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  1. Infolady

    Wresting for now and the future

    The typo on the front cover of the book is entirely my fault and I sincerely apologize to the wrestling community for the error. I feel terrible about it. The typo was caught but the front covers had already been printed and the printing company said it would cost an additional $2000 to re-run the front cover and would cause a delay in the printing and mailing of the publication. I agonized over the decision but in the end decided to go with the book as is rather than spend the kids money to correct it and create a delay in mailing. In retrospect, maybe I made the wrong decision. Please do not place blame on others in the organization as the book is solely my work and my responsibility. Again, I sincerely apologize for the embarrasment I caused. :'( Sharon Dowden
  2. Infolady

    HYWAY Schedule - Premature Eschedulation

    The ISWA will implement matside pairing at both 2011 Folkstyle State Final events. They are also working on ways to use matside pairing at FS & GR State. However, FS & GR are a little more difficult using vertical pairing. Also, training is being offered to clubs who want to use matside pairing at their event. Patt Van Horn and Pat Culp have both offered to train all who are interested.
  3. Jim Irsay of the Indianapolis Colts is giving away $25,000 on Christmas Eve to a needy charity. He is taking votes on Twitter so please reply to his tweet and vote for ISWA member club, Take Down Crime! It could really help with a great cause. Even if you are from out of town you can still vote for us. The most votes win, so vote, vote, vote...and if you don't have a twitter account, sign up for one so you can vote! Pass it along to all of your friends, too. Help us bring our Take Down Crime prevention wrestling program, which is a not for profit program, to more kids and marriage wrestling and football at the same time...... http://twitter.com/JimIrsay Laura Rader Tanniehill Wrestling Academy TAKE DOWN CRIME 317-289-1397 laura.rader@yahoo.com
  4. Infolady


    Chris Lynch, ISWA Folkstyle Director, is encouraging wrestlers to go. I think 8 or 10 kids from Franklin are going.
  5. Infolady

    ISWA Annual meeting Sunday

    ISWA Annual Meeting Lawrence North High School 7802 Hague Road, Indianapolis IN Sunday, September 12th Tournament Bidding Meeting - 9:00 am Annual Meeting - 10:30 am Mark Your Calendar!
  6. Infolady

    Team Indiana-Jr Duals

    Championship Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Illinois 2nd Place - Iowa 3rd Place - Ohio 4th Place - Wisconsin 5th Place - Minnesota 3 6th Place - Michigan 1 7th Place - New Jersey 1 8th Place - Kansas 1st Place Match Illinois defeated Iowa 38-24. 3rd Place Match Ohio defeated Wisconsin 37-16. 5th Place Match Minnesota 3 defeated Michigan 1 39-19. 7th Place Match New Jersey 1 defeated Kansas 50-20. Consolation 1 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Missouri 2nd Place - Pennsylvania 1st Place Match Missouri defeated Pennsylvania 42-21. Semi-Finals Pennsylvania defeated Oklahoma 1 37-24. Missouri defeated California 37-22. Quarter-Finals Pennsylvania defeated New York 44-21. Oklahoma 1 defeated Minnesota 4 44-22. California defeated Texas 1 43-19. Missouri defeated Indiana 51-12. Consolation 2 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - North Dakota 2nd Place - Georgia 1 1st Place Match North Dakota defeated Georgia 1 35-31. Semi-Finals Georgia 1 defeated Nebraska 26-28. North Dakota defeated Colorado 36-27. Consolation 3 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Washington 2nd Place - Florida 1st Place Match Washington defeated Florida 42-27. Semi-Finals Washington defeated Tennessee 42-27. Florida defeated South Dakota 40-31. Consolation 4 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Michigan 2 2nd Place - New Jersey 2 1st Place Match Michigan 2 defeated New Jersey 2 37-32. Semi-Finals New Jersey 2 defeated Delaware 35-33. Michigan 2 defeated Arkansas 54-12. Pool A Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Illinois 2nd Place - Kansas 3rd Place - Pennsylvania 4th Place - Indiana 5th Place - Nebraska 6th Place - Washington 7th Place - New Jersey 2 8th Place - Georgia 2 Round 1 Illinois defeated Indiana 61-8. New Jersey 2 defeated Georgia 2 49-11. Pennsylvania defeated Washington 48-13. Kansas defeated Nebraska 45-19. Round 2 Indiana defeated Nebraska 40-28. Illinois defeated Georgia 2 69-2. Kansas defeated Pennsylvania 34-31. Washington defeated New Jersey 2 36-32. Round 3 Indiana defeated New Jersey 2 44-27. Pennsylvania defeated Georgia 2 70-0. Illinois defeated Kansas 51-12. Nebraska defeated Washington 39-28. Round 4 Indiana defeated Washington 34-27. Nebraska defeated Georgia 2 52-6. Illinois defeated Pennsylvania 49-10. Kansas defeated New Jersey 2 44-23. Round 5 Pennsylvania defeated Indiana 36-30. Kansas defeated Georgia 2 60-11. Nebraska defeated New Jersey 2 44-21. Illinois defeated Washington 53-13. Round 6 Kansas defeated Indiana 41-23. Washington defeated Georgia 2 58-12. Pennsylvania defeated Nebraska 53-16. Illinois defeated New Jersey 2 62-3. Round 7 Indiana defeated Georgia 2 63-5. Pennsylvania defeated New Jersey 2 46-18. Illinois defeated Nebraska 56-6. Kansas defeated Washington 40-26. Pool B Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Minnesota 3 2nd Place - Michigan 1 3rd Place - Missouri 4th Place - New York 5th Place - North Dakota 6th Place - South Dakota 7th Place - Delaware 8th Place - Oklahoma 2 Round 1 South Dakota defeated Delaware 33-28. Missouri defeated New York 48-11. Minnesota 3 defeated Oklahoma 2 53-12. Michigan 1 defeated North Dakota 45-21. Round 2 North Dakota defeated South Dakota 51-18. New York defeated Delaware 40-27. Michigan 1 defeated Oklahoma 2 64-8. Minnesota 3 defeated Missouri 37-24. Round 3 Missouri defeated South Dakota 52-12. New York defeated Oklahoma 2 48-19. Michigan 1 defeated Delaware 47-11. Minnesota 3 defeated North Dakota 52-17. Round 4 Minnesota 3 defeated South Dakota 48-14. New York defeated North Dakota 40-28. Delaware defeated Oklahoma 2 41-19. Michigan 1 defeated Missouri 38-24. Round 5 South Dakota defeated Oklahoma 2 35-26. Michigan 1 defeated New York 49-16. Missouri defeated North Dakota 54-12. Minnesota 3 defeated Delaware 45-19. Round 6 Michigan 1 defeated South Dakota 53-14. Minnesota 3 defeated New York 50-17. North Dakota defeated Oklahoma 2 45-27. Missouri defeated Delaware 56-11. Round 7 New York defeated South Dakota 45-24. Missouri defeated Oklahoma 2 54-11. North Dakota defeated Delaware 47-21. Minnesota 3 defeated Michigan 1 37-30. Pool C Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Wisconsin 2nd Place - New Jersey 1 3rd Place - California 4th Place - Minnesota 4 5th Place - Colorado 6th Place - Florida 7th Place - Michigan 2 Round 1 California defeated Colorado 42-24. Wisconsin defeated Minnesota 4 39-21. Florida defeated Michigan 2 37-27. New Jersey 1 defeated null 0-0. Round 2 New Jersey 1 defeated Colorado 48-15. Wisconsin defeated California 44-19. Michigan 2 defeated null 0-0. Minnesota 4 defeated Florida 38-26. Round 3 Minnesota 4 defeated Colorado 36-29. Wisconsin defeated Michigan 2 50-17. California defeated null 0-0. New Jersey 1 defeated Florida 55-9. Round 4 Colorado defeated Florida 38-31. Wisconsin defeated New Jersey 1 37-25. California defeated Michigan 2 47-16. Minnesota 4 defeated null 0-0. Round 5 Michigan 2 defeated Colorado 37-28. Wisconsin defeated null 0-0. New Jersey 1 defeated Minnesota 4 36-30. California defeated Florida 51-14. Round 6 Colorado defeated null 0-0. Wisconsin defeated Florida 61-5. New Jersey 1 defeated Michigan 2 48-15. California defeated Minnesota 4 35-30. Round 7 Wisconsin defeated Colorado 46-20. Minnesota 4 defeated Michigan 2 48-15. New Jersey 1 defeated California 35-28. Florida defeated null 0-0. Pool D Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Ohio 2nd Place - Iowa 3rd Place - Oklahoma 1 4th Place - Texas 1 5th Place - Georgia 1 6th Place - Tennessee 7th Place - Arkansas Round 1 Iowa defeated Arkansas 66-2. Oklahoma 1 defeated Tennessee 59-7. Ohio defeated Texas 1 52-8. Georgia 1 defeated null 0-0. Round 2 Georgia 1 defeated Arkansas 50-13. Iowa defeated Oklahoma 1 45-16. Ohio defeated null 0-0. Texas 1 defeated Tennessee 41-22. Round 3 Tennessee defeated Arkansas 50-10. Ohio defeated Oklahoma 1 52-10. Iowa defeated null 0-0. Texas 1 defeated Georgia 1 32-29. Round 4 Texas 1 defeated Arkansas 60-6. Oklahoma 1 defeated Georgia 1 46-17. Ohio defeated Iowa 37-20. Tennessee defeated null 0-0. Round 5 Ohio defeated Arkansas 67-0. Oklahoma 1 defeated null 0-0. Georgia 1 defeated Tennessee 43-20. Iowa defeated Texas 1 49-12. Round 6 Arkansas defeated null 0-0. Oklahoma 1 defeated Texas 1 50-12. Ohio defeated Georgia 1 51-14. Iowa defeated Tennessee 65-4. Round 7 Oklahoma 1 defeated Arkansas 68-3. Ohio defeated Tennessee 61-2. Iowa defeated Georgia 1 44-21. Texas 1 defeated null 0-0. Consolation 5 Results Guaranteed Places 1st Place - Oklahoma 2 2nd Place - Georgia 2 1st Place Match Oklahoma 2 defeated Georgia 2 43-16.
  7. 4 day camp, transportation, lodging, meals, entry fee, 2 singlets, 2 t-shits, jacket, bag, shorts. Transportation is the most expensive, depending on how far you have to travel. Some states do not include transportation in their cost but require wrestlers to provide their own way to Fargo. While there are some states that pay less than Indiana, there are others that pay more. USA Wrestling did a cost survey a couple of years ago and Indiana's trip cost fell in the mid-range.
  8. Infolady

    Pairings @ Central Reg.

    Just to clarify...The Central Regional Championships is a USA Wrestling Event. The ISWA only serves as the LOC (local organizing committee). The pairing personel are assigned by USWOA. This year, the pairing staff consisted of pairers from Indiana, Ohio and Michigan. The ISWA had little to no say in how the tournament was paired. My personal opinion......I feel that although the pairers assigned to these events are high ranking, very knowledgeable and beleive in going by the book, they lose sight of what is best for the wrestlers and their parents.
  9. Zeke Jones visited the Indiana State Wrestling Association's state finals and talked about many things from his job at the Olympic Training Center to how freestyle and Greco benefit folkstyle wrestlers. http://www.usawrestlingnation.com/video/gallery/t7mbmH8I0EE
  10. Coaches & Parents - Re: Central Regionals May 22 - 23 To be at matside to coach at USA Wrestling Central Regionals at Franklin Community High School, all coaches must have both a USA Wrestling Coach's Membership card and a copper or bronze certification. Coaches Card & Copper Certification required to coach Intermediate, Novice, Schoolboy, Cadet Coaches Card & Bronze Certification required to coach Juniors
  11. Each year, the Indiana State Wrestling Association offers a minimum of five $1,000.00 "Founders Scholarships to graduating seniors. The six 2010 Scholarship recipients are: Matt Milton ? Center Grove High School John Petrov ? Hanover Central High School Frankie Porras ? Hobart High School Bryce Schendel ? Garrett High School Caleb Smith ? Princeton High School Jacob Tonte ? Perry Meridian High School
  12. Infolady

    Fargo info?

    3 per weight class for a total of 45 plus all who qualify at Regionals or FILA Juniors. It is a little complicated though. You can actually send 4 in one weight class if you only have 2 in another. For example: if you only have 2 wrestlers choose to go at 98, you can take an additional wrestler at 135 for a total of 4. Wrestlers who quailify at regionals or FILA Juniors do not count against your total.
  13. All Juniors who did not qualify by placing in the top 4, in the Junior age division, at a Freestyle qualifying tournament must pre-register for Junior Freestyle State. High School Cadets who wish to wrestle at Junior State must also pre-register by midnight tonight. We are not using trackwrestling for pre-registration. You will need to email Carol Schroeder, ISWA Statistics Director, with the following information: Name Date of Birth Address, City, Zip Phone# Grade in School USA Wrestling Competitor?s card number To pre-register, send your information to: schroederfam7@verizon.net. Deadline to pre-register is MIDNIGHT TONIGHT!
  14. YES! USA cards will be available for purchase on iste.

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