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  1. They were via facebook. Where still up last I checked.
  2. Thanks for the info! I watched Friday but missed a few scores and matches doing other things. Saturday matches should be interesting.
  3. That and the rectangle box in the bottom left showing a duct/vent is in the way a lot. Appreciate these free streams for sure, would be much easier to see though with a few tweaks. Wonder if the camera is on some auto mode or something the way it drifts away from the action towards the side/bench area. lighting maybe? Anyway, still better than me trying to film matches years ago, a lot of floor and feet action showed up for some reason. ☺
  4. Loss of control. It was close, i originally thought it was a reversal. But hard to tell from where I was on time... Tough call either way
  5. I don't agree that Cathedral was screwed. Both had chances to win. Definitely a close match.
  6. Bates was fortunate it wasn't called. Great match!
  7. I thought it was 2, but not sure on time. Too far away, course the guy next to me said no way it was 2. Lol
  8. I've got 500 bananas on MBFIGHTER215 over PrivateLightMindz. Oh, and don't make us stop this car!
  9. 1995 - Courtney Duncan - 106 - Frankton
  10. Thanks for this, very cool! I did notice it has Asa Garcia HS as East Noble. Should it be Avon or am I reading it wrong or something?
  11. For 195, this is different from what I saw on trackwrestling. I was wondering how a 9-21 record was seeded 1st. Unless a typo or maybe they beat everyone else in the bracket head 2 head? Assuming now the above is correct and track is wrong... Oops, these are picks, sorry...
  12. And not all public schools/districts charge tuition for out of district students either.
  13. As mentioned by others, I liked the changes this year as well. Seating, continuing to the next round vs waiting for other mats/classes to finish and the ref's shirts with the red and green sleeves. Is that new or have i just missed it? Great job to all involved!
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