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  1. I would put the DAC and the Traicoff over the Lake county Tourney
  2. Kris Rumph takes second at the Luther open, beating Gavin Teasdale of Iowa in the semis. https://go-knights.net/documents/2019/11/16//2019LutherCollegeOpenFinalBrackets.pdf
  3. Kankakee Valleys coach Line left to coach Ancilla College http://www.ancillachargers.com/SIDHelp/m/a|1913.php
  4. Mark Line has been hired as Kankakee Valley High School Head Wrestling Coach.
  5. Just talked to Kankakee Valley High School in Wheatfield, they do not have a Head Wrestling Coach. Contact: http://www.kv.k12.in.us/Content2/athleticopenings
  6. How does BB score 3 team points at 120 when you have PM winning the match, and 5 team points to BB at 126 on a major?
  7. Alex Tsirtsis 236-0, Jason Tsirtsis 176-2
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