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  1. HornetsFan22

    Garrett Invite

    Any thoughts/predictions? Continually a great tournament in NE Indiana with some interesting potential matchups
  2. HornetsFan22

    NJCAA National Qualifiers, Feb 23-24

    Good luck to several former Indiana guys competing at NJCAA Nationals this weekend in Council Bluffs, IA. 157 Steven Lawrence (Ellsworth/Portage) 174 Burk Van Horn (Lincoln/Franklin Community) 184 Luke Sinkovics (Ancilla/Mishawaka)
  3. HornetsFan22

    The next Kris Rumph???

    Angola's Austin Bauer started as a sophomore and ended up placing 4th at 152 as a senior in 2014, including a 4 over 1 upset Friday night. Certainly fits the phenomenal athlete description, making all state-teams in both football and rugby that year as well.
  4. HornetsFan22

    Doors open??

    I believe it's 8am with wrestling starting at 9:30
  5. HornetsFan22

    Great wrestler

    Fantastic wrestler and and even better kid. Hats off to him for a great high school career.
  6. HornetsFan22

    Wrestling Academies

    How have they been doing in recent years? I know about 3-4 years back they had around 60+ kids from the Fort Wayne area coming in for technique and live. They've also produced several state qualifiers, placers, and current collegiate guys.
  7. HornetsFan22

    FWSS Stream?

    Any word on a web broadcast this year? I know the Berne Witness had a great stream last year with all 4 mats on a single screen

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