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  1. Couldn’t agree more. It’s very difficult to keep the kids at small schools that get beat by academy trained athletes year in and year out. Then heaven forbid you do get a stud... because chances are that kid’s parents will travel to an academy, get better by wrestling other kids from the academy, then get recruited by the big schools, then parents move their whole lives around for 4 years of high school wrestling. Then the small school is back to square one. I’ve seen it first hand over and over again. More kids will give it a shot if they believe they have a chance to be successfu
  2. Koontz wrestled Drew Hughes in that QF. Hughes got an early lead and Koontz battled back and almost got two NF to tie in the third. Hughes won 7-5. They were ranked 1 & 2 that year. I think Forte beat Kemper in the finals that year.
  3. My kids grew up at Edgewood in Ellettsville. My oldest son saw success there and I was the youth coach at the time. We were really trying to create a culture at the time and we wanted numbers. We wanted the best athletes to wrestle. My middle son is now at Perry. Obviously they have a strong wrestling culture and it’s a big school. I can say that I would still support class wrestling because I have been that guy trying like crazy to get kids to try wrestling. Big schools not only have more numbers in general but they also tend to be in areas with access to academies and
  4. PEOPLE ARE STEALING KIDS' CODES!!! So we have parents not getting tickets because the codes are being stolen. The codes are not very unique and easily cracked. If you purchased tickets for another kid, you are a horrible person and don't deserve to be a part of this great sport.
  5. I’m willing to entertain the argument against classes... but I support a class system because I believe more kids would wrestle if we had classes. However, I believe the lack of wrestle backs is an absolute travesty! It’s ridiculous. We say we like the single class system because of the finals, but we have some of the state’s best at home this weekend cause of draw situations. It’s dumb and it’s lazy on our part. We are undermining years of effort and commitment that a lot of these kids put in... because we don’t want to put the effort in for three weekends. There is no justificati
  6. This epitomizes what I love so much about Indiana's state tournament. I love watching the placement matches. The pressure is off at that point and the kids just seem to wrestle loose and get after it. So much fun. The year my oldest son placed 3rd was one of the most fun experiences of my life. He won with a last second takedown that at first was a no call, but after deliberation, he was awarded the two... And the crowd went wild. It was awesome! Of course, last year's headlock from his younger brother was about 7 seconds of absolute pandemonium that I still haven't fully recovered
  7. Agreed. Absolutely ridiculous that we don’t have wrestlebacks.
  8. It was a really BAD no call. Two feet, one hand on the mat for like two full seconds. I hate that for Deckard. He’s an amazing kid! Just a really terrible, terrible no call.
  9. My kids have wrestled in both the NC semi state and Evansville. I won’t speak for EC cause I’ve never been to it. I will say that top to bottom, Evansville is a dream crusher for so many kids that win their regional. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of talent with Perry, Warren Central, Cathedral and others at NC. But having Avon, Brownsburg, Mater Dei, Franklin, Center Grove, etc feeding Evansville just crushes the hopes of kids from the smaller schools in the south. Evansville is so tough every year. Honestly, based on my kid’s weight, I am really glad he’s gonna be at NC.
  10. That Mooresville regional kills kids from other regionals feeding Evansville!
  11. LOL! I at least calmed the situation down long enough for security to handle it!
  12. If Livingston is the only guy you know from Edgewood... I feel sorry for you! Lol! That's a joke btw. Livingston and I are good friends. I guess I'll just say that I know who you are and I know your boy through wrestling with Outlaws... and my name is Nate Koontz... the MustangDaddy!
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