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  1. I don't know .. There reserves can whip most teams .
  2. Was looking forward to some of the big matchs , but Regionals will be here soon enough.
  3. Reitz should have several State Placers .. It takes time and energy in the youth program to get better. They do have a couple solid kids ..
  4. Pretty much , hell they just won team state. Sectionals and Regionals all 14 . Semi-state will be a grinder .. 132 is insane ..
  5. Coy Hammack at 113 looks pretty impressive today . The kid likes to scrap , and never shys away from competition. At Castle Today . John Purdy is cleaning house today as well .
  6. Lane Deckard from Edgewood looked impressive this morning at 132 .. He is smooth with the takedowns and I know 132 is Loaded.
  7. Can you post the Team State lineups. Who's wrestling , and who's out do to injuries?
  8. It needs to be realigned.. This is ridiculous.
  9. Don't know what Semi State you are out of , but keep telling yourself that .
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