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  1. Wrestlingfan182

    9 Second KO/TKO Video Kraus vs. Morgan

    Great win way to attack.
  2. Wrestlingfan182

    jarred brooks

    Who chris or Jarred .
  3. Wrestlingfan182

    jarred brooks

    sounds like a great time goodluck there.
  4. Wrestlingfan182

    jarred brooks

    Has jared fought any at 135?Is Chris Collins still135 If so that would be a fight to see.
  5. Wrestlingfan182

    jarred brooks

    Are all the fights still on?
  6. Wrestlingfan182

    This season TUF Sonnen vs. Jones

    Bubba gets the wildcard can he pull it off?Go getm
  7. Wrestlingfan182


    I got Ellenberger,Hendricks,Diaz
  8. Wrestlingfan182


    What's everyone's thoughts?Personsally would love to see Diaz.GSP is just a freak of nature one of the best wrestlers in mma even though did wrestle groing up.
  9. Wrestlingfan182

    Rocktagon MMA

    Go getm Joe!! Well be there
  10. Wrestlingfan182

    This season TUF Sonnen vs. Jones

    I agree Cale is doing great which suprised me seeing him on pre and post fights he seemed very arrogant but I have truly turned into a fan.He genuinely cares about all his fighters and gives them great advice . The fight with him and Jones should be really good
  11. Wrestlingfan182

    jarred brooks

    Thanks! Since its now sanctioned you would think accurate records would be able to get. That's right they started a lot of fighters records after the sanctioning JJ fought atleast 25 fights before the sanctioning. I still think Jared will pull it off but its not going to be easy.JJ was an ex Portage wrestler he has strong defence and hands. It will be awsome I think I'm going to have to make the trip I've been wanting to see Kraus fight.Who else is on this card
  12. Wrestlingfan182

    This season TUF Sonnen vs. Jones

    Surprise Surprise the wrestler beats the heavy hitter.
  13. Wrestlingfan182

    jarred brooks

    He has fought a lot more times than that a couple. years ago he was fighting every weekend. i have seen about 10 of hi fights and know he has a lot more I would say he has atleast 30 fights ammy plus pro.He has a lot of experience and great take down defense .Heavy hitter.Should go the distance.
  14. Wrestlingfan182

    Nick Kraus 7-2

    Great job ! Keep it up.You going to fight in Indianapolis anytime soon?
  15. Wrestlingfan182

    jarred brooks

    Should be a great fight JJ has a lot of experience trained with Jake Nealy for a long time!Anyone have his record? I believe Jared will pull it off with some Ground and Pound

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