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  1. Evan Eldred-Westfield 9th- 45-5 (SQ) 10th- 31-3 11th- 35-11 (6th) 12th- 42-2 (3rd) Updated profile as well. Career: 153-21
  2. Here's a link to the rosters http://80085.digitalsports.com/2007/04/12/brute-scholastic-showcase-april-1314-in-delaware/
  3. This week Coach Mike Steele of Westfield Middle School announced his resignation as head coach for the Shamrock middle school wrestling team. Coach Steele has been the head wrestling coach at Westfield Middle school since 1992. During those 26 years he saw Westfield grow from a 2A school of less than 600 students to a 6A school of over 2200 students. He has impacted hundreds if not a thousand or more young men in the Westfield community. His teams were always very successful and did things the right way. Thank you Coach Steele for 26 years of service, coaching, and mentoring, young men and women in the Westfield community. The impact you had in the wrestling program and the school is remarkable.
  4. Not sure if he was the best of the group but Ruggeri had the most dominant performance at state over the past 15 years in my opinion. 3 First period falls and a technical fall at 275 is a helluva weekend! First Round: Chad Ruggeri (34-0), Mount Vernon (12) vs. Justin Bischoff (25-13), Franklin County (12), Fall, :46. Quarterfinals: Chad Ruggeri (35-0), Mount Vernon (12) def. Joshua Turner (39-6), Hammond Morton (12), Fall, 1:14. Semifinals: Chad Ruggeri (36-0), Mount Vernon (12) def. David Benner (45-2), Benton Central (12), Technical Fall, 5:08 (17-1). Finals: Chad Ruggeri (37-0), Mount Vernon (12) def. Dexter Larimore (49-3), Merrillville (10), Fall, 1:10.
  5. Second the nomination for J-Biceps. Gold Medal should also be in consideration. That guy was classic. DingoBrigade as well!
  6. He did not win it, but in 2000 Dan Schwartz (South Adams) 189 lbs. came in to state with a record of 6-3 and ended up finishing 4th at 189. That is the least number of matches I remember seeing at the state tournament.
  7. Indianapolis Cathedral
  8. Hamilton Southeastern
  9. ONeillt

    Westfield vs. North Central

  10. Joe, One correction to your bracket. Westfield 40 Mishawaka 19 Thanks, Terry O'Neill
  11. ONeillt

    Westfield vs. Noblesville

  12. Noblesville at Westfield tonight 6:30 p.m.
  13. ONeillt

    Westfield vs. Lebanon

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