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  1. Lebanon 60 Frankfort 51 75 Frankfort - forfeit 80 Garland Leb over Herron - fall 85 Echeverria Leb over Marie - fall 90 Beltran Frank - forfeit 95 Parks Leb over Cline - fall 100 Livengood Leb over Sierra - fall 106 Carrasco Frank over Wilson - 8-2 113 Birge Frank over Bolendar - fall 120 Cook Frank over Beckham - fall 126 Williamson Leb over Colby - fall 132 Tagua Leb over Delgado - fall 138 Tranum over Morgles - fall 145 Serrano over Gonzales - fall 152 Laney over Ortiz - fall 160 Baker Frank over Malagon - fall 175 Green Leb over Garcia - fall 195 Meyers Frank over Blackstone - fall 220 Rascon Frank over White - fall 275 Jenkins Frank - forfeit
  2. When will the girls state brackets be released?
  3. Shooter08 you're correct I said it backwards, the South did have that issue not the North.
  4. Sorry to cause confusion. The team page showed them scoring. Should’ve got my calculator out.
  5. I love that they let teams enter multiple girls in a weight class. I just wonder why the North and South don't keep teams scores the same way. The North allows all girls on a team in the same weight class to accumulate team points, where the South made teams designate the scoring wrestler and then the others were blockers. I believe the South did it correctly which gave more teams a chance to be in the hunt to win the regional.
  6. Preston Haines is actually at Brownsburg, as much as I wish he was at Lebanon.
  7. Our room has two mats 18 practice circles but normally 45-50 kids so we usually do groups of 3. Works pretty well, helps with stamina as well.
  8. Lebanon Middle School is looking to add one team to it's team tournament in 2020. All teams wrestle 5 times in the day. Current teams are Lebanon, Hamilton Heights, Clinton Prairie, Clay Middle School, Speedway and Guion Creek. Looking for a team that fills all or most weight classes 75 - 100 by 5 lbs then HS weights.
  9. We are in Lebanon. I know that Brownsburg and Zionsville have rooms but I want to make sure the younger boys have a place to work as well.
  10. Looking for good rooms to send 6th, 7th & 8th graders to work this offseason. Not sure the RTC & RWO rooms are the right place for the younger guys.
  11. I knew the 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 but unsure how they decide which Regions face each other in the ticket round. Bingo ball is probably a true statement.
  12. Does anybody know the formula they use to decide the draws?
  13. Contact some of the middle schools near you
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