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  1. redcobra

    Castle vs Mater Dei

    Ever heard of Bo Nickal? His coach/dad is the coach at McCracken. Jason Nickal. The train has left the station.
  2. redcobra

    Frosh-Soph Qualifiers

    Admission Process Saturday Morning is found at this link: http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/uploads/O-275411009-froshsophadmission.pdf
  3. redcobra

    Frosh-Soph Qualifiers

    Dupes have been removed ... they received the higher seed of the two qualifiers.
  4. redcobra

    Frosh-Soph Qualifiers

    IHSAA State Placer-Winners have been removed (congrats to them) and Indy Nationals Qualifiers have been added ... now at 668 ... see the group at this link: http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/opentournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=275411009
  5. redcobra

    Freshman/sophomore state placer who qualified

    143 additional qualifiers have been imported from Sunday's Indy Nationals.
  6. redcobra

    Frosh-Soph Qualifiers

    All Semi-State Qualifier Criteria Seeding adjustments have been made ... State Qualifiers to a 1 and SSQ Quarter Finalists to a 2. Also, the last chance qualifier at Indy Nationals this Sunday at UINDY welcomes ALL Freshman and Sophomores ... including SSQ's from last weekend.
  7. redcobra

    Frosh-Soph Qualifiers

    North and South Qualifiers are in ... 545 so far.
  8. 247 Freshmen and Sophomores have been imported into the Indiana Frosh-Soph State Championships with Separation Criteria 3 ... those SSQ's who advance will be upgraded as they progress. These SSQ's are also pre-qualified and not permitted in the Frosh-Soph Qualifiers on Sunday. Good luck to all on Saturday at your respective Semi-States. To see a list of Pre-Qualifiers and tourney info click this link: http://www.trackwrestling.com/tw/opentournaments/VerifyPassword.jsp?tournamentId=275411009 Breakdown by weight class 106-50 113-30 120-30 126-19 132-20 138-14 145-17 152-16 160-10 170-12 182-9 195-5 220-9 285-6
  9. NCAA Champion, assistant Coach at Nebraska Tuesday, October 24th at Red Cobra Wrestling Academy.
  10. 6-8:00 p.m. He's amazing. Come get seen.
  11. http://www.huskers.c...PID=28&SPSID=57 Come for a great night of technique.7:30-9:00 p.m.
  12. Andrew will be at the Avon facility from 7-8:30 on Tuesday the 27th ... don't miss him! Next week will be Nick Simmons of IU ... October 5th Last week was Pat Popolizio and Frank Beasley from NC State, and then Kendrick Maples, NCAA Champ from Oklahoma and now a coach at Purdue. Get trained and get seen.
  13. Mats 1, 2, and 3 are streaming and archiving at http://www.ihigh.com/iswa
  14. redcobra

    conference indiana tournament

    This tournament, being held at LC, will use Live Bout Sheets (paperless) on Trackwrestling.com with a laptop/ipad on each scorers table ... you can logon and watch actual bouts being scored from any computer or smartphone ... enjoy the action ... it's free.

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