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  1. We could just wrestle sectionals then take all 32 champs and go directly to state finals.
  2. Isn't that obvious? If there are two classes there would be two state champions per weight class. Do I really have to explain that?
  3. I agree. The goal is to be the best in your weight when you step on the mat that day. Of course when you split it into two classes that can't happen.
  4. So once again why should we stop there? Let's make it 5 classes and qualify 1120 kids rather that two classes and 488 kids. 5 times the kids experiencing glory will increase interest even more than your terrible idea of just trying to double it. There are 5 states that have no tournament leading to state finals. We need to get on their level of interest. Everyone qualifies for state finals.
  5. I feel like we should have Oprah Winfrey give out awards. "You qualify for state, you qualify for state, everyone qualifies for state."
  6. Did you ever wrestle? It's not a sport of glory. It's a blue color grinding life lesson. If kids are joining wrestling so they can be state qualifiers then we are making it too easy to qualify.
  7. I really hope you're not referring to me here because I encourage kids to participate in any sports they enjoy doing. I've seen first hand over the last 15 years that a state qualifier doesn't increase the numbers in your program and it certainly doesn't increase the talent. participation awards are silly. There are 13 states that qualify over 50 percent of all the wrestlers in the state yet those states don't seem to be booming in number increases or talent. According to your analysis this is the complete opposite of your predictions.
  8. are you reading the words you type? So the two weeks of practice (that the kid can attend even if they don't qualify for state) with the same teammates he always practices with (which apparently are so bad they need to be separated from the good kids in the state) is much better, to you, than going to a wrestling camp put on by a college?
  9. So do you feel if we moved to 5 classes, like some of these states that have less wrestling teams than Indiana, we could qualify 1120 kids to state every year and nearly every team in the state would see number increases from having the publicity of a state qualifier?
  10. So assuming our tournament can handle twice as many state qualifiers.... you have now sent 224 kids to state that wouldn't normally be there. There parents will get a hotel in indy for around 130 dollars for one night. 20 dollars per ticket. Possibly have to take off work to make the event. They will spend money on fuel for their trip. (Some more than others) they will have to spend money on food at restaurants over the weekend. Now to keep all this in perspective, none of these kids are better wrestlers because they are "state qualifiers". No one in your school cares that you're a state qualifier and they aren't interested in joining your team because you qualified for state. So instead of all this money being spent to have a "state qualifier", it could be spent on wrestling camps or trips to RTCs to actually get better.
  11. I'm not against any of this but time at state becomes an issue. It's already a late Friday and very late Saturday.
  12. There is no such thing as a misspelled word when it's typed. It's a typo. In my case it was an auto correct. The fact that you have to completely change the subject shows that your argument holds no weight.
  13. I'd love to know how I'm losing? The system in place is the one I want. Besides if I lose this battle and Indiana goes to classes, the entire state of Indiana wrestling losses.
  14. It's not personal. You have made it very clear that more awards handed out is much more important to you than earning the awards already set in place.
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