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  1. In terms of coaching your wrestlers to peak at the right time; I have to consider David Maldonado as the best I have interacted with. Although Merrillville's wrestlers may not always be the most technically gifted when compared to others in the state (this may be in relation to the other subject in this thread), they are always amongst the fittest athletes you will wrestle against. In addition, I have never seen a program which has so many wrestlers out-perform expectations. I always remember thinking that you can never let yourself be complacent when matched up with the Merrillville guy. You may have beat him by 12 early on in the season yet come tournament time you're finding yourself in a 5-3 match wondering how they've progressed so much over one season. Maybe this comes down to mental preparation as much as fitness. Having grown up in the club wrestling system where you were at a different tournament every weekend you pretty well knew everyone that you were going to wrestle throughout the high school season; yet, Merrillville had that knack for always having a wildly successful wrestler come from seemingly out of nowhere. I think this is in large part due to David's influence. So to answer the question; in wrestling where the guy who wins at the highest level is most often not the best wrestler but the best prepared wrestler, if pressed to pick one coach in my corner come Friday night, it is going to be Maldonado because I know he will have me prepared to wrestle at the peak of my potential at just the right time.
  2. The excessive use of injury time must stop. There is a difference between being injured & being hurt or tired. As a wrestler you are going to feel pain and be fatigued to the point where you believe you can not go on; and then you will push further. That is part of what makes wrestling the greatest sport in the world. With that said coaches need to govern their wrestlers better than this. Once in an offseason tournament I was losing 8-4 in the third period and i signaled for injury time to catch my breath. I was 14 at the time and had seen other wrestlers do this. It only lasted a few seconds but it was enough, as after the break I went on to win 12-9. My coach told me there was nothing honorable about what I did, and had me forfeit that match. He told me I was done for the day and I should reflect on why what I did was wrong. That was the only time in my wrestling career that i used injury time and the lesson hit home. It taught me that in wrestling and in life you are often presented with an easy way out, and that the type of man you are is determined by what you do in those situations. I am just grateful that I had wrestling and those coaches who groomed me into the man I am now rather than the man I could of been without. So unless you're in a situation like Jay Jaggers in the '08 NCAA finals, don't use Injury Time:
  3. Im looking forward to this weight more than any other this weekend. My opinion is Rietz will win it all with a workman-like tournament.
  4. Ares Carpio is ASU's starter at 125. Since Hayden Lee wrestled his senior year at 113, I would speculate that he is mostly using this year to adjust to the weight along with college level competition.
  5. Joker, that bracket was a close second for me. Javier Salas that year should be considered the precedent for which all other "man on a mission"s are compared to.
  6. With all the talk of state this weekend, I began thinking about some of my favorite state tournaments. Remembering favorite matches, stories, and such. Eventually I found myself asking, what was the greatest state bracket I had ever seen. With that in mind, I'll post my favorite below and ask you HS wrestling fans on the messageboard to reminisce along with me and tell me which bracket you think was the best ever or just your favorite ever. My Favorite: 2008-2009 119 lbs. Weight Class 1. Camden Eppert (Anderson Highland) 3-2 OT 2. Brandon Wright (Indianapolis Cathedral) 3. Alex Johns (Evansville Rietz) 7-5 4. Casey Kenney (Jay County) 5. Justin Brooks (Warsaw) 5-0 6. Derek Bevans (Yorktown) 7. Justin Kieffer (Roncalli) 19-8 8. Daniel Bradley (Knox) Qualifiers: John Petrov (Hanover Central) Ethan Raley (Indian Creek) Marquis Williams (Fort Wayne Snider) Jeffery Stotridge (Charlestown) Steve Duncan (Beech Grove) Oscar Trujillo (Lafayette Jefferson) Justin Fuller (Brownsburg) Alex Filer (Elkhart Central) Here is a link to that year's state brackets: http://www.ihsaa.org/Portals/0/boys%20sports/wrestling/2008-09/0809IndvStateBrackets.pdf
  7. IndianaWrestler: -Please not that i am making this list based on who i believe will have the most success. Egli, White and Furgurson are all excellent wrestlers and I believe all three have a better skill set than some of the others I listed; however, lighter weights usually do. Guys like Stewart, Larson, Tonte, and Baumgartner have proven they have the skill set to beat upper classmen that are more physically mature. As a result, when they mature and become stronger, faster and more athletic they will be able to dominate at those weight classes making them more likely to succeed than those previously mention because the lighter guys have to succeed against greater competition in both quality and quantity.
  8. Keep in mind I made this list based on who I think will have the most success next year; not necessarily who I think is the best. Tell me what ya think. Seniors: 1. Brandon James (Perry Meridian) 2. Tommy Forte (Mishawaka) 3. Tommy Cash (Lawrence North) 4. Darden Schurg (Crown Point) 5. Chase Osborn (Penn) 6. Jacob Stevenson (Franklin Community) 7. Garrett Pepple (East Noble) 8. Norman Oglesby (Ben Davis) 9. Connor Knapp (East Noble) 10. Gabe Koontz (Edgewood) Juniors: 1. Chad Red (New Palenstine) 2. Blake Rypel (Cathedral) 3. Drew Hughes (Lowell) 4. Jacob Covaciu (Merrillville) 5. Kobe Woods (Penn) 6. Shawn Streck (Merrillville) 7. Brock Hudkins (Danville) 8. Austin Holmes (Hamilton SE) 9. CJ Damler (Brownsburg) 10. Hunter Mote (Delphi) Sophmores: 1. Nick Lee (Mater Dei) 2. Jerimiah Reitz (Griffith) 3. Paul Konrath (Mt. Vernon) 4. Jason Crary (Munster) 5. Breyden Bailey (Cathedral) 6. Burk Van Horn (Franklin Community) 7. Ben Stewart (Cathedral) 8. Bryce Baumgartner (Belmont) 9. Gunnar Larson (Avon) 10. Tristen Tonte (Perry Meridian)
  9. With Micic and Davis wrestling in the semi-final, a runner-up from another semi-state is getting the shaft. We really need wrestlebacks at state but i'd settle for a system that kept the best two wrestlers in the state on opposite sides of the bracket at semi-state. Maybe some sort of sort of Semistate reseeding could work. But mostly wrestlebacks.
  10. Merrillville Semistate 160: Dax Jones (Crown Point) over Sam Thomas (Twin Lakes) Also, of Hobart's 7 semistate qualifiers 4 of them are 4 seeds. Zach Pardus, Sergio Castellanos, Jacy Leon and Gio Guarnero. Call it a home town predicition but one of them getting a first round win sounds pretty probable.
  11. From a fan of HS Wresling's perspective, I would like to see one class to crown the best in the state as a state champion and see the very best match ups possible. From a fan of College Wrestling's perspective, I would like to see classed HS wrestling to allow our state's individual wrestlers to seem more accomplished on paper and therefor more easily recruitable. To most recruiters a 1x state qualifier, 1x state placer, 2x state champ sounds a lot better than a 3x state qualifier, 1x State placer. In Conclusion, class wrestling in Indiana would dramatically improve the number of kids wrestling in college. With a scholarship more readily attainable more kids would want to be involved in the sport. Class wrestling is better for the kids and the sport. Quality of the state tournament for the fans be damned.
  12. Im good with a five minute match as long as it is only one period. Let the Takedownathon begin. ;D
  13. I second this. Best shoes ever. I wore them until no amount of tape in the world could hold them together.
  14. Had there been open enrollment back in the 06-09 seasons I would of been a Caveman. Tough partners, dedicated coaching, and a history of success and sending kids to wrestle in college. I would never blame a kid or parent for wanting to improve their situation and I cant blame a coach for wanting to win either.
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