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  1. Delaware County, take your pick: David Palmer (Muncie South/Delta) 2-1-1-1, with one loss in high school or Jeff Pease Muncie South 5 Fargo Titles! Depending on your definition of best, you decide? Sidenote; David Locke of Delta was a 1982 World Champ and Dennis Lewis of Yorktown was a 2 X State Champ and placer. Craig Campbell Delta 3-3-3-1. Bud Palmer won 2 titles for Muncie Northside. I feel if you add in Yorktown's recent success, Delaware County is rich in wrestling history.
  2. 1998 Steven Bradley Beech Grove won his 3rd State Title at 125lbs beating William Campbell of Warren Central. All 6 of Campbell's losses were to Bradley.
  3. I start this thread by asking everyone to stay on topic. I feel this thread is 5 days overdue. I had hoped someone else would start it as I'm not much on posting. I want to thank the IHSWCA and ALL the many people for making last Saturday possible. For anyone whom has never attended one in the past, it is quite the experience for the kids. Where else would you get to see Penn be up 32-6 on Perry and go down to tie breaking criteria? Without this, would you have gotten to see Mater Dei return to the top? How about Bellmont versus Yorktown? These are always the highlight of my season. Y
  4. Random 2A thoughts: Danville, Steve Pugliese is a great coach. Elliott Molloy and Brock Hudkins should make deep runs. North Montgomery, Maurice Swain is on the right track. He will do nothing but continue to make that program better. Once it is, he will stay that way a long time. Nick Borta will be in the mix late in the season. New Prairie, didnt know anything about them. But they were a very tough team and would be great to see them and North Montgomery go at it. New Prairie is very balanced at every weight. Some wrestlers that stood out for them were 113 Chris Trent, 152 Macloud, 160 Escob
  5. http://www.thestarpress.com/article/20131107/HSSPORTS/311070053/Carroll-state-Heisman-winner?nclick_check=1
  6. Not sure how all our wrestlers are doing on the football field, but one that has stood out every week is Chandler Carroll of Yorktown. This past Friday vs Pendleton Heights he ran for 520 yards and 8 touchdowns. This alone is great, then consider he also plays cornerback and is weighing 150 lbs at 5'7". There was a cool video highlight of the touchdowns on thestarpress.com. Good luck to all the wrestlers on the football field as the season winds down. Stay safe and healthy.
  7. Any of the officials that work at the Mooresville Holiday Classic. They do an amazing job and are always open to talking in between sessions. Thanks to ALL of them.
  8. I would throw out Chase Carroll. He won multiple national titles in schoolboy to include undefeated at schoolboy duals. He beat guys that went on to win 2 and 3 state titles from Wisconsin, Ohio, and Michigan. He wrestled at Anderson Highland and was a 4 year varsity football player. He won the Eli Lilly endowment and went on to Butler. He is now in his residency as a doctor. Total class kid. I know one tough break was Walpole in ticket round.
  9. Hmmmm, Alara Boyd Novice 120 Quadruple Crown Winner? (Folkstyle state, freestyle state, Greco state, and girls state). Way to go!
  10. Loki27, I am confused how that draw happened? #2 criteria would have been common opponent, Wouldn't Estes have had common opponent at Hoosier Heritage Conference? I know he put it on everyone there. He beat #2 seed from Yorktown in quick pin and I know that wrestler beat Mount Vernon kid. So at worst, Estes would have been #5? Maybe they let it slide to be in bottom half of bracket? Estes is tough and will do well.
  11. Schuyler Phillips beat Blackwell 7-6 so these guys are all evenly matched. I would like to hear more how the LeCount vs Crume match went. Cody is really wrestling good.
  12. Hoosier Heritage Conference: Delta- 0 qualifiers Greenfield Central- 4 qualifiers 1 semi-state champ Mount Vernon (Fortville)- 0 qualifiers New Palestine- 3 qualifiers Pendleton Heights- 2 qualifiers 1 semi-state champ Rushville- 0 qualifiers Shelbyville- 0 qualifiers Yorktown- 5 qualifiers 2 semi-state champs 14 qualifiers and 4 semi-state champs from this conference.
  13. whoami?32, "doesnt like the kid because an old cousin wooped back in the day" I can almost guarantee you, that he doesn't have a old cousin that wooped the RankingsGuy. I don't know anyone that wooped the RankingsGuy. I would put him in our Top 20 Indiana All-Time. Barry is a great wrestler and getting better. He will be just fine. One way of looking at it is the New Castle semi-state has him #6. With 4 semi-states that puts him #24.Again, this is just one ay of looking at it. Barry will get to wrestles the matches and get his-self noticed. I wish Barry well as I am a Barry fan.
  14. #3 Josh Fuqua #4 Stevan Micic #6 Reise Overby #8 Santo Marciano I really like these 4 to make it out. I also feel strongly towards Overby winning it, as he has challenged himself with Bevans, Hamm, and Gettinger. These are all tough kids and really better competition then any of the others have wrestled. Judging by the scores, he has wrestled them tough. Good luck to all!
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