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  2. West Central has found many different places to wrestle in the offseason, hence the success they had this postseason. Both of their State Qualifiers this year have spent countless hours in our wrestling room, as well as driven to Culver Academies, Rochester, and other places to work on their craft. They also have a 7th Grader who is was Tulsa Runner-Up this year who trains up at Midwest RTC, and has trained up at Bulldog Premier. Yes, historically, the quantity of State Qualifiers is not equivalent to that of a 3A/4A school, but West Central had about 15 kids on their roster this
  3. We are starting the Joe Burvan Holiday Duals at Rensselaer Central High School next season and looking to fill the tournament out with 10 total teams. This will be a 2-day, Round-Robin tournament. Teams that are confirmed thus far are: Rensselaer Central, Hamilton Heights, South Dearborn Please contact Hunter Hickman at hunter.hickman@rcsc.k12.in.us, if interested!
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong Matt, but what I think he's suggesting, and I agree, is that the numbers are not decreasing in New Jersey, who has a single-class system, and a comparable number of schools to IN. I think you have now rephrased what we are saying to "numbers are not growing" in these two states. The fact that NJ's numbers are holding steady could show that the sport is in a healthy spot, right now. But if our numbers are decreasing, and Jersey is holding steady, and both states have a comparable system, what is causing our numbers to decrease? Would classing it simply, incr
  5. 2018-19 - 311 Schools - 9,648 2017-18 - 313 Schools - 8,999 2016-17 - 310 Schools - 9,220 2015-16 - 310 Schools - 9,070 2014-15 - 312 Schools - 9,725 2013-14 - 317 Schools - 10,276 2012-13 - 310 Schools - 9,893 2011-12 - 315 Schools - 9,781 Over an 8 year span, it has fluctuated, but Jersey's participation is nearly identical to what it was in 2011-12. Why have they been able to keep participation at a higher and more consistent number? Statically speaking, they are a comparable state due to the number of schools that support a wrestling program,
  6. 2 Questions here: According to 2018-19 NFHS Numbers, Indiana has 314 wrestling schools and 6,363 participants. New Jersey, also a one-class state, has 311 schools with wrestling and 9,648 participants. 1. Do we see the same trend in participation in a single-class state, with nearly the same number of schools? 2. If not, why is there a nearly 3,000 participant discrepancy between us and New Jersey?
  7. Are these scores not including the Full Lineup bonus?
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