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  1. Will the actual votes be reported? Would be fun to see how close, or not so close, the numbers were.
  2. Do we know when the NFHS will make their official announcement? and we will see the IHSWCA poll results?
  3. What are the chances these weight changes happen? What about different weight classes for tournaments and duals?
  4. Will Indiana be adopting these weights?? Thanks Joe...
  5. Has anyone heard about the NFHS changing weights for the 20/21 season? And if so, would Indiana follow?
  6. At USA Wrestling, our number one priority is always the safety of our athletes and their families, all our members, our national staff and the entire U.S. wrestling community.With that in mind, USA Wrestling’s Executive Committee, its newly-created Coronavirus Advisory Committee, and members of the national staff met on Wednesday, March 11 to discuss the rapidly evolving situation concerning Coronavirus (COVID-19). The Coronavirus Advisory Committee includes Dr. Tom Price, past U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services; Dr. Bernard Feldman, UWW Medical Commission member and Hall of Fame wres
  7. I wonder if the lack of a state tournament would qualify for a waiver for Nationals??
  8. The best wrestling environment ever!! Those mats...Those bleachers... just amazing...
  9. Move it to Carroll. @Y2CJ41 could pull it off. He has the experience and he is a man who knows people and could get things done!
  10. How were they able to do this without an ISWA card this year? Who sanctioned the event?
  11. Jeff Pease Follow 0 Muncie Southside | Class of 1991 State 1990 Hwt State 3rd 1988 Hwt State Qualifier National 1989 275lbs Junior Freestyle Nationals 1st 1989 275lbs Junior Greco Nationals 1st 1988 242lbs Cadet Freestyle Nationals 1st 1988 242lbs Cadet Greco Nationals 1st 1987 242lbs Cadet Freestyle Nationals 5th 1987 242lbs Cadet Greco Nationals 1st College 1996 275lbs NCAA DII 7th for Central Oklahoma 1995 275lbs NCAA DII 2nd for Central Oklahoma
  12. I am not 100% sure why the powers that be decided to class the team state. I do have to admit, I enjoy the atmosphere of the event and the event itself. I do think that the IHSAA is inconsistent with why they class sports.. By having a Success Factor the IHSAA is saying it is not necessarily about school size, but school size is a good starting point. If it was truly about size then the IHSAA would not force schools to bump up just because they are having success against schools their own size.
  13. So what is the bigger factor: money or school size? If a school is one of those "they got money" schools does it really matter their size? The money gives them the opportunities that are described as benefits to large schools - training partners (clubs), coaching etc... There are many large schools that do not serve a "money" population that struggle in wresting and other sports.
  14. 8 schools this year produced 56 qualifiers, 25% of all the wrestlers at state: Brownsburg, Crown Point, EMD, Cathedral, Chesterton, Carmel, Warren Central and Mishawaka... Would this show that a problem we have is how a few schools are dominating the sport. It is not like the big schools as a whole are dominating but a few that really throw the data out of whack.
  15. Throw in the EMD wrestlers if this is based off of population alone and that changes things...
  16. Some coaches may also vote for officials that they remember from semistate or state, or that they have heard is really good. Trying to ensure that top officials get enough votes.
  17. I am having issues with mat 1
  18. I see what you did there... and I like it!!
  19. We are the exact opposite... I have 22 wrestlers on the team this year yet I dont fill any weights lower than 110... 22 kids and I still FF between 7 and 9 weight classes depending on where we wrestle...
  20. I do not place all blame on Faulkens, but the confusion over weight issues lies square on his shoulders as does the confusion over seeding at sectional because he has said and done different things. Has our sport had coaches who have broken rules and done things wrong, yes, and that has hurt us. We lost team state because of coaches and their decisions. But to put everything on the coaches is just like putting everything on Faulkens, it is wrong. We need to find a way to work together for what is best of the sport. A unified coaches voice that is strong and powerful i
  21. I was wondering who I need to contact about lost paper work for Middle School Nationals. My 220 lber misplaced his paperwork and I need a new copy and all the info. Thanks AJ Bradley alan.bradley@muncieschools.org
  22. This may be true, but many of the phone calls are asking for clarification about unclear rules and guidelines that Faulkens has created himself. He tells one sectional to do one thing, which is not what the rules say, and he allows waivers, etc... It seems many of these issues are caused by Faulkens...
  23. It is great to see so many wrestlers excelling in the classroom!!!!!
  24. Did Beeks start on the wrong whistle or did he just false start? There didnt seem to be a call made right away, and the Southern Wells coaches didnt seem to understand either when Hardcastle's hand was raised.... Lots of co fusion at the time... That was going to be one heck of a ticket round match....
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