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  1. I was always shocked that Jake Gross from Lowell never made it out of semi-state
  2. I was thinking of a certain wrestling mom from a certain South Bend high school...I don't want to name drop on here, but does anybody else know who I'm referring to?...Her voice is so piercing at Al Smith, at EC (formerly Merrillville) SS, everywhere...
  3. Can someone please post the link for us wrestling fans that are unable to make it down to Indy tonight? We're pumped for finals this year...starting at 7:30 pm ET...also have what weight class is finals starting with?
  4. So I wasn't the only one who noticed this! I remember thinking: "Wow he looks oddly upset even though he just majored the kid..." ...that's Nick Lee for ya. The kid is a steel trap.
  5. Finally some coherence! I couldn't agree more with this post. The refs should let the boys play!
  6. Does anybody know if Covaciu and Lawrence are friends outside of wrestling?
  7. 120 was an absolute bloodbath this year, and I really think that anybody who qualified (let alone placed) deserves a standing ovation. Nice job, boys.
  8. I would like to think that my rivalries thread earlier this season inspired the creation of this article! ;]
  9. Those have a very "Nightmare on Elm Street" look to them, don't they?
  10. Throughout my years of wrestling, I have encountered everything from great showers to not so great showers at a variety of tournaments. However, which school has the best locker room showers? I cast my vote to the female locker room showers by the new gym at Mishawaka High School. I've never felt better at the Al Smith!
  11. With the recent upset Black pinning Reitz, their rivalry will be closely watched in conference finals, sectional finals, regional finals, and (possibly) semi-state and state finals. Have there been other state-quality rivalries that were battled in 5+ tournaments in a single season? I believe that Cosgrove v. McGill went back and forth a lot.
  12. I'm going to throw in Jake Gross, the 132 pounder this year from Lowell...the kid was slick. Surprised that he didn't make it to Indy.
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