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  1. Indiana Pride is taking 20+ athletes to the U.S. Open in Las Vegas, from youth to the Senior level athletes, looking to repeat on a pretty good showing we had last year. Just because you don't hear us doesn't mean we arent making noise Best wishes to all the Indiana wrestlers over the next few months.
  2. Eli Stock from Monrovia last year was unranked I believe and rolled through the state to claim a title, including beating #1 at Sectionals.
  3. No one deserves anything but you have to earn it. Wrestling, just like with everything else, has evolved. There are plenty examples of multi-sports athletes who do well in wrestling....but it's all relative. Usually these are football players and heavier weights where there is less technique needed than at the lighter weights, but in measuring yourself against the top wrestlers in the country year-round training is essential. I could delve even further into this yearly training about effectiveness versus efficiency, but that's another topic. Either way, the top scholastic programs in the state and country wrestle year-round and on the surface academies typically help those from programs who do not have these opportunities. There are pros and cons with almost anything we do, or not do, and it could be argued the same here. Yes, year round training can be detrimental, but it largely depends on the training and programming they are receiving - from school or academy. On the other hand if the programming is correct, year-round training or specialization is essential. Men lie and women lie, but numbers don't. If you truly want to give your kid the best advantage in this sport, understand at some point they will have to specialize. When depends on a variety of factors, but where they do means much more. Hopefully their school has a great program but if not then there are a handful of academies around the state that can supply the demand. If you don't have an opportunity for either, your best bet is to participate at as many RTCs as possible.
  4. We are getting close and still have a few opening available for one of the toughest tournaments in the country in the 2017 Junior National Dual Championships. The event will be held in Tulsa, OK on June 20-24 and feature GUARANTEED matches against the best of the best State Champions, All-Americans, National Champions and even World Team Members from over 40 states. Indiana is taking a Gold and Blue team with alternates at every weight intended to compete and develop. Undefeated wrestlers earn a spot on the All-Junior Team, which counts towards your national ranking. It is a great precursor to Fargo and there are over 100 college programs in attendance coaching and scouting. Indiana's current team already has more seeding points than in the past decade as we are gearing up to make a statement, but because of two teams and alternates we still have a few openings @ 100, 113, 120, 126, 132, 152, 160, 182, 195. First come first serve. If you are interested please contact anyone on staff below. The cost is $550 which is due at registration or no later than bus departure. Nick Hull (Team Leader), 317-800-5369 or coachnhull@gmail.com, Keith Davison (Head Coach, Chesterton), 219-617-0034 or keith.davison@ampf.com, Steven Bradley (Head Coach, Marian University), 317-362-4496 or stevenbradley363@gmail.com, or Andy Nicola (Head Coach, Concordia University), 260-312-4378 or andrew.nicola@cune.edu National Team Camp @ Lawrence North Saturday June 10th 2017 12:00 – 1:30 pm Check-in & Registration 2:00– 4:00 pm Session I 5:00 – 6:00 pm Dinner 6:30 - 8:00 pm Session II 8:30 – 11:00 pm Movie & Recreation 11:00 pm Lights Out Sunday, June 11th 2017 8:00 – 9:00 am Breakfast 9:30 – 11:00 am Session III 12:00 – 1:00 pm Lunch 2:00 – 4:00 pm Session IV 5:00 – 6:00 pm Dinner 7:30 – 9:00 pm Session V / Juniors dismissed from Camp following Session V 9:00 – 11:00 pm Movie & Recreation 11:00 pm Lights Out Monday, June 12th 2017 8:00 – 9:00 am Breakfast 9:30 – 11:00 am Session VI 1:00 pm Pack/Cadets Depart for York, PA IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN SENDING YOUR WRESTLER, PLEASE CONTACT ONE OF THE STAFF MEMBERS FOR MORE INFORMATION. FIRST COME FIRST SERVE! LET'S GET IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Apologies from IPWA. Going through some advances for Indiana. Please register for another local tournament to get your matches in......and be sure to watch the US Open tomorrow to our Indiana athletes representing!
  6. Exciting new changes on the way for Indiana. Stay tuned...
  7. What would/could this look like? Particularly in the summer months after ISWA Freestyle & Greco State in May, June, July and August. Im assuming a combination of open tournaments, summer duals, league, all three style etc.? Is there a demand? Is there a supply? What type of movement or culture shift could/would we create? Are there any other states with something similar? Random thoughts welcomed.....
  8. Oh wow. Havent seen this for 20 years.
  9. It's about to go down!!! Below is the first round of Indiana wrestlers who have verbally committed to the Indiana National Junior Dual Team to compete at the 2017 Junior National Dual Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 20 - 24. This event features guaranteed matches against the best of the best athletes in the country, from State Champs, All Americans, National Champions, and even World Champions. Last year there were over 50 college coaches scouting, recruiting and coaching. It is an awesome experience to say the least. Because of the grind against this elite level of competition, we take a GOLD and BLUE team, both with alternates. The GOLD team is hand selected by an ISWA committee based around tournament seeding criteria, and the BLUE team is filled by the results of the ISWA F/G State Finals starting with the State Champ. My goal is to have this GOLD team buttoned up by the end of this IHSAA state weekend, meaning filling up the remaining spots for the Selection Committee. Current interests: 106 - Jake Moran 113 - Brayden Curtis 120 - Braydan Littell 126 - Asa Garcia, Ty Mills 132 - Jeremiah Reitz, Breydan Bailey 138 - Brendan Black, Zach Melloh 145 - Kris Rumph 152 - Joe Lee 160 - Alston Bane 170 - 182 - Lucas Davison 195 - Andrew Davison 220 - Mason Parris 285 - Wrestlers, this lineup is subject to change. I have been in contact with all of you and will follow up this weekend, along with our guys from last year - I havent forgotten. Parents and coaches,we have our eyes on a few more guys so this will team fill up fast. If you are interested or want more information you can find me floating around this weekend, or you can text me at 317.800.5369 or email at coachnhull@gmail.com. Best wishes this weekend Indiana and look forward to a great summer! Nick Hull Team Leader Indiana Junior National Dual Team
  10. If you are interested in becoming a 2017 USAW/ISWA Regional Training Center, please email me your interest and I will send you the 2017 application. Some of the qualifications to be considered are you must train in the international styles only, be a USAW club, take weekly attendance and be committed to Indiana's development statewide in the Olympic spirit. RTC season spans from February 27th and tapers off by July 7th, right before Kids Nationals and Fargo. This year we are increasing our network of local and national clinicians, providing more support to individual sites, reintroducing Team Indiana RTCs on Sundays for men and women, are opening up attendance to Schoolboys now as well, and will be having a RTC Dual Tournament on April 22nd in Indianapolis which will also feature area youth freestyle/greco duals. Best wishes the rest of the IHSAA season and we look forward to a great spring and summer for Indiana wrestling! Nick Hull coachnhull@gmail.com
  11. What are we talking about here? What list?
  12. Additional Coverage by Flo... Top 8 Teams - See what all the fuss is about. Day 1 Junior Dual Upsets Greatest Junior Dual Team of All Time Top 10 Star-Studded Matches Minnesota's Stacked Roster Oklahoma Looking to 3 Peat Multiple State Champs Lead Iowa New Jersey Preview California Brings the Heat If you take the time to visit these links you will see the sense of urgency to keep Indiana relevant, not just at this event but overall. Again, Disney is not really the issue, especially this year because it at least was the week before Junior Duals for me although it did hinder the Cadets. Juniors had kids who even went to Disney, got back on Sunday, and turned around and caught the Dual bus at 7 a.m. Monday morning. It can be done. The issue is our investment in Folkstyle versus the lack of investment in Freestyle and Greco....during the Freestyle and Greco season...which is the summer....because that is what the best in the country focus on. Indiana's same kid who went out to Disney this year went 10-3 but comes to Junior Duals and goes a tough/ugly 4-10. Use your imagination on where this disparity comes from, but it is not because he didn't wrestle his hardest. From my angle, this ties directly into the two tournament qualifier and forfeits as well. Let's say there isn't a qualifier. Having kids train, wrestle and compete in Folkstyle all summer, both locally and nationally, only to show up to Freestyle & Greco state, wrestle it for the first time, even win, then go back to investing in Folkstyle for more camps and national tournaments, and then expect to go to Fargo and win......massively defeats the purpose. The two qualifier rule isn't the problem. That's not even enough tournaments to learn much anyway. Neither is making an RTC once a week or crash course camps IF they even do that. Would you have your kids train F/G throughout the high school season, let them compete in a few Scholastic tournaments on the weekends, and expect them to win IHSAA state? The problem is we are investing in the wrong thing at the wrong time, which is also where the forfeits come from. There were probably 500 Indiana kids wrestling somewhere (Disney, Wabash, ISI, etc) but we have forfeits on 3 national teams at every level? We do need kids to fill these spots, but capable kids are a little bit better. It's the same problem I have with counting national Folkstyle tournaments as qualifiers: it's not Freestyle & Greco so it simply doesn't qualify, however big and/or grand it is. I'm up to count going to X amount of RTCs as a qualifier, especially as that program continues to develop, but this doesn't fix the root problem. I'm not saying these events are bad, I'm saying we don't invest in what the best in the country invest in and that's why we aren't one of the best right now. Do we have the ability to be? Sure, but numbers and results don't lie. It's like we almost need to be flipped upside down as a state, where starting in March everyone in the state from kids to high schoolers should train Freestyle and Greco only, go to as many local individual and dual F/G tourneys as possible, go to F/G state, go to as many USAW Regionals as possible, and cap off the season in July with the Kids F/G Nationals in Wisconsin and Fargo. Kids want to go to national Fokstyle tournaments throughout the summer? Fine. Have at it. But Monday through Friday we are training F/G. For real. Of course this is just a daydream, but either way we all need to invest more in the Olympic styles, even to be a better Folkstyle State. Staying on topic of the Duals, alllllllll of those college coaches were there primarily following and scouting the good teams. It goes hand-in-hand. I know Folkstyle isn't going anywhere, and I don't want it to, but most people forget it isn't going anywhere. We hang onto it like we will forget how to wrestle all together if we stop training in it from March through July, and that is just not the case even for beginner wrestlers. It again is a comfort thing and again it starts with the coaches. Cost for this trip definitely is an issue that we are looking to firmly address. There are a variety of ways to make it cheaper, and it can be done, so it's just a matter of figuring out how to do it within and possibly outside of the system that is in place. I'm not a big dog and all of our trips need to be cheaper, but I definitely am focused on making this specific trip more affordable. $300 is my goal. That's a big jump. I feel though with less forfeits and higher numbers being budgeted, along with securing a few corporate sponsors for this trip, we may be able to get close but that's what I'm shooting for.
  13. This may or may not be the official report but just some thoughts I took away from the event.... This was the first time we took two teams in I don't how many years. Granted, it wasn't filled and our best weren't there, but being able to even ENTER two teams is a big step in the right direction for Indiana. Georgia was our equivalent this year regarding teams and numbers. I saw above about how we had a 7 man team, where 8 was the requirement, and that was a special privilege they gave to us because we had some guys get injured who couldn't compete before weigh-ins. They also, similar to some other national duals this year, created a pool for some of the smaller teams to get additional matches so it worked out for everyone. I had the choice to put everyone on one team, but then there would have been several weights with too many guys and kids would have walked away with only a couple of matches, so I just kept the second team. On the other hand, If our best guys were there, or even more guys were there, or even the guys who committed that backed out (valid or invalid) were there, this would not have been an issue. Still, taking two teams is a step in the right direction for Indiana for sure. Ohio beats Illinois in the Freestyle Finals. This was bittersweet to me personally. Sweet because Ohio won and I believe our best top to bottom can roll with Ohio. Bitter because here we are at the national dual tournament and our neighboring states were in the finals facing each other, and good ol' Indiana stuck right in the middle was not even close. Major difference? Loaded question, but the simple answer is the vast majority of their best kids came. Ohio beat New Jersey, who were loaded themselves, in the semi-finals in a last match nail-biter and were able to get on an early roll over Illinois in the finals. Illinois was missing a few studs and it showed, but still handled their business as usual. Having these teams in the finals only emboldened our kids even more to come back and roll harder. They took it a little personal....as they should. Indiana Greco. The same thing holds true in Freestyle, but it is more prominent in Greco: forfeits kill us. We aren't well versed in Greco as a state (problem) but with a full line-up we would have surely done better than 23rd. Still, we had less forfeits than past years and our finish showed as we placed higher than in past years. I remember one year not too long ago we placed 32 out of 33 in Greco. Several guys stepped up to get into the greco line-up, some guys even bumping up, primarily for the 4 pound allowance and because we needed it. The guys that didn't get in on the greco wish they would have because it looked fun, for the allowance, and because the alternates made it less of a grind. Yes, we were lacking fundamental Greco basics which needs to be addressed as a state, but simply filling a full greco team is first and foremost. Indiana Freestyle. IF IF IF we had alllllllll (pause) alllllllllll of our best guys we genuinely would have had a shot to win it, or at least All-American, but we didn't so we had to play the hand we are dealt. On a positive note, every kid who went wrestled their hardest and wrestled tough. Every wrestler who went learned what they need to do to get better. It is easy to keep doing the same thing when you're winning conference titles in Indiana, but when we get exposed against the best of the best in the country it definitely humbles the best of us. Technically, we still can't stop a gut consistently, aren't on the level for consistent 4 point moves, or able to gut ourselves, we still mostly shoot with our head down and stop (folkstyle), along with several other issues Folkstyle does not penalize us for - but being able to point out these habits to our kids will benefit them greatly as they make the adjustments and will be that much stronger for the H.S. season. Alternates are necessary. I know some folks, parents and kids questioned in the past why we would take alternates but again, if anyone saw every match, let alone be in the atmosphere, this tournament is a GRIND!!! It's tough enough to go lose once or twice being suplexed on your head, but losing time and time again, and STILL having to go out there expected to perform at a maximum level is extremely challenging for most of our kids physically and mentally. Alternates help us stay fresh, healthy and safe, which is necessary because of the truly high-quality competition and overall length of this tournament. Again, going greco and freestyle for 4 days straight against this level is something the majority of Indiana kids aren't used to. Coaching Staff. Shout out to Coach Bradley (Marian University), Travis Pascoe (Indiana University), Ben Wissel (Duke University) and Coach Myers (Hamilton Heights) for investing in this team. Having them on the staff helps the kids not only get more exposure to college coaches, but when they are all saying a lot of the same thing in regards to what we need to do to better perform against this level of competition, it rings a little bit louder in the kid's ears. My goal is to keep this same group together at least for another year or two, and possibly bring in a few more elite level coaches to help fill the team, push the privilege, and sell the exposure of this event for our kids. On another note, I spoke with and interviewed Andrew Howe, who helped coach Illinois, along with several other coaches I know/saw from Michigan, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Purdue, Minnesota, etc. and about a dozen D2, D3, NAIA and Juco programs about their thoughts of Indiana. BIG shout out to Coach Tom Erikson too who came to support. This legend in USAW and Oklahoma for that matter, was the previous Team Leader before spearheading Lyon University, came and sat at almost every single dual to watch and support our kids. I find this significant because he could have been wandering around recruiting like the other college coaches who weren't currently coaching a state team, but instead chose continue his support of Indiana - essentially in his home state! That's love...as well as the #22pushupchallenge he did with the team was pretty cool. Parents. Parents. Parents. Awesome, without a doubt, and absolutely necessary. The Brady's came out and even bought a cooler and stocked it with supplies, food, drinks, etc. Coach Bane of Richmond came out and supported Alston and the rest of the team, which was great to have his presence and even demeanor out there. Indiana native stud Alex Warren made the trip to support Christian and the team as well, which was cool as he wrestled at this event in the past. Mama Mappes, bless her heart, was the sweetest thing and rooted on all the boys. The Barclay's were off in the cut too and having them there only helped further strengthen our presence. I realized that if we are gonna do this, better organization and preparation on my side is gonna be needed with the parents. I realized it too late but if a parent volunteered (work the camera or clock for the team) then they could get in free. Their help was never needed so they got the chance to basically get in free. But after tasting this parental support this year, it isn't going anywhere and is only going to amp up. Great Team Experience. These dudes were fried. From the knuckleheads to the silent assassins, it's always fun getting guys together from across the state, different regions, schools, personalities, etc. The interaction between successes is invaluable. The more successful kids directly and indirectly raise the expectations of the newer kids who haven't necessarily had that success, and this just feeds the cycle of building the culture and ultimately Indiana's success and reputation. The higher Indiana's success and reputation at this level, the more colleges will recruit Indiana kids. This trip with Indiana's "best" has just as much team camaraderie as any other trip and it is also a big component for Indiana's culture. It was stated earlier about Indiana's best kids pulling the other best kids to help fill this team, and they are absolutely correct. Only having a few seniors was tough but it allowed our Juniors and younger guys (many of which will be among Indiana's top guys next year) to bond, take this event personal, and amp up to spread the word and come back next year with a vengeance. Venue. From my understanding, this tournament may be up for bid? I heard something about a two year-cycle. Wouldn't it be awesome if the USAW Junior National Dual Championships were held here in Indiana? I think about how much easier it would be to get Indiana's best from a quality, quantity and financial standpoint, give Indiana fans, coaches and wrestlers a chance to see this level up close and personal, more top flight coaches stepping on Indiana soil, etc. There are a lot of possibilities. On the other hand, the Schoolboys are here and I think we had forfeits on that team as well? It would take a lot of work to pull this off and that is a major commitment for the ISWA, although it could be done. Either way, the location could ultimately affect the cost of this trip for us and possibly who and how many we take. Oklahoma gets it mostly because they want it and prepared to do it, from multiple cities inside the state, but there are some other states who will end up bidding for it. I'll keep an eye on it. Team Leader. I am personally looking to lock guys in by IHSAA state for the Gold Team, push more kids to train F/G and participate at Freestyle State for the Blue Team, utilizing more recruiting avenues, providing better training opportunities throughout the summer with the RTCs, getting team sponsors to make it cheaper for kids, working closer with coaches to fill the team, being a little stricter with the selection process, etc. are just a few of the things I will take a look at to have a better showing out here. Although I don't think we could do it, but I wouldn't even be opposed to giving the guys who made this trip first right of refusal for next year's team just to insure this year becomes at least par. Either way, it should take a collective effort. Trust, however, that in no way are we satisfied with these results even remotely. The kids who went are not either. We will make the proper adjustments and come back bigger and better next year. Given the opportunity, my ultimate goal is to help Indiana win the Team National Championship and/or all-American three years in a row. Conclusion. In Freestyle, Indiana Gold placed 22nd and Indiana Blue placed 38th out of 39 teams. Indiana Greco placed 23rd out of 34 teams. We have several wrestlers who made the All-Dual Team and even more who beat some national ranked guys, multiple time state champions, etc. It was fun and every single person got better. Still, we need to get all of our best guys. We need to get more guys on the team. It needs to be cheaper. We need to be better prepared. Those 4 areas ultimately requires a culture shift for the state as a whole, as an organization, as coaches, parents, individual wrestlers, and getting outside of one's comfort zone is never easy. But, then again, nothing epic ever happens in the comfort zone. Regardless, Indiana should be proud of these boys.
  14. Great job Indiana wrestlers for going out and representing! Definitely a TEAM oriented event...and although it's business it does involve some vacation. Nothing wrong with that and no fault of anyone's. Again, I do not doubt it is some tough competition at Disney, kids get better, the team bonds, and there is some fun in the sun involved. That is what the trip is for. I wanted to know of the nationally ranked kids who were out there and the college coaches in attendance. That was all. No offense should be taken but I understand any resentment. I don't have time to research the numbers and I assumed as much zeal and awesomeness this event brings that someone could spit some info out. I guess it's because Hull asked and that's fine. But since we are going here..... As a coach, you can't take your high school team to the Cadet or Junior Duals. If you could, I'm CERTAIN most Indiana teams at Disney would be competing in PA or OK. I know Coach Harper would LOVE to take Penn, Coach Schoettle and Coach Tonte would as well. I saw Coach Blevins had several of his kids at UWW Cadets (which was awesome by the way) so Avon is on its way. A coach's dedication is to their high school programs. The job is to get their team and kids better, both on and off the mat, and win (sometimes not in that order). Some coaches have more success than others although there is a lot that plays into that: qualification, vision, dedication, support, school culture, size, parental involvement, resources, timing, etc. But one of the KEY ingredients in going after a team state championship is team camaraderie. Sure, wrestling is an individual sport, but having a tight team bond can move mountains. Winning is a spirit and the passion and excitement created from the bench is necessary to win. It truly is something special. Disney is a PRIME opportunity and event to build that camaraderie and is a life changing experience for many. I get it. My issue: Indiana can go down in flames but for most coaches as long as we win conference it's all good (sarcasm). Indiana isn't our problem. It's not our obligation. At Disney if our All-Star wrestler, most times the team leader, isn't there with us then we clearly won't do as well and can ultimately affect the team bond when season starts. I get that too. I propose coaches look at it differently. (I know I'm nobody) On the other hand, what if that team leader of yours got an opportunity to represent Indiana at the USAW national All-Star meet? With an OPPORTUNITY to not only get higher quality matches, not only get a chance to become nationally ranked or move up those rankings, not only get seen by more college coaches, not only get seen by more elite college programs, not only bring more notoriety to your school (especially when you start shelling them out), not only gets better than better individually, not only comes back with more confidence because of it, not only are their expectations raised and vision emboldened, which not only spreads throughout the team, which not only raises their expectations and hopes as well - but he gets a chance to help Indiana @@#$#%^(& win! Our expectations are just too low, as wrestlers and coaches. If you truly want to be the best, being the best in the state shouldn't be good enough. You're selling yourself short. Aim for the stars and at least you'll hit the clouds. Where are the stars in our sport? Fortunately we get a chance to catch a glimpse of them this year. They normally come around every 4 years and this year they're in August. Imagine for a split second if everyone in your room were programmed/training/wanting/dedicated to win the Olympics. Olympics too scary? Okay, how about national champion? That's better. What type of athlete and mindset does that take? What steps does that take or path does that follow? I haven't done it but I can study those individuals and programs who have done it before. IF you had a room full of kids bought into a national title, you think winning state will be an issue? No, it's how many state titles can/do/will you win. However, most Indiana coaches are only focused (or capped) on the state, and that's why we get state placers and semi-state qualifiers (hopefully). No different when competing. If my hope is to make it to state, chances are I end up a semi-state qualifier. If I am focused on winning it on the other hand, then chances are I will at least place and probably high. Aim for the stars and at least you'll hit the clouds. Ok, so you opt in. How do you do it? Right now, send your kids to Fargo if you can. Going to Grand River instead, or somewhere else? Good job, keep wrestling because Freestyle and Greco season are over anyway. Summer workouts, strength and conditioning? Awesome. Now throw an Olympic wrestling party the night Burroughs is going for the gold. Start pushing your kids now. Plant and water those seeds to watch the Olympic wrestling event in August. Print out a schedule when you find it of what days and times it's on TV. Pass it out to your kids, put it on your Facebook page, tweet it, whatever. Just push watching it. That's the first step and it's perfect timing, Rio. Now go about your business, train for the Indianamat Hoosier Pre-Season Open (plug for you Y2), but as the season approaches start collecting and hanging posters and information of World and Olympic Champions, USAW posters, etc. to get your room ready. Every wrestling room in Indiana should have an Olympic flag hanging up and you won't even have to say another word about it if you don't want. Your kids will take note, and so will you. Now, and here is the tricky part, once ISWA Folkstyle State is over, start training Freestyle and Greco. Go to the RTC's if you aren't comfortable or know how to teach it. Push your kids to go. Partner with a coach who has one and push your kids, take your kids, there and everyone learn together. To you guys going out to Iowa and Flo, at least start mixing it into your practice schedule. Believe it or not but if you stick with the program it ultimately doesn't affect each style because it forces you to be smarter. But push these styles, even if you're lying to them and/or yourself about the benefits of F/G participation and training. Yes, participate in as much F/G as possible, even if the local competition is shoddy for the time being, because believe me it gets better. Take advantage of it and build your confidence. The local tournaments are home work, Central and Southeast Regionals are your pop quizzes, Schoolboy, Cadet and Junior Duals are your tests, and UWW Cadets/Juniors and Fargo are your final exams. This is where we need to be pushing our kids to not only experience but sell them the dream of winning these tournaments. Folkstyle tournaments are practically year-round now, so if and when any and all F/G opportunities come up, we have to take advantage of them. It's going to take some work, most if not all coaches are going to have to get out of our comfort zone, but that's the point: getting better. Like I said, even if you can't teach it or have the time for it, hang those posters and Olympic flag in your room and you will at least have done your part. If you want to buy in, push the Olympics. If you want to get serious then make it a game. Quiz kids on who did what to who, from where, with what move, what habits did you see, how did USA look, how did the other countries look, what are some differences, etc. If you end up being sold, start implementing as much as you can after ISWA Folkstyle State. Either way, I am minutes away from leaving to take our Junior National Dual Team to Oklahoma. It will be a great experience for these guys. Indiana is not as strong as we could/should be, we lost some commits to whatever, many kids aren't interested or have other obligations, but I can promise our team will go out there and take advantage of this opportunity. We have a great staff of coaches so I don't do much coaching on the mat, and actually prefer coaching the bench, but I guarantee Indiana as a team and as individuals will come back better....just like the teams in Disney. I hope everyone follows our/YOUR results and see where we are at as a state versus where we could be. This post just a cat call to us as coaches. Raise your expectations. Indiana needs it. You need it. Your kids need it. We need it. #getbetter
  15. @Bluemonster - (this isnt a rant towards you) Forfeits definitely kill us, whether our kids are outclassed or not. Unfortunately I disagree about us being outclassed though. I have been fortunate enough to have coached our national teams at every level (Schoolboy, Cadets & Junior Duals, Fargo, All UWW World Team Trials, IHSAA State Finals, etc) and we are definitely behind the curve VERSUS the top states in regards to CONSISTENCY. That I believe is one of the main differences between my position versus most other coaches here in Indiana: I am measuring us against the top states in the country, not just every state in the country, collectively and individually. We beat who we are supposed to beat and lose to who we are supposed to lose to, forfeits or not. But forfeits definitely kill any teams chances of winning it all, except Griffith of course. Things may have changed since I have coached these teams but not much. If the current national results are indicative of where we are at as a state, we are on the wrong track in the eyes of the top college programs in the country. This is a widely respected coach who I am cool with that brought this to me personally. Yes, he mirrored my thoughts, but I'm still left there to shake my head in shame and try to make excuses for the state. He didn't care. No one even pops up on their radar if they don't have success in the Olympic styles. Sure, we have a few good individuals on these national teams, but not nearly enough. Do we consistently All-American at these duals? No. When was the last time Indiana won a national freestyle/greco dual? When was the last time we were in the finals for that matter? When highly respected Coach X says this to me, and we send x amount of teams to Virginia, Disney, Dells, Iowa and do well, but cant fill a national team?!?!? Tough convo to be in, but no one hear's that convo from them. Again, it's been a few years since I coached at the Cadet Duals, so I am not saying this to disrespect our kids, because I know for a fact they wrestle their hardest.......but that still isn't enough. I didn't see it but our match versus New Jersey Red I imagine was an outclassed issue, not an effort or forfeit issue. This is just one example of countless that our state is consistently outclassed at the highest level versus the highest caliber competition....in the styles that the top collegiate programs look at. It is no wonder that Perry Meridian has consistently been one of the best programs in the state, because they consistently MAKE their kids wrestle these styles. In the words of Snoop Dog, the game is to be sold, not told, and it starts with the coaches.
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