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  1. throwforfive


    whoami?32, "doesnt like the kid because an old cousin wooped back in the day" I can almost guarantee you, that he doesn't have a old cousin that wooped the RankingsGuy. I don't know anyone that wooped the RankingsGuy. I would put him in our Top 20 Indiana All-Time. Barry is a great wrestler and getting better. He will be just fine. One way of looking at it is the New Castle semi-state has him #6. With 4 semi-states that puts him #24.Again, this is just one ay of looking at it. Barry will get to wrestles the matches and get his-self noticed. I wish Barry well as I am a Barry fan.
  2. throwforfive

    103lbs at Merrillville Semi State a Shootout!

    #3 Josh Fuqua #4 Stevan Micic #6 Reise Overby #8 Santo Marciano I really like these 4 to make it out. I also feel strongly towards Overby winning it, as he has challenged himself with Bevans, Hamm, and Gettinger. These are all tough kids and really better competition then any of the others have wrestled. Judging by the scores, he has wrestled them tough. Good luck to all!
  3. throwforfive

    Jan. 8.2011 Duals/Tournaments

    Franklin Community has a Super Dual to include Holt, Michigan.
  4. throwforfive

    112 is it up for grabs

    I'm not saying he will win or beat any of the previous 4 named, but don't rule out Cody LeCount. He has wrestled Phillips a lot and I am sure will put good matches together against them all. I feel he is right in the mix with all of these names mentioned.
  5. throwforfive

    Fort Wayne Semi-State Rankings Updated 1-27 FINAL

    I thought I seen Busz at the tourney in a cast? Is he expected to be back soon? I hope so, he was a state qualifier last year that I expected to step up again this year.
  6. throwforfive

    New HS WIN magazine rankings

    Drooke, could you IM me a e-mail address for you?
  7. Not being rude to you...........but study up on Adams County. You have South Adams, Adams Central, oh and I for got BELLMONT. No, I don't think they have won a semi-state, Regional, or even a Sectional. But they are a very good team and have had individuals near the top of the podium. They wrestle a very competitive schedule for them including some top 10 teams. I also don't think you are aware of the size of this school. I will leave some of this homework for you to do. They have a great web site. Look them up and you will be very impressed. I live an hour and a half away and I know who they are. Congrats Coach Myers. Careful with all the wins..............as my good buddy (Rex Peckinpaugh) and winningest coach in Indiana history would say, "with being the winningest coach, I'm also the losingest coach". Go Starfires, classy program with some great wrestling. I see where you could have three state placers this year!
  8. throwforfive

    Region Move-ins?

    Someone do tell! Let the cat out of the bag already.
  9. throwforfive

    2010 Coaching Changes

    Why are you stepping down littlevito?
  10. throwforfive

    The Best Wrestler in the History of YOUR school

    David Palmer was a freshman state runner-up for Muncie Southside (only loss of the year was in the finals). State Champ undefeated as a sophmore for Muncie South, then Junior and Senior undefeated State Champ for Delta. Yes, John Ginther was a monster. Delta has had many that could qualify as best including Trent McCormick, now coaching Yorktown. I would not overlook Craig Campbell 3rd, 3rd, 3rd, 1985 State Champ. David Locke was a State Champ and a World Champ at the Cadet level also. Delta was truly statcked in the early to mid 80's.
  11. throwforfive

    The Best Wrestler in the History of YOUR school

    In no certain order as it would be matter of opinion: Yorktown Derek Bevans SQ, 5th, 6th, 3rd, All-Time Winningest Wrestler 180 wins Kyle Mosier SQ, 4th, 4th, 3rd All-Time pin leader (41 in one season) Ross Janney State Champion 59-0 Dennis Lewis 2 X State Champion Ron Baker State Champion Mumby Award winner Rick Glaub State Champion Jordan Dulaney second on all time wins 174, most pins, and All-Time points leader
  12. throwforfive

    Junior Freestyle State Videos

    Thanks so much Y2. Great matches!
  13. throwforfive

    Happy Mother's Day

    Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers that follow thier children every weekend to matches, drive them every week night for training, and make special dinners whenever needed. You are the backbone of our sport, thanks for all you do! Have a great day!
  14. throwforfive


    I am sure I missed some as there was wrestling all over the place, but noticable to me, was Perry Meridian, Jeffersonville, Mishawaka, and Yorktown that had several kids representing their schools. I know the Contender team was heavy also, just not sure what school or schools, those kids are from. I would say the future will continue to look bright for these programs. Nice job for putting the work in!
  15. throwforfive


    The number of State Titles Chandler Carroll (Yorktown) has won in his career! What a nice wrestler and family in addition. Good luck as you make the tough transition in to your high school career. Chandler also plays football, makes straight "A's", and won a state speech contest.

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