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  1. Any other transfers anyone has heard about? Seems like there are always a couple of hammers moving around.
  2. The late lat drop for the win was a joke in reference to his win this year. I wasn't actually suggesting Baumann would toss him. I'm sure it would be a very entertaining match.
  3. Nosko vs. Baumann would be wild for sure. I'll take Baumann though with a late lat drop to secure the win. And I'll take Maurer over Sollars by 3.
  4. Always nice when you can pencil a state champion's name in the lineup. Adding a few state placers isn't bad either.
  5. He was the backup 113 to Cole Ross his freshman year.
  6. Saturday morning is my favorite round of the entire tournament. So many great wrestlers and great matchups. Only wish I could be there to watch in person this year. Those 4 mats are loaded Saturday morning.
  7. 7 champs from MD! I like the way this guy thinks. That's got to be close to a record. Hook, are you out there? Any knowledge on that?
  8. This year's MD squad has 6 senior starters which seems about right for an MD team.
  9. Of course you would. I'm sure you've seen a lot of Hayhurst to have an educated opinion.
  10. Yeah but probably just for the last 30 years or so.
  11. No way I bet against Freeman or Baumann from MD, both have been extremely impressive all year. Also wouldn't be surprised to see Sollars and Boarman find themselves in the finals. Throw in Seng and Ross (both ranked 4th) and you've got yourself a good shot at a team title.
  12. Hate that for those kids and the team. Been a bad year.
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