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  1. Coach Hull

    Major Off Season Events Left

    Indiana Pride is taking 20+ athletes to the U.S. Open in Las Vegas, from youth to the Senior level athletes, looking to repeat on a pretty good showing we had last year. Just because you don't hear us doesn't mean we arent making noise Best wishes to all the Indiana wrestlers over the next few months.
  2. Coach Hull

    Notable results and upsets regional edition

    Eli Stock from Monrovia last year was unranked I believe and rolled through the state to claim a title, including beating #1 at Sectionals.
  3. Coach Hull

    Year round wrestling hurting the sport?

    No one deserves anything but you have to earn it. Wrestling, just like with everything else, has evolved. There are plenty examples of multi-sports athletes who do well in wrestling....but it's all relative. Usually these are football players and heavier weights where there is less technique needed than at the lighter weights, but in measuring yourself against the top wrestlers in the country year-round training is essential. I could delve even further into this yearly training about effectiveness versus efficiency, but that's another topic. Either way, the top scholastic programs in the state and country wrestle year-round and on the surface academies typically help those from programs who do not have these opportunities. There are pros and cons with almost anything we do, or not do, and it could be argued the same here. Yes, year round training can be detrimental, but it largely depends on the training and programming they are receiving - from school or academy. On the other hand if the programming is correct, year-round training or specialization is essential. Men lie and women lie, but numbers don't. If you truly want to give your kid the best advantage in this sport, understand at some point they will have to specialize. When depends on a variety of factors, but where they do means much more. Hopefully their school has a great program but if not then there are a handful of academies around the state that can supply the demand. If you don't have an opportunity for either, your best bet is to participate at as many RTCs as possible.
  4. What would/could this look like? Particularly in the summer months after ISWA Freestyle & Greco State in May, June, July and August. Im assuming a combination of open tournaments, summer duals, league, all three style etc.? Is there a demand? Is there a supply? What type of movement or culture shift could/would we create? Are there any other states with something similar? Random thoughts welcomed.....
  5. Coach Hull

    Trophy Chasing

    Thanks for the insight. I do understand what you are saying in that the kids on our teams are from the community and can be used to fill other teams who have forfeits. I get it. For example, at Perry this past weekend Indiana Pride had over 20 members wrestling for their club teams rather than us and that is both expected and ok. Fortunately we never wrestled against them but many/most of our kids wrestle for their community schools already. Our issue however is we have a select group of kids/parents who don't want to wrestle for another team and in some cases can't because their community does not have a team. I get the concept of sending some of those kids to other schools/teams to fill their roster, but that is not what these parents want or pay us for. They bring them to us so their kids can get better, have access to higher quality training, and because of the coaching they receive with us. Simply put, they want them under our banner with us in their corner. We can always stick with the individual tournaments but the dual team concept is something my parents have shown interest in, which is why I posted in the first place. I am all for community schools filling their rosters and having great tournaments, but there is a small niche of kids and parents who want more/better opportunities for their athletes to advance in this sport and these academies fill that void. When I first started IPWA it was to provide Indiana athletes of all ages another opportunity to maximize their potential and our results have been fortunate enough to speak for themselves. RWA, Contenders, Outlawz, etc. are in the same boat. I do not want to take up the torch of leadership for this cause because I have other responsibilities for Indiana wrestling, but I do wish these academies could compete against each other so our "other" kids can have that opportunity as well. However, if the academies were allowed to compete in a dual state tournament in a separate division and only two groups signed up, lol, then I will digress. Again, I am just now getting involved in Indiana youth wrestling and I do not want to overstep my bounds or step on anyone's toes. I appreciate the follow-up and and of course the platform this message board provides for us to bounce ideas around and sharpen each other....all in the name of Indiana wrestling.
  6. Coach Hull

    Trophy Chasing

    I'd like to see an All-Star/Academy division for the elementary state dual tournament, separate from that of the school clubs. At Indiana Pride, we would not be able to compete in the state duals under the current format because we would be considered an "all-star" team, but I would like to see an opportunity for our kids to still compete in a state dual tournament. Essentially an RWA vs. MCWA vs. Contneders vs. Outlaws vs. CIA vs. Red Cobra vs. IPWA vs. whomever. We are just starting our youth program and are well behinds some of these programs currently, but we have kids who's school does not offer a club and therefor they wrestle and train with us. In an effort to give them the same opportunities as other kids their ages I think this would be beneficial. Regarding more parity for the big vs. small schools conversation, that is over my head as I know enough to know I don't anything at all. We are just now getting into this arena but I do think it's awesome that so many youth programs, coaches and kids are participating in wrestling at this age either way. As one of Team Indiana's Cadet and Junior coaches, these kids will soon be representing Indiana on the national stage and I will be working with many of them in some capacity. With that said, I commend all of the ambassadors of our sport working to maximize our state's potential. Coach Brewer and everyone, thanks again and keep up the good work!
  7. This weekend is gearing up to be one of the best collegiate tournaments of the year. Any Indiana athletes competing that we should look out for? I know each team is only allowed to bring 10 guys. Live on Flo....
  8. We have officially entered the fray! IPWA, one of Indiana's premier wrestling academies, is putting together dual teams this season and will be competing locally, regionally and nationally at various tournaments. Our college and high school rooms have a reputation for training some of the top athletes in the state and country, and now we are moving to taking this world-class instruction to the front lines with the Elementary and Middle School programs. We have several dual meets scheduled and are stacked at various weights, but we also have some openings as many of our members wrestle for their school clubs. Currently, we are specifically looking to fill our elementary open weights 90 - 130. If you have an elementary or middle school wrestler interested in training with some of the state's best and getting some more matches in outside or during their respective school/club/season, please contact me at coachnhull@gmail.com on how your athlete can get involved! For more information on IPWA please visit us at www.indianaprideacademy.com
  9. North Idaho is ranked #1 in NJCAA Rankings and Wilson comes in ranked #8 in the country. Should be moving up sooner than later, recently won Northwest Open defeating University of Wyoming's PT Garcia (3x colorado state champ, Fargo runner-up, national wrestler of the year) in finals 3-2.
  10. Coach Hull

    K-8 Training Opportunity

    Indiana Parents and Coaches: Indiana Pride Wrestling Academy (IPWA) is proud to provide central-Indiana K-8 athletes a chance to train at one of the country's premier up-and-coming wrestling programs! We provide an elite coaching staff including myself (2014 USAW National Developmental Coach of the Year), Shane Perkey (4x collegiate All-American, former collegiate coach), Indiana HOF Steven Bradley (undefeated 3x State Champion, former college head coach), Indiana HOF Katie Downing (3x World Medalist, PH Asst. Coach), and Mark Friend (3x Fargo All-American, Penn State University) - all playing a part with your child's development! Our room is filled with young, competitive athletes looking to get better and we cover all levels of wrestling, from beginners to triple crown winners. We are very excited about our direction and are looking to grow with you! We offer year-round training in all styles, including Folkstyle, Freestyle and Greco-Roman, utilize USAW Core Curriculum, and provide a heavy emphasis on mental preparation and performance. We understand your athlete(s) may already have a primary club or may be involved with other sports, which is why our membership is only $50 per month! Our results are worth much, much more, but we want to give everyone in central-Indiana a chance to receive elite supplemental training without breaking your wallet. We do this for Indiana. Currently, we are in the process of upgrading our training facility, getting new gear, and building our youth teams to travel for national competition. Space is limited but our goal is to create Indiana wrestlers with perfect technique, higher expectations, and a hunger to get better - all in a safe and enjoyable atmosphere. Private instructions are also available and ensure your athlete receives hands on guidance to maximize their potential as fast as possible. Please visit us at www.indianaprideacademy.com for more information or contact me at the information below. Don't miss out on this excellent opportunity! Best Regards, Nick Hull Indiana Pride Wrestling Academy coachnhull@gmail.com
  11. Coach Hull

    Looking for a team to wrestle with

    Also, be sure to check out IPWA. Stop in for a session before you make your mind up. www.indianaprideacademy.com
  12. We are proud to announce the opening of Indiana Pride Wrestling Academy's (IPWA) new 2013-2014 K-8 Program! Classes start November 5th in Indianapolis and culminate with the ISWA State Tournament in May 2014. We have several of Indiana's up-and-coming girls/women who have had national success and are looking to take it to the next level. Indiana Pride, fueled by the spirit of Indiana's success on a national and international level, started in 2012 to provide year-round training for the most dedicated wrestlers and parents in central-Indiana looking to excel. Whether you are looking for a primary location for your child's training, or are already a member of a club but looking for that extra edge, IPWA may be for you! We all know there are a lot of good wrestling clubs across Indiana, but very few academies that focus on year-round training. Even with those yearly academies, there are even fewer that actually produce the results we do - as fast as we do! We successfully train wrestlers at all levels, whether entering college, competing for a national or state championship, or stepping on the mat for the first time. With our immediate and growing success, we feel there simply is no other organization in Indiana that can match what we provide. Not only do we offer year-round training (primary or supplemental), we utilize USAW Core & Advanced Curriculum, world-class coaching, higher expectations, and a fun and competitive room! Your wrestler will not only be taught how to excel technically, but our proven philosophy is sure to give your child the edge needed to find success at the highest of levels in the shortest amount of time possible. By joining Indiana Pride, your child also has the option of FREE and immediate access to our weekly MMA classes, thanks to our partner Indy Boxing & Grappling, which includes world class Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and Kickboxing, ON TOP of the elite Wrestling training! Our MMA training is both safe and second to none, with current members in the UFC, former UFC champions in attendance regularly, and successful UFC coaches running the program daily. We are also extremely happy to welcome 1972 Olympic Boxing Gold Medalist, Sugar Ray Seales, to the boxing coaching staff full-time! Should you choose to take advantage of this additional opportunity, your child's boxing training could not be in better hands than an Olympic Champion who's charisma, energy and past success is unrivaled in Indiana for your child's development. We offer all of these services and the chance to become a member of Indiana's hottest wrestling organization for only $50 per month! That's right - fifty dollars per month! Practices will be Tuesdays and Thursdays from 630 pm - 815 pm, with an optional day on Wednesday from 630 p - 815 p. Membership also includes access to strength and conditioning, philosophical development, video analysis, fine tune troubleshooting, live and situation wrestling, guest clinicians, women's wrestling, Freestyle/Greco-Roman/Folkstyle, and most importantly results! It is completely understood if you have multiple options for your child's training, as the bond between coaches, wrestlers and their families can run deep. However, whether you are unsatisfied with your child's progress or simply want to give them every opportunity to succeed, I would implore you to give us a try! Membership is limited to the first 60 wrestlers this year and classes are filling up before our first session on November 5th. Also, if you know of anyone else that may be interested, we have family discounts and referral packages for added benefits. At $50 per month, and with what we offer, even coming part-time will only give your wrestler that extra edge! For more information please do not hesitate visiting us at www.indianaprideacademy.com to sign your child up for one of central-Indiana's premier wrestling academy!
  13. Coach Hull

    Cathedral Six Way 1-15-11

    Not sure on individual results but, in regards to Arlington (as if anyone cares), we went 0-5 on the day. The kids looked much better, although far from elite, but they showed signs of progress. Granted, we only competed with 7 kids, but individually everyone made strides to attempt, or stop, something they hadn't in past matches. This entire year was a wash from the beginning but I was relatively proud of our kids. If it weren't for grades we would have brought an entire team, so we are working dilligently to change that culture within our program. When at full strength, we won't neceessarily beat the elite but we would be able to compete with teams somewhere in the middle of the pack - which is a far cry from years past. I was definitely impressed with the Venezia/Campbell match the most as both kids have a hard nose and wrestle for 6 minutes. Great job teams and thanks to Mr. Fox and Coach McGinley for hosting another great tournament! The hospitality room doesn't hurt either, especially when you are sharing it with some of the best looking coaches in the state!
  14. Coach Hull

    Cathedral Six Way 1-15-11

    Cathedral New Castle Connersville Pike Central New Haven Arlington
  15. Coach Hull

    Favorite Move To Hit When Theres Less Than 10sec In A Match?????????

    Fun thread! If down by 1 or 2 points: Whatever it takes. Typically this doesn't mean a specific move but more so a combination of moves, combined with relentless pressure, and of course the main ingredient: heart. The idea, and what I'm trying to get our guys to understand, is to finish in this manner even when you are winning. If down by 3+: The Super XJ9000 Sub-Atomic Gamma Ray Flux, or better known as the S.X.J.S.A.G.R.F for short. Just kidding. It's always interesting hearing people's names for certain moves so I had to put that out there. I say see above but make sure you put them on their back.

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