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  1. M109R

    Cathedral vs Detroit Central Catholic

    Keep updates coming please
  2. M109R

    Congratulations Bulldogs

    They lack the super studs this year, that they have had in the past( Lee, Mills, Walton, etc). But they have a complete team of very sound wrestlers and no weak spots. Kudos to the Brownsburg kids and coaching staff for getting it done yet again.
  3. M109R

    Al Smith Predictions?!

    Sweet, an unranked team in second place after day 1.
  4. M109R

    3a seeding for team state

    Don't think I would put Northridge in front of Penn , Judging by a common opponent . Penn - 48 Wawasee -16 Northridge - 32 Wawasee - 27
  5. M109R

    Penn vs Mishawaka

    So True . The Elkhart Truth used to be better than the SBT about covering Wrestling . But after last weeks Charger Invitational at Elkhart Memorial , nothing in the Elkhart Truth .
  6. M109R

    Penn vs Mishawaka

    Very Impressed By Penn's Junior 285# Yehezquel DeVault this year . I remember the first time I seen him as a freshmen . I thought this young man can be pretty good if he works hard at it . That work is paying off this year . He has already won the Harvest Classic and Charger Invitational .
  7. M109R

    Dual Results (No Details) WHAT!!!

    It’s never the same, so why would it matter?
  8. M109R

    Best Career

    Seeing how Mason handled Brian Kennerly Twice , and Kennerly was a super 32 champ . It is a safe bet that Mason would of won Super 32 had he entered and probably every other national event .
  9. M109R

    State predictions?

    They will be in the mix with a Legit 2 champs and a couple high placers .
  10. M109R

    State predictions?

    Brownsburg wins team title . They have a legit shot at 3-4 champs
  11. M109R

    Unsportsman Like Conduct Call on Peele

    Portages 45 point win was impressive and they are stacked . But you don't have to go back to the Snyder coached Mishawaka teams to of seen Semistate domination . The 2015 Penn team(Ihsaa state champs ) were pretty good . They won the Merrillville Semistate by 50.5 points .
  12. A little off on the Miller over Brown?Brown majored Miller .
  13. M109R

    Rest In Peace Anthony Eddy

    A great young man who will be missed .
  14. M109R

    IndianaMat Poster Hall of Fame

    A legend in his own mind . But I agree +2 for Caliboy .
  15. M109R


    2005 Iswa touney at Jimtown High School . Steven Sandefer(8th grade) was trailing Brennan Cosgrove in the closing seconds of the match . Sandefer headlocked him and threw him to his back for a 5 point move and the win . Cosgrove had just placed 3rd at high school state.

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