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  1. Couldn’t have said it better. I wonder how many people commenting on Cottey’s match have ever been in a position like this. No need to put your lead at risk when you’re up 10+ points after the first.
  2. News flash, this just in, that was one of the most ridiculous predictions I’ve ever read on here.
  3. Must have been misreported then. They had 6-4 on the score table.
  4. The bias against central Indiana schools just showed in the 182 finals match. Warren gets called for stalling after attempting a snap down yet Walker can sit in top riding hips for almost 3 minutes with no stall call.
  5. I wasn’t sure if it was just me that was beginning to think this is getting ridiculous. The officiating this weekend, especially today, has just been bad all around.
  6. Anyone else noticing how terrible the officiating is here at the Al Smith or is that just me? These stall calls are atrocious and asinine. One wrestler will be attacking the whole time and then defends one shot and is called for stalling. There needs to be more consistency. The young buck really enjoys putting himself in the middle of matches too.
  7. IHSAA said that it was a mistake made by Track. They are apparently working on getting them fixed.
  8. It’s way more logical to put the bigger fan bases where the bigger bleachers are. I’m not saying that 1A and 2A don’t bring fans, but 3A gets the tiny bleachers than fill up every year. People are getting in arguments because there’s not enough seating. On the other side, there’s ample room around mats 1-6.
  9. What’s with 3A (schools that likely bring the most fans out of all divisions) being stuck on the mats with the least amount of seating. It was a struggle for 3A fans to find seating last year on the same side as they are this year. Meanwhile 1/2A didn’t even fill up half of the seating.
  10. Just saying. That doesn't make much sense.
  11. Also N. Conley plays football and wrestled today. I'm very confused here. So the parents only signed one of them off to wrestle tonight?
  12. I saw the lineup, but only saw two studs out. They were T. Conley & Brewer. Are there any studs that I'm missing??
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