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  1. Indiana Pride is taking 20+ athletes to the U.S. Open in Las Vegas, from youth to the Senior level athletes, looking to repeat on a pretty good showing we had last year. Just because you don't hear us doesn't mean we arent making noise Best wishes to all the Indiana wrestlers over the next few months.
  2. Eli Stock from Monrovia last year was unranked I believe and rolled through the state to claim a title, including beating #1 at Sectionals.
  3. No one deserves anything but you have to earn it. Wrestling, just like with everything else, has evolved. There are plenty examples of multi-sports athletes who do well in wrestling....but it's all relative. Usually these are football players and heavier weights where there is less technique needed than at the lighter weights, but in measuring yourself against the top wrestlers in the country year-round training is essential. I could delve even further into this yearly training about effectiveness versus efficiency, but that's another topic. Either way, the top scholastic programs in
  4. We are getting close and still have a few opening available for one of the toughest tournaments in the country in the 2017 Junior National Dual Championships. The event will be held in Tulsa, OK on June 20-24 and feature GUARANTEED matches against the best of the best State Champions, All-Americans, National Champions and even World Team Members from over 40 states. Indiana is taking a Gold and Blue team with alternates at every weight intended to compete and develop. Undefeated wrestlers earn a spot on the All-Junior Team, which counts towards your national ranking. It is a great precursor
  5. Apologies from IPWA. Going through some advances for Indiana. Please register for another local tournament to get your matches in......and be sure to watch the US Open tomorrow to our Indiana athletes representing!
  6. Exciting new changes on the way for Indiana. Stay tuned...
  7. What would/could this look like? Particularly in the summer months after ISWA Freestyle & Greco State in May, June, July and August. Im assuming a combination of open tournaments, summer duals, league, all three style etc.? Is there a demand? Is there a supply? What type of movement or culture shift could/would we create? Are there any other states with something similar? Random thoughts welcomed.....
  8. Oh wow. Havent seen this for 20 years.
  9. It's about to go down!!! Below is the first round of Indiana wrestlers who have verbally committed to the Indiana National Junior Dual Team to compete at the 2017 Junior National Dual Championships in Tulsa, Oklahoma on June 20 - 24. This event features guaranteed matches against the best of the best athletes in the country, from State Champs, All Americans, National Champions, and even World Champions. Last year there were over 50 college coaches scouting, recruiting and coaching. It is an awesome experience to say the least. Because of the grind against this elite level of competi
  10. If you are interested in becoming a 2017 USAW/ISWA Regional Training Center, please email me your interest and I will send you the 2017 application. Some of the qualifications to be considered are you must train in the international styles only, be a USAW club, take weekly attendance and be committed to Indiana's development statewide in the Olympic spirit. RTC season spans from February 27th and tapers off by July 7th, right before Kids Nationals and Fargo. This year we are increasing our network of local and national clinicians, providing more support to individual sites, reintroduci
  11. Additional Coverage by Flo... Top 8 Teams - See what all the fuss is about. Day 1 Junior Dual Upsets Greatest Junior Dual Team of All Time Top 10 Star-Studded Matches Minnesota's Stacked Roster Oklahoma Looking to 3 Peat Multiple State Champs Lead Iowa New Jersey Preview California Brings the Heat If you take the time to visit these links you will see the sense of urgency to keep Indiana relevant, not just at this event but overall. Again, Disney is not really the issue, especially this year because it at least was the week before Junior Duals for me although it did hind
  12. This may or may not be the official report but just some thoughts I took away from the event.... This was the first time we took two teams in I don't how many years. Granted, it wasn't filled and our best weren't there, but being able to even ENTER two teams is a big step in the right direction for Indiana. Georgia was our equivalent this year regarding teams and numbers. I saw above about how we had a 7 man team, where 8 was the requirement, and that was a special privilege they gave to us because we had some guys get injured who couldn't compete before weigh-ins. They also, similar t
  13. Great job Indiana wrestlers for going out and representing! Definitely a TEAM oriented event...and although it's business it does involve some vacation. Nothing wrong with that and no fault of anyone's. Again, I do not doubt it is some tough competition at Disney, kids get better, the team bonds, and there is some fun in the sun involved. That is what the trip is for. I wanted to know of the nationally ranked kids who were out there and the college coaches in attendance. That was all. No offense should be taken but I understand any resentment. I don't have time to research the nu
  14. @Bluemonster - (this isnt a rant towards you) Forfeits definitely kill us, whether our kids are outclassed or not. Unfortunately I disagree about us being outclassed though. I have been fortunate enough to have coached our national teams at every level (Schoolboy, Cadets & Junior Duals, Fargo, All UWW World Team Trials, IHSAA State Finals, etc) and we are definitely behind the curve VERSUS the top states in regards to CONSISTENCY. That I believe is one of the main differences between my position versus most other coaches here in Indiana: I am measuring us against the top states in t
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