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  1. Matthew Nelson

    Disney Duals

    3 Indiana teams in the top 8 Along with the Outlaws placing 4th Indiana is having a great showing
  2. Matthew Nelson

    Impact freshman

    Better job, better school, better community, more opportunity, less crime. Do i need to go on? Thats funny? Judgemental pos
  3. Matthew Nelson

    Impact freshman

  4. Matthew Nelson

    Impact freshman

    Cheap shot. Nice to know you are thinking about us. For the record, we love our MD friends and family. Just wanted a better future for my family. Sorry, not sorry.
  5. Warren does a great job hosting ISWA State finals, But not getting phone service is very frustrating. I had difficult time logging into Trackwrestling to follow matches. I had to go outside to update everytime. I thought groups of people outside were smoking, but they were trying to pull up trackwrestling. I missed several phone calls. Almost missed one of KT's matches.
  6. Matthew Nelson

    Folkstyle State Finals

    Sam is the truth! Love that kids performance and drive.
  7. The throw Ben had at the end of the third was SICK! Lots of fireworks there. Nice answer to his loss at the regional. He is very exciting to watch.
  8. Matthew Nelson

    EVV SS gets 2 pound allowance? **Not Confirmed**

    Heard from a little bird on a bus trip to Evansville. He might be playing tricks on me.
  9. I heard evansville is getting a 2 pound allowance for SS.
  10. Matthew Nelson

    Mooresville Regional

    Afraid to say the B word
  11. Matthew Nelson

    Hoosier boys Super 32

    Thanks! Im sure that took some time to do.
  12. Matthew Nelson

    Hoosier boys Super 32

    Im super proud of our Indiana Boys. I watched most matches and followed kids that I didnt know before this tournament, as High School is a new atmosphere for us. I saw everyone of these kids wrestle their Butts off, and they gave the competition the full fight. I dont think any of them under performed. They left it all on the mat every time, and I was extremely impressed with the heart they all have. Indiana is on the map. They may not have accomplished their dreams this time, but they are on the right path. Everyone of them should be proud of the way they wrestled. We should all praise them for the sacrifices and dedication they gave to fight at the Super 32. After watching these kids wrestle this weekend, I cannot wait to watch each and everyone of them this season. I am rooting for them all. From up North all they way to down south, I am proud to be a Hoosier. Hats off to our Hoosier boys.
  13. Matthew Nelson

    Moves and Transfers

    I wish some were brave enough to use their real names. Well, maybe you should not. Just saying. God, Family, Wrestling.
  14. It would be nice to share the ride and expenses with good company if anybody is interested.

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