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  1. You know who I am going to say;) with some great wins in his career over state champs and top national wrestlers yes im going to say it Andre Richards
  2. Awsome one speed GO GO GO !!! Great wrestler, coach, dad and friend!!
  3. What's your teams looking like is the Morton boys goin
  4. Most of those wrestlers grew up wrestling fs though.
  5. Well I hope the numbers grow for you guys Im a huge Brownsburg supporter half my family is from Brownsburg.Best of luck to you guys,have you tried going to the youth football and trying to draw kids i.You expecially have it hard there cause Brownsburg has always been a baseball and basketball town keep tryin to get the kids to come out it will payoff.Best of luck
  6. Great group of wrestlers look for freshmans bailey and stewart to place really high. Great squad I could see 10-12making it to state next yr. for the Irish.
  7. Wilson from WC is the only one i can think of or am I wrong.I agree you have to get all aspects of wrestling to be a top guy just practicing folkstyle all year will not cut it and I could see numbers falling for sure. The numbers will jump back up in fs and greco if coaches push for it evidently we are loosing coaches that are versital in wrestling
  8. I guess if you have wrestlers that want to do a lot of freestyle and greco they have to look for somewhere else to practice then is that what your saying so if you have a kid who wants to wrestle every fs and greco tour they can to better themselves, they have to find a coach that will go and help them to progress. What your saying is while top clubs are coaching fs and greco your being one domentional and sticking to folkstyle. Your wrestlers will never be open to other styles if the coaches are not. So does your wrestlers know tilts and things of that nature that is done in freestyle. but you need in your arsenal. for college. ride time ext.
  9. All I'm saying is coaches have a responsibility to teach all styles and yes promote fs and greco the original styles of wrestling if we want to be amongst the worlds best if you like limitations and mediocrity yes then just stick to the HS folkstyle.Tell me are you teaching your wrestlers the difference between HS folkstyle and college. folkstyle or is that a waist of your time to?
  10. I believe Perry , Cathedral, Franklin , Penn and Yorktown will be the top teams.
  11. That's the attitude that got wrestling out of Olympics ,being a versitle wrestler different styles makes for a better wrestler.Yes clubs-coaches should sell the importance for wrestling fs and greco to new wrestlers and parents if your not doing this your hurting the sport period .
  12. I love freestyle and greco you have to wrestle every sec 100percent or it will end. I know there had been many times my son was getting his but kicked but he kept wrestling waited for the other to make a mistake then overcame . Its exciting you can throw. Love everthing about it my belief is the coaches need to sale the importance to kids and parents .
  13. Great job wrestlers and parents sounds like you guys would of might won it if you would of had a hwt.. Nice work
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