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  3. I am very happy to be back in coaching and have accepted the Head Coach position for New Albany.
  4. I was reading on the IHSAA SITE the NFHS recommended weight class change of a choice between 3 for boys and girls. I apologize if I missed the topic somewhere else, but does anyone have any insight or could point me in the right direction?
  5. Tre Lynch was a 5'9 106, 6' 132, and a 6'2 152 - in a 3 year span
  6. Due to IHSAA rules on weight management, Chase Aldridge (Providence) will only be wrestling 132 instead of double dipping into 113 as well. He is a team guy! : )
  7. I know not much of Phil Thrashers 500+ wins are in New Albany's total, had trouble finding his old records to put into the database.
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