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  1. grecoref

    Big 10 Championships Roll Call

    My son and I are going both days
  2. Since there is some banter on another topic, I thought i would post this just in case anyone wants to take the plunge. In order to become a licensed IHSAA wrestling official you can follow this link for details on the process.http://www.ihsaa.org...72/Default.aspx ******************************************************************************************** Specific points about the On-Line Testing Process that you need to know: - The testing process is an on-line application. No longer do you need to plan to be at a site on a certain day. You do need to have access to a computer to take the test. You will need to plan when to take the test within the Testing Period indicated for each sport and submit your results before the deadline. This is not a timed test. - No on-site paper and pencil tests will be provided unless you are taking a class in that sport. - Application Deadlines must be met. - The test is composed of 100 questions, mostly multiple choice. You must earn 75% or better on the test to become licensed. - You should receive your rules books from IHSAA as soon as they are published and available by the NFHS. If you are testing in more than one sport, the books for the later seasons will be sent when those books arrive in the IHSAA office. Please begin to study for the test upon receipt of the rules books. - You may only take a test one time within a program year. If you do not meet the 75% standard this program year, you will need to wait until the next program year to apply again. - You should not apply to take a test in any sport whose deadline dates have passed. - You should receive immediate feedback on your test results but you may not schedule contests until you receive the insignias and license card from this office which should come within 7-10 days after your test is submitted (and you have scored 75% or better). ********************************************************************************************** Remember, you do not have to be licensed to officiate middle school events or elementary events, and this is a great venue to work and gain experience, especially for those of you who are unsure as to whether or not you actually want to proceed to the high school level. It's a perfect part-time job... especially for a college student. It's a 100 question test that is open book and done online, so you are allowed ample time to complete the examination with little or no stress. Also keep in mind that nearly all officials begin at lower levels and work their way up, so you will not be thrust into the high profile varsity contest with 3000 screaming fans in the stands. If you like the sport and are physically able, becoming an official is a great hobby that pays well, gets you in the door for free, and gives you the best seat in the house! Good Luck!
  3. grecoref

    Hair Covering

    This particular hair cover does not cover the goatee. In order to wrestle with a goatee/beard the wrestler would need to wear a face mask or a hair cover the completely covers the facial hair. The chin cup on the headgear is not considered part of the hair cover. Tom Clark IHSAA Rules Interpreter
  4. grecoref

    What is a Tri meet concider?

    Sorry, but in this forum we only answer questions that pertain to the actual rules of wrestling and how they are interpreted. Questions regarding issues such as yours, weight management, eligibility, etc., are referred to Mr. Faulkens at the IHSSA. I am sorry I wasn't much help. Good luck this season. Tom Clark IHSAA Rules Interpreter
  5. grecoref

    Minimum weight

    There is no minimum weight to wrestle 106. Tom Clark IHSAA Rules Interpreter
  6. grecoref

    Skin health form expiration

    It is the responsibility of the referee to look after the safety of all wrestlers, not just the one with the note. Under the rule, it is the responsibility of the wrestler and the coach to provide the correct form. I realize it could be costly, but that is the rule we are to abide by. Minnesota suspend all wrestling for a few weeks a couple of years ago because of rampant skin condition issues (Mrsa). We are told to error on the side of safety for ALL participants.
  7. grecoref

    Skin health form expiration

    “ART. 5 . . . A contestant may have documentation from an appropriate health-care professional only indicating a specific condition such as a birthmark or other non-communicable skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema, and that documentation is valid for the duration of the season. It is valid with the understanding that a chronic condition could become secondarily infected and may require re-evaluation.” Otherwise the note must be 7 days old or less if the skin condition was contagious. Note-The coach must present the proper skin condition form found on the IHSAA website. If the form is not completed correctly or the condition has changed from the time the form was completed the referee and/or the ONSITE medical professional may overrule the form. Tom Clark IHSAA Rules Interpreter
  8. grecoref

    Head gear

    I would allow it. Tom Clark IHSAA Rules Interpreter
  9. Kinser wore his father's singlet in the finals. The same one his father wore when he won a state title.
  10. If you talk with guys from his era they will tell you he was the very real deal!!
  11. Congratulations!! At least he doesn't have to wear one of those ugly helmets.
  12. grecoref

    Weigh-in regulations

    Coach, The referees have been instructed not to answer questions regarding qualifying weights/weigh-ins. We are to refer those questions to Mr. Faulkens at the IHSAA. I have been asked three questions such as this already this week and I have advised the coaches to contact Mr. Faulkens. I'm sorry I could not have been more helpful. Tom Clark IHSAA Rules Interpreter
  13. I agree that is a silly statement. Purdue has several Indiana kids in their lineup who can and will help them win. Just because they don't sign a kid doesn't mean that they haven't tried or aren't interested. I have had several conversations with Coach Ersland and I know he wants Indiana kids.
  14. This is a HUGE step in gaining national respect for Indiana. Thanks for making this happen Joe!
  15. The backroom collaboration would surprise you. Think back to the GR 120kg gold medal match. You saw Lopez all day. Do you think that match was legit?

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