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  1. If they won’t allow it at Midwest nationals maybe it can go down at IHPO? call it indianamat beefs
  2. Should modify the rules to where front headlocks are illegal and you are not aloud to tie up…
  3. After what he did at U23 he is already the GOAT in my books! I know it’s been discussed before but has he made his college choice yet? If not I can’t wait to see where he will go.
  4. So maybe it is a bit early but who cares, this forum is here to discuss stuff and I want to know what are your guys though on the IHPO. I really enjoyed the location last year they had and as always a great tournament. When will this year be? And will there be changes to expect?
  5. I looked it up and realized it like only 3hours away so not that bad. We definitely be going.
  6. Besides IHPO and the ISWA state tournaments, what are other tournaments that are high level that are in the area such as Ohio,Kentucky,Michigan,Illinois for a high school wrestler. We will already be going to spatola in 2weeks.
  7. Jesus Aquino beat state qualifier Cody Rowles.
  8. Spatola is on April 3rd. Folk style and in Cincinnati but very high quality wrestling. Team india will be there this year.
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