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  1. M109R

    Dual Results (No Details) WHAT!!!

    It’s never the same, so why would it matter?
  2. M109R

    Best Career

    Seeing how Mason handled Brian Kennerly Twice , and Kennerly was a super 32 champ . It is a safe bet that Mason would of won Super 32 had he entered and probably every other national event .
  3. M109R

    State predictions?

    They will be in the mix with a Legit 2 champs and a couple high placers .
  4. M109R

    State predictions?

    Brownsburg wins team title . They have a legit shot at 3-4 champs
  5. M109R

    Unsportsman Like Conduct Call on Peele

    Portages 45 point win was impressive and they are stacked . But you don't have to go back to the Snyder coached Mishawaka teams to of seen Semistate domination . The 2015 Penn team(Ihsaa state champs ) were pretty good . They won the Merrillville Semistate by 50.5 points .
  6. A little off on the Miller over Brown?Brown majored Miller .
  7. M109R

    Rest In Peace Anthony Eddy

    A great young man who will be missed .
  8. M109R

    IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    A legend in his own mind . But I agree +2 for Caliboy .
  9. M109R


    2005 Iswa touney at Jimtown High School . Steven Sandefer(8th grade) was trailing Brennan Cosgrove in the closing seconds of the match . Sandefer headlocked him and threw him to his back for a 5 point move and the win . Cosgrove had just placed 3rd at high school state.
  10. One highly ranked wrestler not in the lineup could be the difference between finishing in the top 5 or 10th . So it does mean something .
  11. Don't know about Hobart , but Penn is without Their 14th ranked 106 lb wrestler again . Wonder what is going on with Hadery . I expect Hobart to make a run tomorrow , as they have 2 guys capable of winning .
  12. Agreed, you only need 2-3 studs to score well at Semistate and State. To win a dual , you need 14 wrestlers .
  13. 106- Penn Dec 3-0 113- Penn Dec 6-0 120- Penn Dec 9-0 ( If Triana is at 126 ) 126- Hob Dec 9-3 132- Penn Dec 12-3 138- Penn Dec 15-3 145- Penn Dec 18-3 152-Hob Dec 18-6 160-Hob Fall 18-12 170-Hob Fall 18-18 182-Penn Maj Dec 21-18 195- Penn Dec 24-18 220- Penn Dec 27-18 285- Penn Fall 33-18 Penn currently has 9 wrestlers ranked in the East Chicago Semistate compared to 5 for Hobart .
  14. Not worth arguing , It's fair to say Penn vs Hobart would be a good match , but not Hobart all day . Penn was in a State Championship Football game 2 weeks prior to the Harvest Classic . They were without 182,195 and 220 lb starters .Those 3 were a combined 8-1 Sat at team state .

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