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  1. Barrq

    Beards- Hyway and ISWA

    I think your right..
  2. Barrq

    Beards- Hyway and ISWA

    They allowed beards at ISWA State last weekend. I believe stubble is frowned upon though.
  3. Jones gets pinned quick, Cumberlands goes three for four in the Semi's. They are close to locking 2nd place up in the team standings.
  4. Good luck to the Indiana Tech Warriors at the NAIA national tournament and a special good luck to Kris McKinley and Brett Yarbrough who will be wrestling there last tournament as seniors..
  5. Congrats to Indiana tech wrestlers won there first regional championship yesterday.
  6. How about them Warriors bringing home the championship...
  7. Barrq

    Indiana Tech wins 3

    They just landed in Get this San Fransisco heck they may as well go to Hawaii there suppose to jump on another plane and be to Chicago by 11 were keeping our fingers crossed. Oh ya then a Limo ride back to Fort Wayne they deserve that.
  8. Barrq

    Wrestle offs

    Wrestle off's are a good start but a lot of the open tournaments they are seeing common opponents. During the season isn't it about the team? Ya gotta love the NAIA two can try to qualify through the regionals...
  9. Barrq

    IU lineup 2013/14

    In less than 70 days some or most of them will be wrestling at EMU..
  10. I love the you can be pinned or near fall anywhere I hope they do it. It will be hard for a single ref to watch the inbound body part and the shoulders at the same time..
  11. Good luck hope you bring back some All Americans to Angola.
  12. Barrq

    NCAA DII Bama Bound

    Where can we watch? Good luck gentlemen.
  13. Justin broke his leg today at the national duals. Everybody knows he's a great wrestler but he is even a better team leader keep you're head up kid....
  14. Barrq

    Midwest Classic

    thanks leggin it will be fun watchin this weekend.

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