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  1. RankingsGuy

    Merrillville Semi-State Rankings FINAL

    Nice gesture ontherise219.. thanks for all you do, I know that you make my job a ton easier!
  2. RankingsGuy

    *Official* Undefeated Wrestlers List

    slagle and moody picked up losses this wknd at 125
  3. RankingsGuy

    Team State Bracket

    Here is a link to the 2011 Team State Bracket. It will be updated as the Sectional results and Team Regional results filter in. http://indianamat.com/brackets/2011/teamstate.pdf
  4. RankingsGuy

    119 rankings question....

    let me begin by saying that this is a very good question, because 119 is a weight class where #4-16 are all so close and only separated by a few points all the way down. that said, the venezia jump over mcginley came more due to farrell than anything else. i really like farrell's 4-1 win over chandler carroll, that's a dominating performance over a really good wrestler. also, farrell gave petrov everything he wanted last year in the state quarterfinals. mcginley is sort of an unproven commodity here at 119. i know he has some solid iswa results, but he's never qualified for a state tournament, and although he's got a great practice partner in dominique price, the arsenal tech strength of schedule has to come into play when making a decision like this also. for me, it was farrell that jumped mcginley, and venezia has that win over farrell and wrestled campbell a very tight 3-1 match this weekend so moving him ahead of mcginley as well made sense to me. hope this gives you a little insight into my thought process, b/c like i said #4-16 at 119 are all so close and this is one weight that has changed a lot as the season has gone on.
  5. I would imagine that Blake Maurer would have to just about have as many blue rings as anybody.. 4 individual state titles multiple team state titles (anybody know how many?) possibly multiple football state titles as well? (again, need someone in the know to bail me out)
  6. Billy Baker- Bellmont a few years back in football and wrestling
  7. RankingsGuy

    Rankings In The Process of Being Posted

    I don't think one can make the argument for Biancardi to be ranked without making the argument for Van Lul- Calumet, since Van Lul and him have split one and one this season.. Also, I will get the opportunity to see the Frankfort heavy vs. Van Lul this wknd, so that will give me a good perspective on where he needs to be. How can you argue for Melby to be higher with a loss on his record to unranked Ginter?
  8. RankingsGuy

    Schools not in a conference

    East Chicago Central
  9. RankingsGuy

    *Official* Undefeated Wrestlers List

    who beat case?
  10. RankingsGuy

    Rankings In The Process of Being Posted

    Did not have the Melby results from this weekend. All I had for him was a loss to Ginter 5-8 and a win vs. Ford. Now that I have that he beat Ginter and Snyder this weekend, I agree he deserves to be ranked, and I will fix it. As far as Naughton, the criteria that I used was results against Adam Decker of BG. You will notice that just about all of the ranked heavy's from the Indy area have a win over Decker this year, but Naughton is the only one with a loss and no wins against him. Naughton also has a loss to Snyder this year, and the one big win over Thigpen will not be enough to out-do the rest of his struggling season.
  11. RankingsGuy

    *Official* Undefeated Wrestlers List

    Gettinger, Winkle, and Jake Stevenson all took losses this weekend. McHugh can be moved to 119. Gregory can be moved to 135.
  12. RankingsGuy

    Rankings In The Process of Being Posted

    very true mac, the watch list at 135 is loaded with talent.. Kriech-Franklin, K. Roberts-Elkhart Mem., Dowdy-Reitz, Moore-Fountain Central, McCloskey-Western Boone, Shoemaker-Lawrence Central, Achenbach-Anderson, Sprunger-South Adams, Blanton-Alexandria, Hughes-Lowell, and Kerr-Edgewood just to name a few.
  13. RankingsGuy

    Anyone dropping class for state?

    there's already a 3 page post dedicated to this http://indianamat.com/messageboard/index.php/topic,14154.0.html
  14. RankingsGuy

    Rankings In The Process of Being Posted

    all weights now up
  15. RankingsGuy

    Rankings In The Process of Being Posted

    all weights except heavyweight now posted

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