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  1. Just saw the video on FB, my biggest issue is that by the time the red got into position there definitely was no fall so he was just assuming he was flat before. I’ve always been told if you don’t see it you don’t call it
  2. Those numbers seem a little off in numbers of wrestlers compared to number of forfeits
  3. What was the percentage of total wrestlers in the tournament from each of those classes, those have no context without that info
  4. I want one, the Ace needs to have a copy behind the bar at all times.
  5. Now would be the time to get reviews on the places people ate so that we can use it as data for next years thread LOL
  6. The Tow Yard Brewery just across the parking lot from Arby's has good burgers......and beer
  7. or 4 points for Red in Greco, or 2 & 2, or a pin or who the hell knows depending on which Greco ref is guessing at what to call LOL
  8. track is showing team scores at NC 1. Warren Central 31.0 2. Carmel 26.0 3. Indianapolis Ca 25.5 4. Lawrence North 20.0
  9. no you wouldn't the traffic would shut it down for you LOL
  10. I find it hard to believe he was allowed to wrestle, but I don't have any knowledge beyond the article. Speaking of which, why is a newspaper 1.5 hours away reporting on this kids arrest?
  11. First post of a new member, really? Perry was built over the course of many, many years of hard work directed by Jimmie, Matt, and others... I don't think you're much of a fan if you just joined this site to make that statement.
  12. Probably in cursive, they need to get with the times......that form of writing is outlawed
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