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  1. I'll take Thomas over Babcock at 220
  2. High School weight Hwt (1984) current weight would be 220 . But at 52 I'm in better shape and stronger than I was in high school .
  3. All three had a stellar Career . Very well deserving .
  4. Kids transferring to better programs happens a lot in public schools as well.
  5. The majority of the refs I seen are from the South Bend/Mish area and are top notch , granted I only watched the Finals . I might be biased , but we have a few that are as good as you'll find anywhere .
  6. Steenbeke suffered a late fall by a senior Al Smith finalist . He will be a future stud himself . I see he inj defaulted , hope he is ok .
  7. I can Get to Downtown Indy in less than two hours , It takes 1 1/2 hrs to get to crown point . Not a big difference . And the majority of the refs are not from the Region .
  8. He is a freshmen and will learn from it . He has a very bright future . Congrats to Steven and his cavemen . I'll always wish him the best , just not when wrestling Penn .
  9. 285 Should be good if Thomas is there against Devault . I felt Thomas was a top 220 last year and surely would of placed had he not run into Fowler ( Eventual state Champ) in the ticket round of the East Chicago Semistate.
  10. Yes, Mishawaka should break the streak tonight against a rebuilding Penn team . I wish I were wrong , but Mishawaka has some serious senior studs on their team . Walker , Laplace and Thomas. It could be 15-18 points for Mish with just those three .
  11. I,m sure there were teams missing some studs as well . Thought my beloved Kingsmen wrestled pretty well with 4 freshmen .
  12. Steenbeke , I believe he was an Iswa triple crown winner .
  13. I think the magic number is 3 . Goin , Mendez and Walker . I think Devault and Thomas can make deep runs at 285 .
  14. Mishawaka 182 - 285 may be the toughest in the state . Very solid up top
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