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  1. 1998 121 and and was a 103 5X JV state Champ. Now well I cant disclose my weight cause of my National Security Clarence. National Thumb wraslin tilte. And 2 Junior tiles in96 and 98. I also went to the Worlds in Indiana Leg wreslin lost to the eventual champ. Mastered to of the most lethal moves, they stated calling me Donnie Anfibius. Moved on now to nUmb chucks and well a Champ ins a Champ. And I fear everyone. Sware to God I do. Wait I think I might be on the wrong thread.
  2. The Sectionals in front on the TV with reruns of Netflix Xena Warrior Princess in the front room of "The Porka-P-alace.....
  3. Where the I house the Pork-A-Saurus Swear to God I do
  4. Trailblazer to the hospitality room, Y2, Those who have changed their name should not be considerate.. "I sware to God they shouldn't. TripleBiCon
  5. He who stirs the pot, must lick the spoon.....Get to licking
  6. So you are saying prob the best wrestler in the gym won’t win the Sectional?? Who is, never mind you alls new at this and don’t understand. This Sectional has been flipped upside down.
  7. Not really any unknowns only who is getting second... kinda like when I took Monica Flanders from Yorkshire High to prom. She made it better because she was there and wasn’t anyone touching her
  8. Guaranteed 8 more years with a Douglas at 106.
  9. That is incorrect, not a dwarf.
  10. Cant stop watching this....
  11. 17 years ago.... Where was in 2000. Oh yea I was in Sydney working as a kangaroo boxing agent. Got picked up by some dudes in a van, I think they were from that Lord of the Rings movie. They all had these weird haircuts and these jackets with rings on them. I finally jumped out they kept wanting me to run next to the van, Man these golden locks dont sweat, business in the front party in the back , I swear to God they dont". So I jumped out. Lets see man 17 years ago.....Oh yea thats when I was living in Florida, delivering these big machines. They told us we were hauling the future of America, I dint care what the future held. Dang Randy dropped one down around Miami and bent it up we fixed up and sent her on its way. Some guy named Chad kept calling and wanting a refund, I said, "should have checked the stuff before we unloaded it. once it hits the ground its your, state law. Three weeks later gotta call from some dude telling me I got drawn to look at some stupid cards. I didnt look at any of them just threw them in a box. One said GW the AG. Ginger Wilson and Angel Garcia. Ginger won I think I took one look and knew what they wanted, all my cards went to Ginger. No one liked Angel she talked too much and annoyed everyone, Swear to God she did!!" ME and ol BBB met up a few years later I was a few rooms down, his room was plush man all the walls were padded. He showed me the inner-web and well here we are, been here ever since. Thats why we have prob the same IP from work yea yea. I got it wink wink. HAHA, #dirtysouthboyz, TeamGarcia indicating there is more than one of you. Everybody like BBB and DB or Shemedium and XXXL. LMAO....LOL.....OMG....No one says that about you, and anyone else......., "swear to god they dont!!!"
  12. Hey, BBB Just think if the officials could rate the coaches on their chance to advance....... You would have never made it out of sectionals, "Swear to God you Wouldnt!!!"
  13. Man I gotta say hats off to Lee. He could have stayed at 38 and walked, but OH BABY!! He said I want the best!! Hats off to Red doing what only select few have working for 4 I said 4 titles. Oh yea and being unbeatable. After its all over whoever "doesn't win" because neither is a loser, is still one of the greats. For some this is the pinnacle of their wrestling careers, these two have another step wether it's a NCAA title or world's. I have said some funny stuff and rode those that need to be rode, but if you don't know the weight this match carries, please go to the bathroom stick your head in the toilet reach up and flush. " I sware to god you should". There will be 10, 10 and under wrestlers watching this match on TV with me, the cops said it was ok. Only because they are there too. I want them to see what Indiana wrestling should be. These two are great no questions the winner gets another title the guy who is not the winner well I'm sure we will here their name see their hand raised again. I have been waiting for this since I heard about Lee being seeded at Sectionals. We are about two hours from Ali /Frasier, Rousey/ Holmes, Rocky/ Drago,& well Swain/Shute. Pull your pants up put the wife to bed and let the kids stay up late. Man I gotta Go I got ice waiting for some new friends. Good luck boys, who cares who wins!!
  14. Well now the intellect comment I have seen in years..Sware to God it Is!!! BBB we should get the play by play gig next year a real honest good time any ideas for a name yet??? Maybe... 1. DB&BBB or for his small fan base BBB&DB 2. Pardon the Disruption 3. My fav Shmedium and XXL Let me clearify I am XXL
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