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  1. It’s donniebaker all days long. #trendsetter #dirtysouth. Real Dirty
  2. Or at dusc at Madtown Regaya wandering the sunset beaches of the OH-IO River. Sware to God he does. He thinks it’s a State Law
  3. I would say me with the obvious business in the front and in cutoff boo jeans and sleeveless flamal, and sum Nikee pumps. Sware to God I only bring my Sunday best to the Bank. Franklin Central rocking the white beard and blue flame shirt that looks like BBB trying to button his shirt after a 3 hour intermission in da streets of Inday
  4. Still gotta weigh in.... Its the rulz, And he said spitmaker……..
  5. They should have to stand inline to weigh in wit the kids..... Sware to God they should...…. Four hours later bFF,s
  6. BBB on a foot workx trainer. HAHA Only if you tie some beef jerky to a stick, Sware to GOd you would
  7. 1998 121 and and was a 103 5X JV state Champ. Now well I cant disclose my weight cause of my National Security Clarence. National Thumb wraslin tilte. And 2 Junior tiles in96 and 98. I also went to the Worlds in Indiana Leg wreslin lost to the eventual champ. Mastered to of the most lethal moves, they stated calling me Donnie Anfibius. Moved on now to nUmb chucks and well a Champ ins a Champ. And I fear everyone. Sware to God I do. Wait I think I might be on the wrong thread.
  8. The Sectionals in front on the TV with reruns of Netflix Xena Warrior Princess in the front room of "The Porka-P-alace.....
  9. Where the I house the Pork-A-Saurus Swear to God I do
  10. Trailblazer to the hospitality room, Y2, Those who have changed their name should not be considerate.. "I sware to God they shouldn't. TripleBiCon
  11. He who stirs the pot, must lick the spoon.....Get to licking
  12. So you are saying prob the best wrestler in the gym won’t win the Sectional?? Who is, never mind you alls new at this and don’t understand. This Sectional has been flipped upside down.
  13. Not really any unknowns only who is getting second... kinda like when I took Monica Flanders from Yorkshire High to prom. She made it better because she was there and wasn’t anyone touching her
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