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  1. HighC

    Team State updates

    You're in tune here, these have been our discussions exactly.
  2. HighC

    Team State updates

    According to the discussions that we've had, the 3A class system and 12 teams per class are the magic numbers. 2 classes isn't enough and 4 is too many, 16 teams is too many and 8 isn't enough. That being said, the bye in the pool play probably can't be eliminated, but the bye during the placement rounds can be eliminated.
  3. HighC

    Team State updates

    Yep, I remember we had the Great Lakes Festival in that fieldhouse back in the day. I was there not too long ago visiting Purdue's practice, lots of upgrades to it. It looks as if some permanent track and field equipment have been added. Long jump pit, pole vault pit, high jump pit, even throwing rings. I know Ersland and Purdue's staff would work with us on it, but is it the centralized location we're looking for?
  4. HighC

    Team State updates

    Seating, locker rooms, and cost. Seating is limited, we are looking into renting bleachers, but that just adds to an already pricey venue. The locker room situation isn't ideal, but supposedly they are are adding more locker rooms to the venue before then. I'll keep everyone posted, willing to be as transparent as possible. As to promoting the event, I thought this website did a great job promoting and communicating info for it. We have a IHSWCA Facebook page that cranks out promotions and info. We don't have a Twitter, but should and will soon. Again, opinions, advice and suggestions are welcome.
  5. HighC

    Team State updates

    The IHSWCA is working on ways to make this event more efficient for everyone. Grand Park will make it more centralized and allow for more mats, which could solve the down time. Grand Park also presents more challenges for us though, which we are currently working on solutions. Opinions, advice and input are welcome.
  6. HighC

    Wabash vs. Peru

  7. I had the same issue with my 126 last year. The coach's association proposed to change the rule to qualifying at a weight class instead of a specific weight last year and it never got approved by the IHSAA board. I will do everything in my power to influence the IHSAA to change this next year. When this was proposed last spring, Mr. Faulkens was not against the change, I assumed it would be passed. I recommend that you contact Mr. Faulkens and make him aware of the situation. I'm willing to bet he'll work with you. He's very aware of the issue here.
  8. HighC

    Wabash vs. Northwestern

  9. HighC

    Wabash vs. Manchester

  10. HighC

    Wabash vs. Northfield

  11. HighC

    Wabash vs. Southwood

  12. HighC

    Henry Wilk Classic Girls Division

    Is this an IHSAA sanctioned event? Varsity or JV?
  13. HighC

    Middle School State changes

    Refs can contact Bart Welch or Jim Littlejohn if they are interested in working the event. JB, you're going to make a fantastic official!
  14. HighC

    Middle School State changes

    Weight classes will be the same. Obviously, this was an attempt to find a facility that is centralized and can host enough full surfaces for it to be completed in a reasonable amount of time. The date change had two ideas behind it. One was to see if this weekend would allow for more wrestlers, families, coaches to attend because we felt that semi state weekend had everyone spread out all in four corners of the state. The other was to see how the weekend would work if we were to attempt a qualifying series for the tournament. If we were to go to qualifiers, they will eventually be held on Sectional weekend and we'd move the finals back to semi state weekend. I think changing the venue and the date will allow for the tournament to grow a little and accomplish our goal of finishing in a reasonable amount of time. If not, we'll continue our discussions for implementing qualifiers.
  15. Contact Jake O'Neill at 317-372-2992 for more info or follow the contact info give here: Name: Mike Mattern Phone: 260-563-4137 Email: matternm@apaches.k12.in.us Fax: Address 1101 Colerain St Wabash, Indiana 46992 https://doeonline.doe.in.gov/jobbank/search.aspx

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