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  2. from what I understand the magazine will drop after super 32. That’s how it was done last year. So maybe if we are lucky we can see it possibly by the end of the month.
  3. I have yet to see matboss, but have seen HUDL. Between all of them I prefer track just because ive used it for a long time now and I do think they do a good job overall esepcially if you have a flow membership.
  4. So back when I was in school having a plant based diet was almost if not unheard of. With more and more studies being done and more athletes switching and being able to compete at the highest level with a plant based diet, I was wondering your guys thought on this type of diet. Do you know of any current high level guys using a plant based diet for weight management? What do you guys think are the pros and cons for using this during the season?
  5. Anybody know this coming sectional locations?
  6. At the end of the day, the kid has to love the sport to some degree to be successful. Love for this sport It’s not everything but will help prevent “burnout” and keeps them on the mat on the off-season training every chance they can get.
  7. really good match. Lots of action, lots of shots! Regardless of the outcome Mendez wrestled high paced and did excellent!
  8. Yea same thing, that’s the only thing I found. I’m only interested in going to maybe session 5 and definitely 6.
  9. Such a loaded question with so many answers. I think we can all agree on one thing and that is if you dont put in the work on the offseason you will have a very tough season no matter what. Not only is mat time essential but conditioning and nutrition cant be ignored at all,
  10. Anybody know when I can actually buy single session tickets? Ive seen packages available but that does not interest me.
  11. Silas foster from connersville looked huge at 123. He will be a hammer
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