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  1. Never sleep on a Panther...I should've taught you that. And if I didn't your gonna learn at some point. And yes I'm a Cubs Fan so my mantra is wait'll NEXT year.
  2. 1st Lafayette Elementary 4th Grade in SBI.
  3. You guys and this spelling thing. Spelling Bee or wrestling forum: which one is it?
  4. I have 20/13 Vision Padawan. Miller is Ichiban. There goes that Snider education again. You don't see that.
  5. Ahem...152. That one sir. No Jett Jett Jaguar? No Miller Time??? An optometrist may need to be placed on retainer.
  6. Nah.......he needs binoculars
  7. Some of your picks are leaning toward bias but I know where you come from. But at 152 you are out of your gourde.
  8. Of course no Ochoa....we shall see. I was at New Haven for Woenker/Kern......we are not worried. Miller will not be moved. You really do hate FWCS and The Summit. Well you guys can bask in our futility for now. The Summit is on the rise and your picks won't change that. Here is some SAC insider info: The War Room only had a few wrestlers in it last year and now I will name them.Tiltmaster Flip the Switch Cerebro Jaguar Rushmore Beef Taz Bustos The Representative Wrecker Hook'em Juwan "Giant Killer" Bolden....only Tilt and Cerebro made it out of sectional last year. Think about it.
  9. Ok that's more accurate. Let me explain. It's simple, when you say "got caught" it seems to imply the other wrestler had nothing to do with it. You take away his credit and props(propers meaning his due). I say "he was up 8 then was pinned." Too the point not deminishing the victors due. That's why so serious.
  10. This is a "caught" free zone. How'd he catch him did he throw out a net? Did he slip in a banana peel? What's the Criteria for getting "caught"? If I'm winning and then I got pinned means I was caught? I hate to over use an analogy or lame pun......bro only fish get "caught."
  11. They're going to learn today or hit'em with a hook and a half
  12. If the '71 is for your birth year then I respect your wisdom and candor. Only one objection. I'm firm on Miller.
  13. Lol Busstogate; if you never got the memo I'm a fan. Don't ruin it 24 hours from now like Boomer....now back to "The Fort"..,..I tried to distance my self from the loss like Y2 does in person...again I'm off the Ault train.
  14. 106 State Streeter 113 Tiltmaster 120 My pick for the whole shabang: Langeloh 126 Jack is Back 132 Ginger Assassin 138 Cerebro 145 Mr. Undefeated 152 Miller Time 160 Charger 170 pllllll....... 182 Mr. Clem 195 who really knows? 220 Y2's guy from home Hwt Lawman
  15. How did we do against Eastside? I don't think the Eastside guy made it to Ochoa. Quote where I mentioned the Aults beating Carroll. All I've pointed out is the Aults have improved in comparison to last year. I pointed out that Dakota Ault is the Big Man of the future. Mr. Caprino informed he would have to get past Mr. Lawson before any coronation. I conceded that offering" maybe Ault can get his redemption at sectional." Now back to whom you can "blame" on me. Ochoa: locked hands in the rat tail last year :OUT. Never said Ochoa could beat Arney. I said he would and did wrestle above his seed(5th). One match to get to Semi-State. If I would have told you that last year: like I told u about Omar. Like I told You about Johnson and Hill. When you said last year Wayne would only get 2 out of sectionals and I said "when has that Ever happened?" They got 4 last year and 8 this year. So I will reiterate NEXT year will be a different result. Not at the sectional. At the regional. When the gangs all here. After an offseason, "doing the rounds"...My camp will be ready. If you don't know my camp you soon will just check Trackwrestling on Feb. 23rd under clubs N&N Heavy Handz. That way you know who to "put on me". But keep helping me out by doubting. I know You have to live vicariously through Carroll. I went to Snider and thought they weren't that good when I was there and we were a Top team. So what do you think I believe about the Carroll Sectional? By the way this was the first time Ever that I went to The Carroll Sectional. I prefer the New Haven for a myriad of reasons. #1 former champ. #2 The Just Us League battled there. #3 Carte Blanche and treated with respect by parents, wrestlers and officials. And to put an end to the Mystery: I was never told I couldn't come to Sectional last year. I was falsely informed that I couldn't come to Regionals per Mr. Faulkens..I could and should have attended because if I did I would be richer now. To be clear: I could not attend Semi-State and that's all. Boomer....I'm focused.
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