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  1. Coach Duncan

    Frankton High School Duals-Dec 28th 2019

  2. Frankton High School & Frankton Elementary school currently have three positions for next year we are trying to fill. One is special education, the other two elementary. If you are interested please PM me or send email to cduncan@flcs.k12.in.us FES - Grade 3 FES - Grade 5 FJSHS - Special Ed/Mild Intervention
  3. Coach Duncan

    Let's shake things up--new rules ideas

    I don't disagree, was just a thought as I know some other states allow and wanted to see opinions of others. Red, Lee's, Mendez, Howe, Tsirtis's, Parris, Escobedo, etc, may be a short list of wrestlers who could of placed as 8th graders.
  4. Coach Duncan

    Let's shake things up--new rules ideas

    Indiana becoming a state that allows middle school wrestlers to compete on high school teams. This may help avoid FF's, especially with small school programs. I believe other states that allow middle school wrestlers to wrestle on high school teams are Minnesota, Oklahoma, and Iowa=traditionally strong college programs?? I may be incorrect with the states listed, but if memory serves me correctly I thought some states at least allow 8th graders?? May not be a reality for this to happen in Indiana. If it is taking place in other states, why not Indiana? I imagine we can all argue that some 8th graders if not 7th graders could stand on the podium at Bankers Life......
  5. Frankton High School is in need of one dual to complete is schedule for the 2019-20 season. Frankton High School is located approx. 45 min north of Indianapolis, in Madison County, Please contact athletic director Brent Brobston or head coach Courtney Duncan if interested. We have some open dates available, however January 14th would replace a dual that was dropped. bbrobston@flcs.k12.in.us cduncan@flcs.k12.in.us
  6. Frankton High School is looking for two more teams to compete in a dual meet format tournament December 28, 2019. Frankton High School is located approx 45 min north of Indianapolis in Madison County. Teams Confirmed: Frankton, Madison Grant, Batesville, Knightstown If interested please email athletic director Brent Brobston at bbrobston@flcs.k12.in.us Or Head Coach Courtney Duncan at cduncan@flcs.k12.in,us Thank you.
  7. Coach Duncan

    Frankton vs. Elwood

  8. Coach Duncan

    Frankton vs. Alexandria

  9. Coach Duncan

    Frankton vs. Mississinewa

  10. Coach Duncan

    Frankton vs. Eastbrook

  11. Coach Duncan

    Frankton vs. Blackford

  12. Coach Duncan

    Frankton vs. Madison-Grant

  13. Coach Duncan

    Frankton vs. Union County

  14. Coach Duncan

    Frankton vs. Tri

  15. Coach Duncan

    Frankton vs. Tipton


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