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  1. Its crazy the name "Dr. Death" Steve Williams made for himself Pro Wrestling in Japan. And then the "Brawl for All" happened...
  2. This is my biggest worry... I'm afraid of not only program cuts, but mass season suspensions, in general this year
  3. Seeing my Freshman year bracket from 2001 was a funny memory... #4 first round, #2 in ticket round.... What a draw!
  4. 2003 New Haven (Fort Wayne) Semi-State Brackets - Filled out with most scores Took some digging, but I found them. Sorry if they are a tad blurry on some, I couldn't get my scanner to work 2003 FW SemiState.pdf
  5. Nice to have the info preserved! Not your fault Geosites hasn't had patches in 10 years
  6. 2004 Fort Wayne SemiState State Qualifiers are in Bold ***The site i was able to pull these from said there may be a couple of mistakes*** 2004 Fort Wayne SemiState.docx
  7. 2000, 2001, & 2002 are the only ones I were able to dig up so far, and they were buried pretty deep online I was able to find FW SS 2004, but its on a Geocities site loaded with spam, so i prefer not to put the link on here, so I will paste on word and attach a file I also have a physical copy of 2006 FWSS as well, that I could scan and attach if wanted
  8. Here is 2000 (All Semi States) pairings: https://www.ihsaa.org/archive/b-wrestling/00IndSemistate.htm
  9. Here is 2001 (all) semi state pairings: https://www.ihsaa.org/archive/b-wrestling/01IndividualSemistate.htm 2002: https://www.ihsaa.org/archive/b-wrestling/02IndividualSemistate.htm Hope this helps a little
  10. The second time was with one of the nastiest headlocks I've ever seen!
  11. Rickie Elkins is one that a lot of people forget about... Runner-up in 2000, ranked #1 in 2001 going into State... Up 4-2 first round at State and gets put to his back an pinned in the 2nd period by a very tough Curt Schleibaum I believe Elkins had a win over the runner-up that year (Jason Woodson) and then beat the Champ (Allen Weinzapfel) by 5 or 6 points at team state the next weekend
  12. Shannon Stout (Delta) Class of '94 1991 - 6th @ 135 1992 - 5th @145 1993 - 2nd @ 160 1994 - 3rd @ 160
  13. Same exact scenario happened in 2014 with Sawyer Miller and Conner Knapp at FW Semi-State... They wrestled for 3rd/4th the prior year and met in ticket round the next... Unreal draw for these guys as well!
  14. This exact same scenario happened some years back at Fort Wayne with Miller vs Knapp in the Ticket Round... That's a nasty draw!
  15. The three* that come to mind for me is: 2018 - 126lbs 2010 - 112lbs 2006 - 119lbs So many Champs, future champs, and multi-place winners in each weight class
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