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  1. LOL! I at least calmed the situation down long enough for security to handle it!
  2. If Livingston is the only guy you know from Edgewood... I feel sorry for you! Lol! That's a joke btw. Livingston and I are good friends. I guess I'll just say that I know who you are and I know your boy through wrestling with Outlaws... and my name is Nate Koontz... the MustangDaddy!
  3. I won't go so far asbury4040 as to insult you. I know you and you know me and I respect your opinion and I do appreciate the statement that kids are soft. I agree with that statement. I will, however, rebut by saying this. If wrestling, by itself, is a tough sport, and kids these days are soft, shouldn't we do what we can to get more kids to wrestle? I would go so far to say that even the kids that wrestle for 4 years and never make it to state, or never win their conference, or never have a winning record, are still better off in life because they've experienced walking on the mat and go
  4. Couldn't agree more. Had this conversation with our head coach after I posted originally. The small school state champs and state placers are still going have to work their butts off. Success in wrestling is hard no matter what. So let's do something to get more kids believing they can be successful. As confidence grows, they'll look forward to dual meets and in-season tournaments where they can match up against the "big school" guys, but still look forward to their tournament run.
  5. I appreciate the thinking outside the box... but wrestlebacks are the ONLY answer. We need to stand firm. Most ridiculous part of our state series. I just commented on class wrestling, but I’d be more inclined to lower my support of a class system if we had wrestlebacks. It’s stupid that we don’t have them and we don’t have the best wrestlers at our state tournament. We are usually missing close to 10 of the best wrestlers in the state at Bankers Life because of our lack of wrestle backs.
  6. People will disagree with me, but one of the hardest things about developing a program in Indiana is the constant moving from one school to another to be more successful. I have struggled with sending my son to a big school but at the end of the day, we are staying put. But, I have the resources to pay for private coaching in the offseason and travel. I believe better athletes will stay at their own school if they don’t feel the need to move to accomplish a deeper run in the state series. This helps develop smaller programs which increases competition everywhere. I can tell you that it’s much
  7. Hey Sig40, you might start to pay attention to the name Kaden Lone. He wrestled with us at Sparty and went undefeated. He’s a tough kid. I really enjoyed watching him. Probably still needs some feathers to make the list, but I’d be surprised not to see him high on the podium at MS State.
  8. Edgewood Wrestling is looking for a 175lb 6 grade or below to fill our team for elementary team state on January 7th. If interested contact Nate Koontz at 812-272-5039
  9. Last year's team took 3rd. They were one close individual match away from beating the MN team in the semis. I don't how many kids were from the County last year.
  10. So I've been reading my rule book and preparing for my test. It is apparent that there are officials that have not looked through the illustrations in the book.. at least not for a while. I'm sure I can look this up, but is there a requirement to keep up to date with current situations? Wrestling has evolved over the years and many of the positions, such as ankle pass situations, just weren't as common years ago. Just wondering of there was accountability for keeping up with current trends. To be specific, I have been told several times that in order for a takedown to be awarded, a wrestle
  11. 2, or even 4 regionals, then state is something I've talked about for a couple years. Get the number down to 16 per weight with separation based on placements at regionals, Much like we do our HS semi state and state. Make sure you have wrestle backs!!! This would definitely hurt the $ coming in on Sunday, but it would improve the event and prevent kids from wrestling an unreasonable amount of matches. And we might get home at a decent hour!!!
  12. So I have some compliments and critics about the event and I'm hoping some good or at least some answered questions will come out of it. First, I thought the tournament overall was nothing short of spectacular. So much quality wrestling and the folks at New Castle are awesome. They always have been. Question: If they are going to weigh everyone in at once, why the two pound allowance in gear? This whole weight allowance epidemic is baffling to me. No matter what you do with the weights, kids will cut. Period. So why mess with it? Just set the weights and have the kids weigh in a compet
  13. I saw Garrett this weekend. Coach Goldman mad him cut the hair. No more Beiber.
  14. Great post. You never know what's gonna happen. My son's junior year, we were just hoping for him to qualify. Toughest guy in the bracket got spladled; opening the door. He went on to win semi state, had a good draw at state and went on to place 3rd. To this day, that was the most fun/joy I've ever experienced in my kids' wrestling experiences. More years to come, but so far that tops the cake. He was the underdog and wrestled without the pressure of expectation. The underdog has nothing to lose, no pressure, and everything to gain! Have fun with it boys! There is nothing more exciting than a
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