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  1. Jesus Aquino morales will be at 126 this year
  2. I love the respect being shown to little thrine, my brother has rolled with him a few times and he is the real deal! I see great things coming from him.
  3. Mendez did well yesterday, I think takeaways from that match is that he can get off bottom, can continue to push the pace, and wrestles the entire match. He will still be at the top.
  4. That I did not know! Let’s go for a first period pin today then!!!!
  5. Mendez vs latona this weekend. latona is #19 in the country so this will be another awesome opportunity for Mendez to show the country he is a contender.
  6. I got a feeling that we will see Wolf and little thrine in this mix....
  7. Is there sports betting for college wrestling? I feel like Jesse can make me some money this weekend....
  8. Bouzakis is set to compete in the freshman/sophomore division while Jesse will be in the open division…. possible byrd vs Jesse Mendez will be a great measuring stick for where our boy stacks up. Byrd is tough and AA and can bang with the best.
  9. 106- NE 113-UC 120-UC 126-UC 132-EC (I am really excited to see how freshman Thrine will stack up against wolf if they both go this weight) 138-NC 145-NC 152-NC 160-UC 170- 182 195 220 285 This is all I have so far, but it is definitely a start.
  10. Jesse almost beats gross… what make you think he can’t bang with fix and rby? Jesse is coming into his freshman college year more seasoned then French fries at a fair.
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