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  1. Nothing closer to Evansville or the southern end of the state?
  2. Still this weekend or moved to another weekend?
  3. Everything is always so conveniently located close to Evansville. Awesome
  4. I think we will continue to see it grow in numbers as well as quality. My son wrestled 138 and it was a very deep and talented group with 2 state qualifiers and many semi state qualifiers. It’s almost like the IHPO, as people see the depth and quality of talent attending they are more likely to participate. I remember when this tournament started some referred to it as JV state. I believe it’s a much better tournament than that.
  5. With comments like that you should just stop commenting
  6. I’m not sure how long anyone else was waiting but I think he put the seal on that deal when he placed 5th as a freshman at NCAAs
  7. 1st - Raymond Rioux Avon, 2nd Gavin Alstott Floyd Central, 3rd Kysen Montgomery Brownsburg, 4th Ashton Hayhurst Castle. Great job, but Ashton Hayhurst wrestles for the Wildcats of Mater Dei
  8. You should change your handle to Nostradamus.
  9. I am too. I think a lot of these teams enter their JV lineup into some varsity tournaments and wrestle some varsity duals. I'm not sure how well they have done but it is some good experience for them. Can't wait for Saturday.
  10. Yeah Spider Man, you need a Snickers. You’re not you when you’re hungry
  11. Just curious but what was the criteria that decided the outcome?
  12. The event was awesome and the venue was great. Plenty of room, seating close to the mats, restroom facilities are good, concessions are solid, very good all the way around. However, I reached my driveway at midnight. Something similar south of Ft. Wayne would be great. But a really great event. Good job to everyone involved.
  13. Hell it's $15 to get in after you travel and pay for a hotel room. $20 to watch online sounds like a pretty big bargain to me.
  14. If MD wrestled them with Fitts it would be a great dual. Anytime two really good teams go at it it's a great thing.
  15. Thanks for the info Cricket. That's good news to MD fans.
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