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  1. Noblesville is one of the fastest growing wrestling programs in the state & we are looking for quality Coaches. Below is the Link for our MS & HS teaching positions. https://www.noblesvilleschools.org/Page/4410 Coach Weimer
  2. I spoke with DeJavier Goodner's wrestling Coach today at the Fishers Folkstyle Tournament and he told me that DeJavier is okay and will be competing this weekend at Semi State. I also want to let everyone know he wasn't "thrown on his head" that was stated earlier in this thread. It was an very unfortunate situation for both kids involved, but I am very happy to hear that DeJavier is okay!!!! Our 152lbs wrestler never wanted that situation to happen and was very concerned for DeJavier and I am very proud of him on how he acted through the entire situation, knowing his HS wrestling career was over with. You never want to see situations like this happen, Good Luck at SemiState DeJavier. Sebastian, Great things are going to happen to you in LIFE, again I am soooo Proud of you and how you handled yourself throughout the rest of the day supporting your teammates!!! Coach Weimer
  3. In a dual meet, is a team allowed to have some individuals wear a 2-piece singlet while other individuals wear Traditional Singlets? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Coach Weimer
  4. My question is during a dual meet, can I have some wrestlers wear a traditional singlet and have others wear a 2-piece singlet? Thanks for the clarification! Coach Weimer
  5. Jared, I want to say Congratulations on a GREAT HEAD COACHING Career Avon, LN, & Zionsville!! You coached numerous State Placers, State Champs, HS All Americans, HS National Champions, NCAA Div. 1,2,&3 wrestlers, Nationals Qualifiers and All Americans. You were the only Head Coach during the IHSAA Dual Team State era to take 2 different Schools to the IHSAA State Championship match (Avon, LN) both finishing 2nd....Never could win the big one (Ha Ha)!! There are many more accomplishments you have achieved in your career, but those are the ones that counted the most & that I remember! I wouldn't be the Wrestling Coach, Husband, Friend, or Father I am today without having you as a friend & mentor! The true greats in any sport are the ones who give back, and leave it better than when they got it. You have done a tremendous job promoting our sport, growing it at every level, at every school you were a HC. I have truly enjoyed every second coaching with you at LN (memories I will never forget) and the battles coaching against you (even though our wives hated those matches) HA HA!!!! You always bring the best out of not only the athletes you coach, but the opponents you coach against. I am going to miss not seeing you on Saturdays, it will not be the same!!!! Enjoy the 1-0 record against me, you will have it forever!!! I can't wait to see you in the Hall of Fame, with all the other great coaches who have given countless of hours away from their families, to do good for others in this sport. Enjoy the extra time with your little ones!!!! I know you will keep giving back, see you on the Pee Wee circuit!! Your Friend, Weimer
  6. Michael Weimer michael_weimer@nobl.k12.in.us Head Coach at Noblesville High School
  7. Cashe Quiroga BOOM!! Lee vs. Quiroga That would be a FUN Fantasy match to watch, both styles were identical to each others. Both were Heavy Handed, in your face, and had gas tanks that never emptied.
  8. Jared Williams & Eric Douglas...Douglas coached him in college at Purdue & then joined forces back at LN with Williams being the HC, absolutely loved being a part of that staff...they always had a trick or two up their sleeve to pull out during a dual to WIN!!! Great times!!
  9. The Principal at Daleville HS is Eric Douglas, a 2-time IHSAA State Runner-up in wrestling at Valpo, an All American at Purdue, and was a Assistant Wrestling Coach at Lawrence North 06-11. The Assistant Principal is Hank Carley, former Assistant Wrestling Coach at Warren Central 06-14. I know Hank set that up for the girls to sing and I was blown away by their performance!!! Daleville also had their 1st ever State Placer in any sport this year, Corbin Maddox 7th at 195. Great weekend for the Bronchos. Both are Great friends of mine and I made sure to let them know to tell those Girls what and awesome job they did this weekend!! Coach Weimer
  10. Don't know if this was posted earlier on a thread, was looking for the wrestlers, coaches, & contributors that made it in this year. Always a great accomplishment!! Coach Weimer
  11. Come on with the "Transfer for athletic reasons" chatter, just plain stupid! If Jimmy takes a new job and is going to relocate his family there, well Tristan is going to move along with his mom and little brothers. That is what families do. Congrats Tonte! Coach Weimer
  12. Cashe Quiroga will be competing in the Open at 57Kilos also...very excited for his senior level debut!!
  13. 125- #1 T. Gilman 133- #1 C. Dardanes 141- #5 A. Ashnault 149- #2 J. Tsirtsis 157- #3 J. Green 165- #2 I. Jordan 174- #4 L. Storley 184- #5 K.Courts 197- #3 S.Schiller 285- #4 B.Telford Iowa Minn OSU
  14. Atta boy Coach Sisson, 1st time in the programs history, congrats on that accomplishment, 14-14...BOOM!!!! #pride Coach Weimer
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