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  1. Matside weigh in is a way to fight against bad weight management and weight cutting..
  2. Always in September, with the vivid 19 re open plan in effect what do you guys think the chances are that the HSPO Will go down?!
  3. What time is weigh ins tomorrow?? Flyer is not that informative on weigh ins
  4. Where are they at? What is your personal trick to getting the best spot possible? And who is ready to run?!
  5. was Reading a post earlier about the Indiana state series and that their should be wrestle backs. Seen another post about Indiana mat ranking, setting a PR for most ranked kids going to state using their ranking system. So I decided to combine both of these topics together with a article posted By Y2CJ41 called “ Toe to Joe with IHSAA Assistant Commissioner Bobby Cox” In the article the question about wrestle backs appears. Wrestlebacks: Why do you think the coaches have been pushing so hard for them and what is preventing them from being passed? coaches feel that in some s
  6. Indiana if added classses can do something different at the end and do an absolute state champion .
  7. If I’m not mistaken I believe their is only 3 states that due true state champion without divisions. California, Indiana and New Jersey I think. We need more club wrestling in the state to be able to grow the sport. Instead of putting divisions and basically loosing our legendary semi-states, we use club wrestling to build up our Athletes and make Indiana more competitive then what it is now. Which by the way shout out to crown point and Brownsburg on making Intermat top teams in the country.
  8. Who will be the one to share them with all of us?!
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