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  1. Nick Lee was trying to win a team state title. I'm sure he and his coaches cared more about the team than Nick cutting an extra weight class for one match. And who is to say he could have made the cut? I don't think Nick would avoid this opportunity, just as I don't think Chad wanted a blemish on his record for a meaningless dual meet that had already been decided. If this match is to ever happen it will mostly likely be in the off season.
  2. You can't stop people from booing dude. It happens in every sport at every level. It is mostly aimed at refs but every once in awhile it is at the athlete. Yes, maybe the athlete does not deserve it all the time but there are certainly cases where it is warranted. Stop acting like such a baby and pretending you've never booed anyone.
  3. I usually make scrambled eggs out of them and give them out as treats, so no I am not upset at all. I don't get upset when people boo at me because I'm not a hypocrite.
  4. That was a pretty terrible way to lose for Herrin. I feel a little sorry for him but you can't stop wrestling until the whistle blows!
  5. So if a kid knocks on my door and is dressed as a ghost and "boos" at me am I supposed to not give he or she candy?
  6. Halloween! He could stall for 5 minutes and not get called and go on to win a state title by a point or in OT and feel like he actually deserve it. I would boo that kid. I am also booing this thread. Booo thread, Booooo.
  7. I think the Harvey/Lydy boos were more about how Harvey seemed to keep backing up and Lydy got hit for stalling. Then 10 seconds later Harvey backs up again and he gets hit for stalling. Then Harvey backs up again and didn't get hit, but the match is stopped for blood. Harvey was gassing and the blood time definitely could have helped him. I think that's what most people were upset about. Obviously the match has to be stopped for blood. The same thing happened in the Parris/Osborn match except that resulted in Osborn winning where it very well could have gone the other way had the match
  8. Yes, so a team from Gary, IN could travel all the way to Alabama (about 500 miles, 1000 mile round trip) but could not travel to the northern parts of Wisconsin, nearly 400 miles of a shorter trip.
  9. Isn't it 300 miles? That might shorten your list a little.
  10. How many time is someone going to say this today? I know every one of you is be sarcastic, but try to be a little more original. It's getting old.
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