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  1. Pat Culp is the truth. Blane is a class act. In 2003 I left my wallet at home and Pat let my boys wrestle anyway. To be honest I never paid them back. I never got called out. That's why my club kids know Columbia City is on our itinerary at least 3 times a year.
  2. Major Ursula

    Article: 2015 IndianaMat Preview Magazine

    The Major salutes the Indianamat staff for once again out doing themselves. Great cover. Congrats to Jacob Gray for the #1 spot at 170. I believe this is going to be an exciting year.
  3. Couldn't hire a better guy. One of my training partners at The Chet. Bring back the glory Kevo cause This Is For Sparta! Let's go!
  4. One of the best articles written on here hands down. Y2 and I had our back and forths over the years but I must concede; you do a lot for Indiana wrestling. It's not easy to admit when you are wrong. GEN Heavy Handz was wrong when I was mocking you. We may not agree on who is going to win or who technique is superior; but we both love this sport. My sons were surprised when you gave them some pointers last year at RTC. They knew about the tense moments we had. You didn't hold my big mouth against them. That's classy stuff. Rivalries are good for the sport, I want to end our one-sided one now. Thanks for highlighting the Davis-Streeter Rivalry. We think it's special. ~Gen Weighty Paws.
  5. . The Community of Waynedale is very proud of Former Wayne General Kanez Omar. Keep up the good work it is paying off.

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