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  1. Heading into the last weekend before sectional who still has an unblemished record?
  2. Who has been under the radar individually all year that could make some noise?
  3. Who will be on top of the podium?
  4. Did I say this is my favorite post every year ? Haven't been out too much this year but here's a few that I think will be on top of the podium. John Anderson - Jeff ??? Clay Jones - Jeff 152 Don Crider - Harrison 220 Myles Krintz - Harrision 160 or 70 - do you know 219? I haven't seen many Twin Lakes sectional teams so no offense guys.
  5. Always best to be overlooked
  6. Saw the match Streck is looking better every time I see him.
  7. Great day enjoyed every minute 120 was brutal
  8. How about the ever popular Logansport regional? There's got to be some drama going on down there.
  9. Exactly why this is always a fun topic. Here's my take @ 138 - Both Myles and Cole can get it done both have won big matches when they count. I think the winner here will be the fans should be a great match.
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