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  1. Tier 3 would be a handfull of guys , Cassioppi , Kerk , Hilger Etc . Tier 4 is everyone else .
  2. I must of watched a different match . If they meet again , My money is on Lee to make the adjustments and win a close one . One of them will have to go through Rivera , no easy feat .
  3. Did not expect that outcome . Hopefully we will get to see them go at it again in a couple weeks .
  4. This is pretty impressive considering Hendricks county is only the 10th largest county in the state .
  5. I just wonder why the Track video at State worked so much better than Regionals and Semistate ? Was it more Knowledgeable people running it , better equipment used or something else ?
  6. Was such an entertaining Hwt match . Had me on the edge of my seat for 3 periods .
  7. I agree . This was the first time I've seen Ruhlman this year . Wow , what a beast .
  8. This is the best Track streaming(by far) this year. All mats and Quad view worked flawlessly for me.
  9. First time I heard it was at a AAU tourney at Delta High School . They were playing it loud during warmups . I love it to this day Lol .
  10. You got another thing coming (Judas Priest )
  11. I know , I cringe thinking about dealing with Track video another weekend .
  12. I said the same thing about Barket after seeing him take out Grange and DeMarco . Pack then beats Barket 8-0 . Pack has proven he's not easy to score on . Pack's 4th place @ 195 last year trumps Filipvovich's 8th @ 182 . But that's why they wrestle. If someone beats Pack , they are a bad dude .
  13. Seltzer , Mendez , Pack and Bates are my locks .
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