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Everything posted by AJ

  1. AJ

    Winchester vs. Muncie Central

  2. AJ

    Anderson vs. Muncie Central

  3. We are trying to get our Youth Program rolling in Muncie. Last year we had about 50 kids in the program. This year I am looking to get then to compete in some matches. I was wanting to start off with something a little cheaper than ISWA tournaments for my really new and young ones. Looking for leagues or any club near Muncie that has friendship meets. I also plan on sending some of the kids in the program to some local ISWA tournaments as well I am just trying to grow the sport and looking for some help and advice. Feel free to respond or email me at alan.bradley@muncieshools.org AJ Bradley
  4. AJ

    Delta vs. Muncie Central

  5. AJ

    Connersville vs. Muncie Central

  6. AJ

    DeKalb vs. Muncie Central

  7. AJ

    Homestead vs. Muncie Central

  8. Muncie Central
  9. 113 Gage Cline now wrestles for Delta
  10. Get your popcorn ready...
  11. Meets have already started... Has anyone heard anything official from their ADs regarding this change??
  12. Is this something we have to provide documentation for at Sectional Seeding meeting?
  13. We just bought Adidas team headgear last year that has their 3 stripe logo on each side...
  14. What exactly is the point of this rule? Seems like a lot of extra paperwork.
  15. 01/07/2020 06:30 PM
  16. It will be a fun state championship race!!!
  17. We are still in need of a dual
  18. HAHAHA.... 2 choices disguised as 4.....
  19. We started with 25 on Monday... grade and physical checks are today, so we shall see... I am excited for the 10 freshmen that we have!!!
  20. Jeff Pease,Muncie Southside, needs to be mentioned.... National1989 275lbs Junior Freestyle Nationals 1st1989 275lbs Junior Greco Nationals 1st1988 242lbs Cadet Freestyle Nationals 1st1988 242lbs Cadet Greco Nationals 1st1987 242lbs Cadet Freestyle Nationals 5th1987 242lbs Cadet Greco Nationals 1stCollege1996 275lbs NCAA DII 7th for Central Oklahoma1995 275lbs NCAA DII 2nd for Central Oklahoma Placed 3rd his senior year on a fractured leg......
  21. Muncie Central is in need of one dual meet this year. We could travel to your place the week of Jan. 6-10 (we have a JV Invite on Wednesday so we are unavailable that day) or we could host on either Jan 21 or 23 If interested please contact AJ Bradley at alan.bradley@muncieschools.org
  22. I was wondering where I could find a membership form. I was not able to attend the Fall Clinic due to knee surgery. AJ
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