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  1. Quad view showing stream unavailable for me. Working for others now?
  2. 2009 Eppert vs Wright 119lbs. The final matchup. Great match and I admit I may be a bit biased butit was electric! Flashback to the 2008 NC semi state. I was leaving before the finals due to a family birthday party that I was "strongly encouraged" to attend. I crossed paths with Camden Eppert on my way out, we spoke briefly and I told him he was looking good and good luck in the finals. Got to my truck and realized, wait, ah, naw, surely that doesn't apply to wrestling. Imagine my horror when I received a call a few hours later that Eppert lost. Must have been my fault, you know, the jinx, I have never directly wished a wrestler good luck since, well, not one that I wanted to win anyway. Back to the 2009 finals. I was fortunate to be with a group of great people in a suite (spoils ya for sure!). The Wright/Eppert match was brought up and everyone was picking Wright, I was silent. Several friends asked me, who ya got. Eppert I said, no way he loses to Wright again. There may or may not have been a friendly wager. Sucker, I had inside information. Eppert won the tight, exciting match as we know and I was relieved to say the least. To all the old Anderson Highland fans, Coaches and the Eppert family, I hope you can find it in you heart to forgive me. As Paul Harvey used to say, now you know the rest of the story. So to all the wrestlers tomorrow. Good, err, well, best, nah, leave it all on the mat!!! Respectfully and humbly yours, Ron Allen Jr (no, not the realtor )
  3. Jerry Brown - Anderson High School. 1961 112lbs 3rd, 1962 112ibs 1st & 1963 112lbs 1st. Several I have known from that era say he was an outstanding athlete and one of the best they saw.
  4. New Connorsville real bad now. Hope the archives will be decent. Most of the semis finals been choppy or frozen
  5. NC keeps locking up now. Hope they get it figured out for next round.
  6. Yeah, Had the mats flipped around to start. Fixed now. Was confusing at first and they had to stop to correct.
  7. Watching Pendleton now, except mat 1. Who knows, hate to hear about issues for sure!
  8. Think you can watch all regionals for $9.95. I bought Pendleton and watched Perry since they started earlier. Oh, mat 1 wasn't working at Pendleton, hope it gets fixed. Missed a match I wanted and isn't on archive either.
  9. They were via facebook. Where still up last I checked.
  10. Thanks for the info! I watched Friday but missed a few scores and matches doing other things. Saturday matches should be interesting.
  11. That and the rectangle box in the bottom left showing a duct/vent is in the way a lot. Appreciate these free streams for sure, would be much easier to see though with a few tweaks. Wonder if the camera is on some auto mode or something the way it drifts away from the action towards the side/bench area. lighting maybe? Anyway, still better than me trying to film matches years ago, a lot of floor and feet action showed up for some reason. ☺
  12. Loss of control. It was close, i originally thought it was a reversal. But hard to tell from where I was on time... Tough call either way
  13. I don't agree that Cathedral was screwed. Both had chances to win. Definitely a close match.
  14. Bates was fortunate it wasn't called. Great match!
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