

    Hyway State Results

    Wow Travis Barroquillo got beat by a regional qualifier.
  6. SamDad

    How good nationally is Mishawaka?

    We can also agree that both will be getting recruiting letters this spring to come to Mishawkaa.
  7. SamDad

    Best wrestler never to get to State...

    Andy More from Columbia City He beat Warsaw stud Aaron Wilson during his senior year
  8. SamDad

    Reasons for a class system for team state

    I am not in the business of outting people. PM me and I might tell ya or not.
  9. SamDad

    Scholastic Duals Team

    I would like to see the lineup, this teamcould be impressive
  10. SamDad

    Reasons for a class system for team state

    He is just ashamed to be associated with a program that is not a powerhouse andymore.
  11. SamDad

    Reasons for a class system for team state

    Now I know why you have so many boo's, you are a complete and utter moron. Sectionals are not easier, most of the time winning one match would qualify you for regional and sometimes you just had to weigh in in the old system. Now you have to win at least two matches. Regional is only "easier" because they added the fourth qualifier. In the old system you had to go 2-1 on the day, now you can go 1-2. Not 1-1 like you are trying to claim. I would like to see the numbers at the ss, since your math is not very good. I trust your math as much as I trust my best friend with my wife and that ain't much trust buddy.
  12. SamDad

    Reasons for a class system for team state

    Again you are an idiot, it is not easier to get out. In the previous format there were 4-6 teams in each sectional with 64 sectionals with the top 2 advancing. Now they have 8 to 12 teams with 32 sectionals and the top 4 getting out. I attended the New Castle ss last year and this year and noticed more fans, not sure about the other ss's.
  13. SamDad

    Reasons for a class system for team state

    Hey idiot, there were ZERO wrestlers added to regional. I am curious of how your math figured 768 wrestlers were added to regional when there are the same number of regionals with the same number of wrestlers in each regional.
  14. Post your favorites! Here are a few of mine. This is per my wrestlers when I asked who their coach for Fargo was, one said...the one that looks like Al Borland Jake Harreld- Fishers and Home Improvement's Al Borland Jim Pickard- Goshen and Pittsburg head football coach Dave Wandstadt Former Mater Dei coach Mike Goebel and Tom Selleck Sadly Goebel has shave the stache, bring it back please! Not a coach, but a great one Former state champ Brennan Cosgrove and Dewey from Malcolm in the Middle Jimtown Coach Mark Kernn and Finley from the WWE Official Greg Moe and Mr. Clean

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