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  1. Gill Journey has to be in the discussion. The real deal!
  2. And a BIG congratulations to Indiana native Danny Irwin for being named the D II NCAA Wrestling Coach of the Year!
  3. Rest In Peace young man. Thoughts and prayers from the Beech Grove Wrestling family!
  4. I would just like to give credit to the young men and coaches for carrying yourselves like champions win or lose this weekend. The overwhelming majority showed great sportsmanship and respect for their competitors no matter the match outcome. There are a lot of people that want to point out the negative, but I think it's important that we take a minute and point out the positive, as well. Way to represent your school, your wrestling program, your coaches, and your family! These young men have put a lot of time, sweat, and tears (and certainly a lot of blood) into this and when you don't get the outcome you desire, it is tough to control your emotions. These life lessons are far more important than any win or loss. Well done to the competitors and well done to the coaching staffs.
  5. Great kid and great wrestler. Best wishes on a speedy recovery from the Beech Grove wrestling family. Hope to see you on the mat next weekend!
  6. Seems pretty cut and dry to me: B. The IHSAA copy of the sectional entry list is the official copy. 1. A wrestler entered on the official entry list may be entered in his/her listed weight class or in the class immediately above his/her listed weight class at the seeding meeting. 2. After the seeding meeting, no wrestler entered and seeded or placed by draw may change weight classes during the individual tournament.
  7. The ICC - Indiana Crossroads Conference (@ Monrovia) has been cancelled
  8. New Mexico has some real fireworks at their state finals!
  9. Fattore impressed me the most and it had nothing to do with his wrestling. This young man carried himself like a champion after a questionable call. Nicely done young man!
  10. Not fighting for their kid, but my favorite quote from one coach to another is "Sit the F%$# down and shut the F%$@ up!"
  11. Both great wrestlers and even better young men. Their Dad was also a great wrestler and great teammate. Proud of these young men, keep up the good work!
  12. I would compare this to kicking an onside kick, throwing a touchdown pass, kicking an onside kick and throwing a touchdown pass, kicking an onside kick and throwing a touchdown pass etc. etc. (when you're already blowing a team out) to get your QB a TD passing record against inferior opponents. There is nothing illegal about doing this but are these the lessons you want to teach the young men and women you're coaching? If you're coaching strictly for wins and records, you're missing the boat as a coach. Your responsibility is to not only make better wrestlers, but more importantly, better people using wrestling as the vehicle to teach such important life lessons. When these lessons are taught, wins and losses take care of themselves and true growth happens. Just one man's humble opinion.
  13. it is unsportsmanlike to let a kid up directly from his back.
  14. We have someone on here with this level of experience, yet we don't listen to him. Shame on us as coaches to not use the resources put in front of us! I know several people of this caliber that can coach "Git eem" from the bleachers and they are all but ignored! Keep up up the good work Numchuck Skills!
  15. Terry and Dory Funk, AKA the Funk Brothers!
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