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  1. Our tournament that was scheduled for Dec 19th has been cancelled. We are interested in getting into Super Duals on this date if there is an opening. Please contact me at hunter.hickman@rcsc.k12.in.us if you have an opening.
  2. 01/22/2021 05:30 PM
  3. There is an Elementary PE opening at Rensselaer Central as well as a computer skills opening. We also have several coaching openings/opportunities at the MS and HS levels. Please contact Hunter Hickman at 219-869-5090 or at Hunter.hickman@rcsc.k12.in.us with any interest.
  4. We recently bought a new mat for our wrestling room and are looking to sell our older one. In okay condition, some tears in the mat from every day usage. 3-piece is approx 38x38 2 end pieces are approx 11x40 each Asking for $1,600. Please contact our AD Ken Hickman at 219-866-5175 or at Kenneth.hickman@rcsc.k12.in.us if interested
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