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  1. This is the same wrestler that wrestled 106 (108) at the conference meet and did not enter the weigh in room until the 145 pounders were on the scale (the weigh-ins started at the 106 pound class). For some reason, he was able to weigh in and wrestle when he obviously did not follow the same rules as everyone else. When the ref was asked why he is able to wrestle, during the coaches meeting, he stated, I was not the ref that allowed him to weigh in so I don't have an answer for you (this was questioned by multiple coaches). It's just frustrating when we, as coaches, work very hard to abide by the rules and do things right, and then you have others that are not playing by the same rules. I was trying to give the benefit of the doubt and try to see if anyone knew of a legitimate reason why the waiver was given, and as of now, I haven't heard one.
  2. Ok, so I guess there was a waiver signed. Does anyone know the rules or stipulations that would allow the athlete to get such a waiver when the athlete never made scratch weight?
  3. If this is a rule, how can someone be eligible to wrestle in the sectional at a weight class without making scratch weight? (1) of the qualifying weigh-ins must be at scratch weight for the weight class the wrestler is entered into the IHSAA tournament series. A weigh-in at scratch weight is defined as a wrestler weighing in at or below the actual poundage of the weight class (i.e. – a wrestler weighs in at 112.9 achieves a scratch weigh in for the 113 pound weight class)
  4. We have to be talking about the legendary Steve Nontell. If we’re talking about orange pants and fanny packs, he is the authority! Great guy who has dedicated a lot of time to the sport, and the Beech Groce program in particular.
  5. The Bags! Leave the bags at the team area.
  6. But they can't be left at your team area with the rest of your stuff?
  7. What is in the coach's backpacks? What is so important it needs to be with you all day and taken to the corner? I feel like I'm missing out. Thank you for your help in this matter.
  8. The Marion County Tournament is always a tough one!
  9. Chris is a solid wrestler and an even better young man. Congratulations Chris and U of I!
  10. You are getting your feathers ruffled over something you know nothing about. Just because someone is speaking on a topic, doesn't mean they are talking about you. You are making just that, an ASSUMPTION. I didn't assume anything, I simply said I was happy that these young men found their best academic fit. If it was for other purposes, that is not for me to decide or discuss.
  11. No, I was not. Your assumption is incorrect. I was simply saying that these young men that jump from school to school are obviously doing it for academic purposes, because per the IHSAA, doing it for athletic purposes is considered a violation. I was actually saying I was happy for them because they have obviously found the best educational institution for them after trying several of them out.
  12. I'm really glad these young men are seeking the best place to get their education.
  13. Gill Journey has to be in the discussion. The real deal!
  14. And a BIG congratulations to Indiana native Danny Irwin for being named the D II NCAA Wrestling Coach of the Year!
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